Randoms along the bayou.

Last week my daughter decided that, she was through with the “creamy crack” and after four months without a relaxer, she decided it was time for the big chop.  Sunday at 3 a.m. us vampires decided that, it was THEE time and I cut all of her relaxed hair from her head.

She looks gorgeous!! She’s officially 100% natural and loves it! 

Her “teeny-weeny afro” really suits her.  When it was all said and done she said that, she felt free. I bet she does.  Life is too short, even at 17 to be worrying  about hair.  Wear your hair how you choose…DO YOU!

I’m still using the creamy crack.

 I bet all the white folks who read my blog are like,”what the heck is a big chop and  creamy crack?” LOL

A big chop is when a person has relaxed hair and they cut it all off to their new growth (the part that has no relaxer).

 Because so much hair is cut off, it’s referred to as a “big chop.”

Creamy crack is what we call a relaxer. Don’t matter what kind it is…if ya have a relaxer, ya using da creamy crack.

Speaking of YellowJacket, her step-mom was robbed last week at a discount store on Palmetto St.  Seems like, she went in the store to cash a check and to buy a few things but, some dudes must have been  in the store scoping for people cashing checks. The minute she walked out of the store, two dudes walked up on her, one in the front, one on the side. The dude on the side stuck a gun in her side and told her that, they saw her in there so they knew she had it so, just give it up. She gave it up and they didn’t shoot her…THANK GOD!

When she was telling me about her experience, the scene from Treme when Harley was robbed and  killed just kept flashing in my head.

It’s getting crazier by the second man. Something’s gotta be done to get a handle on all of the crime.

I quit the crazy weekend gig. My friend who is the director over there is sad but, it was time for me to go. 

 When they accepted a patient and the man was walking around  talking  about  he was  gonna RAPE somebody in there and…

 they found 22 BULLETS in his roommates dresser(still haven’t found the gun),

 it  was time for me to get the shit outta that joint!

Extra money is nice but, I ain’t trying to die or get raped behind it…damn!

YellowJacket’s and my birthday are in a few days. She’ll be 17 and I’ll be..

not 17…lol…I’ll be 48.

I don’t have a problem telling my age, I’ve never looked it anyway. That really pissed me off when I was a pregnant. I was 29 and everyone thought I was a pregnant teen…I mean EVERYONE!    A minister actually came over to me and started ministering to me about being young and pregnant and how my life was not over.

When I told that nut that, I was 29 years old and married he looked as if I had threatened to shoot his foot off( but, back then, I may have and I just don’t remember.)  Then, he went on to say,”oh, I thought you were a teenager.”

Me: that’s what you get for thinking…ya thought wrong. 

Sometimes, looking 10 years younger than what you really are isn’t always a great thing. When you’re in your twenties and you still look like a kid, it isn’t the most desired thing. I’ve just gotten to the point in life where, I finally appreciate that I don’t look my age. 

Although, a cashier at Walmart just carded me the other day. I was like, come on man! I’m in my 40’s and this mess is still going  on?! 

My kids are out of the way…just about. I don’t think I’m going to have the empty nest syndrome problem. NavySeal and I are already making plans for their exit. For the first time, I’m actually thinking of leaving my beloved city.  We both love Jacksonville, Florida so, we’re considering moving there in a few years. 

 If this crime keeps going the way it is, it won’t be too hard of a choice.

My dad being home is getting more difficult. He’s at the stage where he doesn’t think he’s bad off but he really is.  Last week , he walked into the kitchen fully dressed in his suit. 

me: where ya going dad?

him: to class.

me: they have services already?

him:yeah, sunday school

me: dad, it’s tuesday.

him: today tuesday?

me: yep.

 Conversations like that one are getting more frequent. And his mobility is decreasing as well.  Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that keeps on giving.  I have to remind the rest of my family to just check everything…doors, stove…you name it.  Telling a person with Alzheimer’s that, they forgot to lock the door does no good because…they’re gonna forget again.  Just lock the door and keep rolling. It’s not too bad yet but, I have no idea how bad it’s gonna get.

I’ve seen a lot of cases…some not so bad, some all the way back to infantile stage.  I have a SIL whose mom had it so bad that, she had to put her in a home. I hope it doesn’t come to that but, if it does, I may have to do some finagling to get the best outcome for his situation.

Only time will tell.

That’s all I got today. I’ll have more this week.