50 and Fabulous and We Have a Winner!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.

I had a wonderful day!

I had racked my brain, trying to come up with something to do,when all I really wanted to do was spend the day with my family.

So that’s what I did.

I feel so blessed that I’m now 50 years old.

The fact that I have made it to this day is not lost on me.

As you all know, I share my birthday with my daughter.

birthdaypics 011

She was trying to steal my day!

We spent the early part of the day together then,I told her to skedaddle!

Her dad had a family reunion and all her aunts and uncles were in town so,  they  celebrated her birthday over there.

I had a wonderful birthday surrounded by family. I’m very happy that my dad was able to share the day with  me.

I’m the ultimate daddy’s girl (even at 50) so, the moments we spent together on my birthday laughing and reminiscing are priceless to me.

So many memories are in this house…

NavySeal made my day a truly special one.

It’s wonderful to have such a kind man who adores me in my life.

My cake was beautiful!

And it was delicious!

I say was because…it’s gone!

We tore that cake up!

birthdaypics 077

After the cake cutting,I opened my presents and then NavySeal and I headed out to dinner and a movie.


It was raining terribly, so  there was no way I was wearing shoes out there!

Give me my sneakers and let’s roll!

My hair was banging, but after the weather got to it, I had an afro puff.

birthdaypics 060


I had my ribbon on that said, “50 The Big One”   and spent most of the day saying,

Yes, I’m REALLY 50. 

I AM…trust me, I’m 50.

I  fully embrace this second chapter of my life.  I love that  I am a seasoned woman.

I wouldn’t want to return to my 20’s again for anything.

I thank God that  I’ve been blessed to age gracefully.

I was not always appreciative of the gift.

Being 29 and looking like a pregnant teen, I didn’t feel joyous about not looking my age back then.

I’m grateful the gift has remained with me.

It showed me that God is patient with me,

even when I’m not patient with myself.

I’m grateful to have come across such wonderful people as you all.

Even though I’ve yet to meet some of you,

your words have gotten me through some dreary days.

And for that, I thank you.

Oh, we have a winner for the birthday giveaway!!!!

Y’all had some really great odds!   Every time you posted a comment, I put your name in the basket,

birthdaypics 108


birthdaypics 109

Yeah, I know it’s an easter basket!

I had to improvise!

birthdaypics 110


And since I had some handy hands hanging around me, I decided to put them to work and let him pick the winner.

birthdaypics 111

birthdaypics 114



birthdaypics 115



You won the $50 gift card from Walmart!


You have one week to get me your address before it goes to the runner-up.

birthdaypics 119

That would be VAL!

Val, you must have good energy around you because, you’re two for two. You hit on my last giveaway.

Ida, send your information to  Bayoucreole63@yahoo.com so you can receive your card.

My 5th anniversary as a blogger will be in October  and I think I’ll do another giveaway around that time.

The number five is all around me this year.

Five represents change and freedom.

I’m gonna have to think of something to get my lurkers out for the next one.

In the meantime,

y’all stay safe and have a great day!









The Birthday Girls…My Daughter and Me

My daughter, Yellow Jacket and I just celebrated our birthdays…yep, she was born on my birthday. She tried to jack my day from me 16 years ago and has been trying to jack stuff from me ever since.

Yellow Jacket is sweet 16 and I’m  tangy sweet 47.

We started the day at Cafe du Monde on Vets. Blvd and got some beignets. Being the “beignet connoisseur” that I am, I gotta tell ya…the best beignets are on Vets…not in the French Quarters.  They make them too spongy out there so if ya ever want some really great ones and can head out to Metairie…go there.

YellowJacket and PurpleKnight@Cafe du Monde

uhh, I don’t know how Purple Knight ended up in the car…getting our birthday beignets.  A  mouth full of ’em too!

I think I’ve been going to this place just a tad too much though. When the lady saw us walk through the door, she yelled   “three orders and three  large chocolate milks coming up.”

Imma need to take a break from that joint…yeah, right.

I need to own stock in it, I go there so much.

For dinner,  Navy Seal and I went to Copelands. YellowJacket went to  drain her dad’s pockets dry dinner and then shopping with her dad.

The thing I hate most about Copelands (yep, you read hate) is that, I love every darn thing on the menu…that makes it hard for me to pick something to eat.

I decided on:

Appetizer-Crawfish Bread (never had it before…will be eating it every chance I get now)

Main Course-Stuffed Shrimp with  Tasso butter cream

Dessert-Strawberry Cheesecake (which I got for free since it was my birthday!)

Good lawd! That food is great over there!!  I’ve yet to have a bad experience at Copelands.  After we were rolled out on our big bellies had eaten dinner, NavySeal and I went to a Latin Club and listened to some great music.

Next month, we’re taking Salsa lessons with the New Orleans Salsa Dancers on Magazine St.  Should be fun…I know it’ll be interesting.  I’ll be posting updates about the lessons.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and YellowJacket is a happy camper with all of her gifts.

YellowJacket..@mardi gras time

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL… I hope you are always as happy as you were, the day you took this picture.