Daddy’s Girl

My daughter is a daddy’s girl.  A big time daddy’s girl.  He has already committed to getting her the car she wants(a mustang) for her 16th birthday, she’s 14 right now.  My ex has another daughter who is in her 20’s and has a family of her own, he loves her dearly but, there is something about our daughter that just makes him so weak in the knees it’s crazy.  It must have come to her genetically because I am a still a daddy’s girl even at the ripe old age of..none ya

There is just something about men and their daughters, they become hypnotized  to her every whim and the word “no” seems to be thrown out of the lexicon at her birth.  I realized I had my father wrapped at a very early age and I think most daddy’s girl do.  My daughter surely knows, I am listening to her rattle off this christmas list to her father and after she hangs up the  phone with him, my phone rings.

sucka dad:  this girl just called me with  this stuff she wants for christmas, shoot, that stuff is expensive.

me: uh, huh

sucka dad:  I told her, she’ll be getting something but I don’t know about that, this ecomony is rough.

me: yeah, I know.  They already know where I stand on the matter.

sucka dad:  how much does that really cost anyway?

me: about three I guess.

sucka dad: Ok, I’ll give you a check tomorrow to go get it.  Shoot, this ecomony is rough!

me: alright, see ya  tomorrow

Sucka dad, she had him at hello. 

scan0009Look at that! Just reeling him








scan00011Going to the daddy-daughter banquet at her school.


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