A Peek Inside My World…

NavySeal and I affectionately call our home, “the roach motel.” No, not because we have a pest problem.  Although, every now and then, I’ve seen a roach and the only thing I could think of was, “why in the world would God give those things WINGS?” Lil suckers look like B-24s flying at ya.

No, we call our  home the roach motel cuz, if by chance some home invader enters it while we’re home…chances are, they won’t come out breathing.

NS has been on youtube putting up “just a few” of his favorite toys. Here’s a peek into his world…

and here’s  a few of his other toys…

When we came home after the storm, we were the first to return to our neighborhood. We lived on the 2nd floor of our flooded home using a generator. NS had to work 12 hours shifts and oftentimes, I was  home at night in a desolate area alone. When the sun set, it would be pitch black because there weren’t any street lights(or lights of any kind) to be seen for miles. I’d barricade myself in my bedroom and the only sound you’d hear  if you passed,is that crazy ass generator grinding out so, I could have some electricity. I’d sit in the room with my  Sassie (RIP) and watch the telly with “Big Bertha”  sitting right beside me.

Big Bertha is a 12-gauge shotgun with a laser attached to her.  Big Bertha was my best friend during those times. You’d be surprised at how many people were randomly walking into  homes all willy-nilly. When they were checking for bodies, they kicked damned near everyone’s door in. Homes were wide open unless you went back to board it up so, people were going into homes looking around…stealing stuff.

Many times, I wouldn’t hear someone outside the house but, Sassie would and she’d start barking. I’d go downstairs with Big Bertha and find someone on side of the house. One thing I learned during that time is…

the sound of a 12-gauge being cocked is a sound all men seem to know. LOL

As My Life Turns…..

Well, the kids are back in school now…my son is a big time senior so, you know it’s all about him this year.
Since when do you have to take senior pics, purchase the ring, and get fitted for cap and gown…BEFORE SCHOOL EVEN STARTS?! They made us pay for everything by the end of July…what kind of frackle-nackle bull is that?

My hubby(Navy Seal) is having surgery….in fact, I am on the hospital’s computer right now, typing this up..he’s in pre-op. He’ll be out of commission for a few months….keep him in ya’ll prayers.
My dad’s coming to Nawlins this week to help me out with the kids…I don’t know what I’m going to do with this man crosses over to be with my mom….he’s my hero.

It’s cold in this darn hospital…I am freezing here!

Oh well, they just called me to the back, I guess they have him all doped up and ready to go…now, I have to listen to all of his “crazy talk” because of it….should be interesting.