Feel Good Friday

This is what happens when faith meets works. I kept the positive karma around me hard and heavy and…


IMG_20130404_203008I got the application to join the Krewe!!

Man, I had the positive karma in overdrive around here!

The signature throw for Nyx is the decorated purse so, I amped up the positive energy flow big time around the house and decorated a slew of them!

IMG_20130327_094600 IMG_20130327_094634

My favorite is the cure dat purse,



Now ya girl will have all sorts of new and exciting stuff to blog about when it gets closer to carnival time!  I recently turned in my application with all the required information.

Nyx is such an awesome krewe and they’re growing  like crazy.

I honestly think that, by  time this krewe hits its 5th year,they’ll  be at super krewe status.

I’m so happy that I’m officially a part of this amazing sisterhood!

I can’t wait to get on the float and throw til it hurts!

Let the countdown begin…

February 26th we roll!

Considering the amount of women trying to get in the krewe, I think it’s pretty amazing that I made it.


Won’t he do it?


Whoo Hoo!

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

Talkative Tuesdays

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!  I was on the grind Sunday,but it was veerrrry interesting!

Here’s what happened.

Around 6:05 a.m. , one of the nursing assistants comes to me and says,” I found this on the nightstand in room xx” and hands me,



What crazy ass brings their weed to work and then FORGETS it on the nightstand of a demented woman?!

When the assistant brought the Mary Jane to me, there were other assistants around  so naturally, it becomes crazy at the desk and they hurry to find out who worked the night before.

Turns out ,the chick who worked the night before is a known weed-head in their circle.

I take the stuff and put it in the Administrators office with a note.

Job done.

Known weed-head comes to work and someone tells her what happened.

She approaches and says that wasn’t hers….she didn’t go into that room all night.

(Patient neglect…hmmmmm….still gonna get fired.)

Known weed-head works her shift and goes home…nervous.

She returns to work Monday and the Administrator is in the facility.

Known weed head gets called  to the office and after speaking with her a few minutes,

the Administrator  fires her.

This nut then proceeds to get on Instagram, writes that she’s stressed out and  then puts a picture of herself on there,


and looking loaded as hell!!!!!


Who does that mess?!

But wait!

Some of the other assistants wanted to know who turned in the weed…

and thought it was A SHAME that someone turned it in.

To which I replied, * warning, if you can’t handle the book of cuss…stop here*

I turned the damned weed in. Let me tell all y’all something right nah! They don’t have a person in here that I love or consider my friend. THIS. IS.A. JOB!!  If ANNNYYOOONNEEE thinks for a second that I”m gonna hang my nursing license out to dry because some jack ass decides to bring her shit on the job…ya better think again! And see all that ghetto “don’t snitch” shit…don’t bring that shit to me. It’s always mother fuckers who don’t want someone to tell about their fuck up yelling “don’t stitch.” Y’all know me well enough to know, I don’t play that kinda shit. And the way Y’ALL talk in here! Shit, if  I didn’t turn it in, the Administrator would have gotten wind of it because  y’all talk too much and then would have called me, asking my ass “where’s the weed?”  I’m not getting fried or fired for none of y’all. If I’m gonna get fired or lose my license, it’s gonna be because of some shit I DID.

After that, they all started mumbling, “well, yeah…you right about that.”

WELL, NO SHIT Sherlock.

If you don’t want to get fired, don’t bring your stash to your job. It really is just that simple.