Pretty In Pink

Today, my daughter woke up and got ready for school.  She looked so cute in her uniform…so fresh and so clean, clean.  Her daddy drove up and I walked her to the car.  She jumped in the car, gave me a kiss and off to school she went.

Two hours later, I get a phone call from her….mom, you have to come and get me, they put me out.

Me: WHAT?!!!!!!

Her: *giggling* I have pink eye, you have to come and get me.

How the heck do you get pink eye in two hours?!

So, I am in my car driving to go pick her up and calling her doctor at the same time, trying to get an emergency appointment (multi-tasking like us moms do.)  I get to the school and she is sitting OUTSIDE the office (banned from all of society.)  I take one look at her and her left eye is blood-shot red!

How the heck do you get pink eye in two hours?!

I bring her to the doctor’s office, he walks in the room, takes one look at her and says, “oh, you got the pink eye” (no shit Sherlock)…writes a prescription and sends us on our way.  Now, she has to stay home for two days for the antibiotics to kick in.

But, how the heck do you get pink eye in two hours?!

Teen For Sale

My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was going through my blog.  She was reading my last post, and then said, “mom, are you sure that’s suppose to be Lady tee, I thought you liked Ladylee …you’re always saying “I just love that blog” when you’re on it.”

Then she looks at me with that, “you’re getting old and I’m going to have to take care of you real soon” look.


Are You The Person You Want God To See?

This weekend, one of my nephews came over.  I call him my “other son” since he and my son are exactly two months apart to the date.  His mother brought him over and I asked her how she was doing.  She went on to tell me how she is feuding with a woman who lives in her apartment complex.  When she told me the of the things that was going down between the two of them,  all I could do was shake my head.  To me, it is just insane that two grown women are going at it, tormenting one another.   I have to tell you a little about my nephew’s mother.  She’s a very pretty woman with a flawless complexion, beautiful light brown eyes, gorgeous smile….and as rough as they come!  This girl and her twin sister…WHEW!  Will fight at the drop of a hat.  While some woman was standing there ranting about all she was going to do, twin dropped her in mid-sentence.  She has no problem throwing the first punch…pregnant or not*sigh*  She hung out in the roughest projects in NOLA…Calliope, Magnolia and Melpomene.  Twin is 34  and is always saying how she is a changed person and goes to church so, I brought her in and we had a long talk.  All I did was ask her this question…. are you the person you want God to see?

To say you want to change means nothing if you are doing the same thing, over and over again.  I wanted her to get that, bothering the woman does nothing but pour fuel on the fire and it really says more about who SHE is than it does the person she is harassing (she had never looked at it like that.)

Years ago, I decided that, I did not want to be the “angry black woman” flying off the handle and then thinking, “I showed them, I really told them off.”  I wanted to be better than that because, people dismiss you when you go off like that.  Instead of getting your point across, you just come off  looking like some crazy, sad soul.  I didn’t want God to see that when he saw me because, no matter who much good I did in this world, it was just being nullified by the sharpness of my tongue.  Good works mean nothing if you are planting bad seeds to harvest…words are seeds.  Have you ever looked at the roots of an oak tree?  Words are like that…huge, deep and heavy.

I didn’t want those bad seeds planted in my life but mostly, I didn’t want that to be written in my book of life.  When I’m 90ish and cross over, I don’t that read back or flashed back in front of me when I stand before the throne.

When I decided to change, there were a few friends I had to let go.  One in particular, loved drama just a tad too much.  Every single thing was a battle for her and last I heard, she was still like that at 49 years old.  I am at a stage in my life where, I enjoy the quiet zone.  That’s not to say that, I can’t “go there” (I haven’t met a sistah who couldn’t) but, I pick my battles.  Every fight is not my fight.  I have a husband, two teenagers, an 80 y/o father, a slew of brothers and 16 nieces and nephews…I NEED PEACE IN MY

I usually blog-hop looking for interesting blogs to read.  I’ve come across all sorts and there are quite a few I enjoy but, by far my most favorite blogs in alphabetical order are; crooked letter I, cyncere sister, ladylee, Ms. Saditty and Serenity 30.  These beautiful “sophisticated ladies” are so intelligent and articulate.  I have read every page of their blogs and they are the epitome of the strength in women to me. 


Twin and I talked for about 20 minutes and she made me tear up because, she told me that, I am the only person who encourages her to be better.  She has no voice of reason in her world. Everyone just keeps egging her on to harass the other person, finding entertainment  in the situation.  I told her that, I expect more from her…I expect her to be the woman I know she can be.  I expect her to be someone SHE can be proud of.

That’s a hard question to  ask yourself…Are you really the person you want God to see.  Many, many days, my answer was no.  All I could do on those days was say “sorry Lord, I’ll try again tomorrow.”  However, as the days go by, I am getting more and more yes days.  My patience is longer with people, my tongue not so sharp.  I prefer the kinder side of me.  I would rather build someone up with my words than tear them down.  I would rather reach your heart than kill your spirit.

Because, at the end of the day, life really is a  journey…the road you take, is up to you.

*post note….I had to correct a typo.., that was suppose to be ladylee.  But this is what I wanna know…how is it that, my daughter found the error?

Playing Catch Up

This week has been one of recuperation for me.  Mardi Gras wore me the hell out!  I really must be getting old because, walking all of those parades had every bone in my body aching.  Being in the grandstand seating area on  Mardi Gras day was interesting but, I see why most people prefer the neutral grounds.  It was a bit too confining  for me so, I think next year, I’m going back to the neutral grounds and eat until I explode!  We must have been in the geriatric section because it seemed like everyone by us was over 70.  They had the nerve to be hustling their asses off for that stuff too…knocking me out of the way and was too funny!

What happened to the Zulu Coconuts?   When I was coming up, they were huge and heavy…they look like painted tennis ball today..WTH?  Someone on the float tossed them and hit two people on the head….LAWSUIT!  Zulu knows better than to toss those things, that’s why their insurance is so high now.  Mardi Gras was really fun for me this year though.

My hubby has to have surgery in about two months so, I’ve been really busy trying to get everything in order.  Although his condition is not life-threatening, it is life-altering.   We are going to have to change our game plan in a couple of areas..he may even have to consider a career change.  I have been pushing the nursing field but, it’s hard for some “manly-man” type of men(especially a Navy Seal Veteran who fought in Vietnam) to consider nursing .  In this economy however, it’s like money in the bank…oops, with the way the banks are today, I better not say that huh? 

My son has introduced me to the “crack of the coffee world”  Starbucks.  He wanted to get a mocha latte so, Saturday, we went to Starbucks for the first time.  I had a vanilla latte and one sip was all it took and I AM JUST HOOKED!  I went back three days in a row for that “crack coffee” thanks to my son….the pusher man.

I can’t watch American Idol this year, I hate the new format…I’ll just wait until they get to the final twelve and try to watch it then.  The Celebrity Apprentice is kicks…I miss George and Carol, I hate Donald’s kids being in the board room.  I hear George is coming back so, maybe it’ll be better in the board room from now on.  Why are people always crying on The Biggest Loser at the elimination table?  It’s a game, someone has to leave every frigging week.  What’s with all of the “it breaks my heart to send this person home because he’s so wonderful but,*sniff,sniff*, I had to vote for you Bubba.”….I’d be like” see ya  Bubba….NEXT!”

With all of this pollen everywhere and this hot and humid(80 degrees) weather, my sinuses are on their yearly tirade…guess it’s time for my yearly steroid shot..I hate that visit to the doctor *sigh*.

That’s all I got for now, on my way to Lowe’s to pick  out more paint.  I don’t  like the color so, I have to pick another one..I have no idea what to pick…it’s for a media room with a lot of whimsical movie theater type stuff going on the walls…any ideas?

Until next time!  BTW, ya’ll gonna have to forgive any typos, etc…I can barely see this darned screen!