Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!


My resolutions for the new year are;

To show more love,

To be more patient,

To find more quiet time for myself,

To listen more closely when God speaks to me ,so that I may get the lesson coming from the experience.

To surround myself with positive people,

To be a more positive person,

To live my life, my way.

When I was young, I could never stay awake to watch the new year arrive.  My family would all be outside popping fireworks and I was in the bed asleep.  Shoot, now that I think of it, when I was in my 20’s, I still slept the new year in. Well, nothing has changed because here I am at the ripe old age of 45 and guess what?  I’m going to bed.

Randazzo Ramblings

Lawd, I should be ashamed of this post.  There is so much going on in the world today and in the blogsphere that I really should be writing about some social, political or moral issue. But, I am from NOLA and I am a true New Orleanian (in other places people eat to live, in New Orleans we live to eat!)so, right now the only thing I can think of is….. A KING CAKE!!!  It’s getting near Mardi Gras time and the city is preparing, bleaches are up and king cakes have hit the bakeries.kingcake

I have had king cakes from just about every bakery around here and there is this one place that has the some of the best king cakes around.  They have yet to pump out any cakes that weren’t flavorful or moist.  People start lining up for these cakes as soon as the bakery opens and usually around 10 am they are sold out!  My favorite king cake place is,manny-randazzo1

Manny Randazzos King Cakes are the best!!!!!  They have all sorts of flavors but, I like the original king cake without all of those extra fillings.  They ship anywhere in the USA so, if anyone wants to try a king cake or, if anyone is from this area and is feeling a little home sick, get yourself a cake from Randazzos, you won’t be disappointed.


The Christmas Faux Pas

On Christmas Eve, my hubby and I were out doing some last minute shopping for the kids.  Purple Knight said that the kids are wearing graphic tees so, we set out to find him a few.  We walked into this one store and thought we had hit the jack pot.  Graphic tees regular price $30-48 on sale for $6.99!  We found a bunch of really nice shirts for him to wear and this one in particular was in his favorite color(blue) and had other colors in it as well.  We figured he could coordinate (ya gotta coordinate) with the other colors in the shirt.  Now, we did not open the shirt to see the full length because the poor sales person was having a time constantly refolding all of those shirts and I know what size he wears so I figured no need to do that.  Off to the register we went and this is what we purchased.

pc250957See how nice and pretty and they have all sorts of other colors to mix and match. Look at the pretty grey, black and brown squares. Looks like a winner to me, I’ll take it!

On Christmas morning the kids were opening their gifts and I was snapping away with every gift opened.  They ohhhed and ahhhed with every one of them.  Then my son got to this gift.  He opened it up and unfolded the shirt and as my flash went off and I was able to see the shirt. My  reaction was…WHAT DA HELL?!  This is what those beautiful colored pixels were.


My son’s response, “YA’LL  bought this for me?”

Hell naw, we thought it was just different colored pixels in a shirt, had no idea it made a picture and THIS picture of all things.  Good grief.

Needless to say, it’s off to the store tomorrow to return this one and purchase something else….I’m opening the shirt to see the full length of it next time.

Almost Christmas Time

It’s almost Christmas day and my two teenagers are being quiet, very quiet for some reason.  They must be plotting something.  They are two years apart and as much as they fuss with one another, they are thick as thieves as my mom would say.  I don’t know how my mom did it because having two teenagers in the house with all of these hormonal issues going on (i.e. I’m grown today and baby me tommorrow) can drive a person up a wall.  She literally raised two generations of kids.  My oldest brother and my youngest brother are 22 years apart! My kids decorated the house for me today( I really have no christmas spirit at all this year) and it is really pretty.  My daughter has an incredible artistic side, my son..zip.  He tries though and that’s what’s important, that he tries. To me, they seem to be really close,  I hope they stay that way.  I still have not started my cooking yet which means, in Louisiana talk, I am late.  Lots to do tomorrow.

scan0011Yellow Jacket and Purple Knight in their younger days.  I love this pic, he is such the big brother here.

Daddy’s Girl

My daughter is a daddy’s girl.  A big time daddy’s girl.  He has already committed to getting her the car she wants(a mustang) for her 16th birthday, she’s 14 right now.  My ex has another daughter who is in her 20’s and has a family of her own, he loves her dearly but, there is something about our daughter that just makes him so weak in the knees it’s crazy.  It must have come to her genetically because I am a still a daddy’s girl even at the ripe old age of..none ya business..lol.

There is just something about men and their daughters, they become hypnotized  to her every whim and the word “no” seems to be thrown out of the lexicon at her birth.  I realized I had my father wrapped at a very early age and I think most daddy’s girl do.  My daughter surely knows, I am listening to her rattle off this christmas list to her father and after she hangs up the  phone with him, my phone rings.

sucka dad:  this girl just called me with  this stuff she wants for christmas, shoot, that stuff is expensive.

me: uh, huh

sucka dad:  I told her, she’ll be getting something but I don’t know about that, this ecomony is rough.

me: yeah, I know.  They already know where I stand on the matter.

sucka dad:  how much does that really cost anyway?

me: about three I guess.

sucka dad: Ok, I’ll give you a check tomorrow to go get it.  Shoot, this ecomony is rough!

me: alright, see ya  tomorrow

Sucka dad, she had him at hello. 

scan0009Look at that! Just reeling him in..lol








scan00011Going to the daddy-daughter banquet at her school.