My christmas eve was the pits…

well almost.

For starters (and finishers), my car broke down right when Navy Seal and I were doing our last minute shopping.

Yep,just started blowing smoke out of the tailpipe and then “chugga-chugga, chugging” along,

So, we end up having to call a tow truck…ON CHRISTMAS EVE…(good thing I keep a yellow pages in my car).

And sit and wait….in the rain….on Earhart Blvd…in Elmwood…far away from my house until Mr. Towman arrives.

An hour later.

We were his last customers because, he was going to the party his boss was having for them…that was nice.

So, we finally get the car home and I’m feeling pretty shitty because…she’s not just broke down…she’s BA-RO-KE!

As in…what kind of car will I be shopping  for nah…kind of broke because, it doesn’t make sense to fix it cuz you got 200,000 miles on her and have had it for ten years…let the poor car die in peace, not pieces…kind of broke.

 I get home and I’m dog tired but, have to get ready for work because…the sick knows no holiday.  I call my job to tell them I’ll be there but late and one of my favorite co-workers answers the phone. I begin to tell him what happen to me and he says, “I’ll work the shift for you.”

That wonderful, handsome, hispanic man is truly an Angel.

Now, I’m home but, still feeling blue..the day has just knocked the wind out of my sail and I’m having a pity party for myself….that’s when I discovered….

 ya know…if ya don’t smoke, ya don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t eat for comfort….WHAT THE HECK IS YA SUPPOSED TO DO AT A PITY PARTY!?…LOL

Well, my kids knowing that their mommy was feeling a little blue, truly came to the rescue. 

My son showed me some videos on Youtube by this guy named Justin and I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.

 This young man’s acting, writing and producing capabilities are stellar…he reminds me of a very young Robert Townsend.

Then, my baby girl put some christmas decorations in my room….so that, I would feel better. AWWW, how sweet is that I ask you?  Just when you think those teenagers are full of attitude and whatnot, they go and do something like this…

 So, my pity party is over and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that…I gotta get a new car…soon.  What started out to be a  bad christmas eve ended up being one full of laughter and joy.  My family and friends  made me feel sooo loved and appreciated.

And in the end, that’s all that really matters.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE…gotta start cooking now…and I’m oh, so late with the prep work!!!

LOVE YALL!!!!!!!

My Daughter Has A Boyfriend…Sigh

My daughter, Miss Yellow Jacket, has a boyfriend….she’s 15 years old…I’m 1,000.

She knows that, I’m not really into that “having a boyfriend at a young age” stuff, you can have friends that are boys but, no boyfriends (i.e. no going on dates, no coming over for company, etc.) which, really makes me wonder….

is he really a boyfriend in technical terms if, they’ve never gone on a date?

I guess so.

I remember my first real boyfriend.  I was 17 and when my mom found out…she could not handle the truth.

I always said that, I didn’t want to be the kind of mom where the kids couldn’t come to me with anything so,

we talk about it all.  Sex, drugs, STD’s, name it, it’s all free game.

My mom grew up in a different era…she was born during the great depression..nuf said.

  All she told me was that, she was 18 and a virgin when she got married, that’s pretty much all I got. 

So, I read.  I read up on venereal diseases(that’s what it was called in the dinosaur years), relationships and anything else I could to give me a heads up.

Mainly, I learned from experience….not really a great way to learn…too much heartache.

You become a stronger and wiser person as time goes on but,….you can also become bitter.

I went through that “bitter stage” and I became ruthless.  

I played the game with a finesse that would make men heads spin…I play to win…always.

One of my favorite books back then was, Master Of The Game by Sidney Sheldon…my favorite movie back in the 70’s and 80’s….The Godfather(saw the movie and read the book…most people don’t know that, they have two versions of that movie.  The one that’s always playing on dvd and cable and the one that’s more in-depth, I’ve seen them both..most people haven’t.)

Which pretty much sums up where my head was  during those times.

I don’t want Yellow Jacket to end up with that much baggage…it took me a long time to rid myself of those evil ways.

So, Miss Yellow Jacket has a boyfriend. She was by her dad and  his father brought him over to her father’s house and they were all there…which I think is a great starting point.

He’s a cute, respectful young man…the fact that he goes to the same school as Purpleknight doesn’t sit too well with him(purpleknight)…he’s being the protective big brother and all.

That drives her up a wall but, I told her she just has to deal with it because, that what males are supposed to do… protect the females in their lives.

I’m 46 and my brothers still have my back…shoot. 

Now, his mother wants to meet her….I’m not ready for all of this shit….really….I mean I’m ONLY 46!

Can I just go back in time when they were in grammar school and the only thing they wanted was to watch Barney?

I guess not.

They are growing up on me…

but, I love the fact that, they know they can come talk to me about anything…

I love the fact that, they DO come and talk to me about anything.

Maybe, I’m getting the hang of this parenting thing after all.

Funny Friday

Children Do The Darndest Things.

When my son was in the third grade(8 years old), he wanted to grow his hair out some so I said ok…

It was the first day of school…he went there, came home… problems

Later that evening, I was fixing dinner and my son walks into the kitchen and says, “mom, when am I getting a haircut?” I replied, “this weekend.”

Then all of a sudden, I looked at his head and a patch of his hair looked wet and seemed to be sticking out more than the rest. So, I said, “what’s wrong with your hair right there?”

When I touched that area…

A big ball of hair came out in my hand!!!!

This boy had cut a chunk of hair out of the middle of his head…and then tried to glue it back WITH WATER!!!

Me: What happened to your hair!

Him: Huh?

Me: Boy, you heard me, what happened to your hair!

Him: I don’t knowwwwww.

Me: so, you went upstairs and the “barber-fairy” came into your room and cut a chunk of hair out of your head…..what happened to your head?!!!

Him: I cut it.

Me :why?

Him: I don’t knowwwwwwww.

This boy gave himself a make shift hair cut because, someone teased him at school about his hair (said it looked curly like girls hair and he had bangs…I can’t lie, if the boy doesn’t get a lining…he still get those baby

That’s when we really began the conversations about peer pressure. It seems it starts so much earlier than when I was growing up.

So, the next morning, I had to bring his butt to the barber to get his hair cut.

When he sat in the seat, the barber looked at his head and then at me with this puzzled look on his face?

Me: Ask him

 Barber: What happened bruh?

Him: I don’t knowwwwwwww. *looking pitiful*

Me: He tried to give himself a hair cut.

Barber: *with this big huge grin on his face, trying not to laugh at him*  Alright bruh, Imma hook you up ok?

Him: *still looking pitiful* Okaaayy.

 We still laugh like crazy over this episode and this will be the one I will tell his wife when he marries one day.

 Every time we watch the Bill Cosby HBO special from the 80’s and hear him talk about how his son gave himself a Mohawk haircut…we just look over at my son and die laughing.

Merry Monday Erryone

I hope that everyone had a pleasant weekend…my weekend was just wet!

It rained all day saturday and then, the streets flooded all over the city so, I was pretty much trapped inside for the day. 

 Since I was on lock down,I decided to do a protein treatment on my daughter’s hair.  I used an egg and after mixing it, let it sit on her hair for 20 minutes then shampoo and conditioned it.  Her hair was so shiny and soft when I finished!

I’ll be using that egg treatment more often, it’s cheaper than purchasing that stuff in the salons with better results.

Yall remember my “sort of” adopted dog, Whitey

Well, we’ve decided to call him Happy since he’s always so happy to see us.  I’ve kinda taken Happy in and he’s officially a member of our pack now as you can see.

The hierarchy has been established with my black cocker as lead dog (nobody messes with her.)

It’s mid-term time for the kids which means, I’m in overdrive with them and studying.  I don’t remember taking mid-terms when I was in school.  Back in the dinosaur era, we just took each semester as that.  I remember finals but, no mid-term exams.

This is their last week of school before the holiday break which means, I better have plenty of  food on hand (why do teenagers eat so much?)

I finally got to watch Survivor.  I gotta tell ya, I hate Russell but, he is playing the shyt out of the game.  It’s like he has them all on a string. And WHAT the heck did Monica think she was doing going to Russell with that “I’ll control the votes if you kick me off mess.”  Russell just outed her butt in tribal council  and then kicked her out of the game..dumb move Monica.

I did see the finale of Amazing Race and the black woman (forgot her name)married to the white guy was going spastic…what was HER problem?  I’m glad she didn’t win, she was pissing me off yelling at the poor guy like that. I missed seeing  Big Easy and Flight Time  in the game though.   I wish they would have made it to the finale, they were fun to watch.

I’m still haven’t gotten everything for my Christmas dinner yet but, I plan to wrap that up this week.  I am not fixing a lot of stuff this year.  We had gumbo for turkey day so, I’m not doing one for Christmas.  What’s up with the price of shrimp…it’s $4.28 at Rouses….that’s RIDIKULUS!  That’s right, I said it…RIDIKULUS!  $4.28  for shrimp…here?….in NOLA?..and they’re not even jumbo shrimp ( I love that oxymoron)….naw, I gotta go find me a street vendor.

My son has has 5 months left before he graduates from high school…I am so not ready mentally for that one.  I can’t believe he’ll be 18 in a few months.  I am so proud of him, he’s a good son.

And last but, certainly not least……

13 AND OHHHHHHH! Who Dat!!!

Everyone have a great day today!

I Work With A Moron

How many of you work with morons?  You know, the type that has you scratching your head saying,” how in the heck did he/she get this job?”  There’s this one woman in particular that, I swear when she sits near me, I can hear the wind blowing through her head…a true wind tunnel.  I know she hates it when I’m on duty because, “I’m so mean” as she’s told co-workers.  I don’t think I’m mean but, I do have a low tolerance for stupidity…I’ll admit that.  I’ve always hung out with smart people and even on the net, my most favorite blogs to read are written by folks who are very intelligent.  Some I lurk, some I comment…all are intelligent bloggers.

Today, I had to have a talk with Mrs. Moron.  This nurse seems to think that her job is not to be taken seriously because, there was a patient who was in need of morphine and she could not give it to him because she says , “I just can’t bear to look at him like that.”  WTF? (see, this is how some nurses get cussed and embarrassed by doctors..right herrrr.) The man could not breathe and she’s just there all..doody, doody, do.

 I actually had to get in this person’s face and blast her something terrible…well, considering my height, I was more her boobs but, you guys get the picture.

I don’t understand how people get into this profession and don’t realize that, they are dealing with real life and death situations….people who are in real pain, people who are dying, people who are trying to stay alive. 

Every job should be taken seriously, I don’t care if you are on the garbage truck, strive to be the best you can be…you’ll be surprised at how many people notice your work performance. I could always tell when a certain dude was collecting my garbage because the can would be placed so neatly on the sidewalk, no trash in the streets…he was wonderful. I miss him.

However, when you are dealing with human lives, I believe that the “job ante” has been raised and that, I don’t take lightly. 

The worst thing I have to do on my job is to call someone in the middle of the night and tell them that, their loved one has died.  I can handle any and everything this occupation could possibly throw at me but that one…gets me. 

So yeah Nurse Moron, I will continue to be in your behind until you become a competent nurse because, my patients welfare will always override your little hurt feelings.

New Blog For Me

Well, I’ve finally caved in and created another blog called, NOLA Life. This one here is about my life and the happenings in and around New Orleans. With so many family and friends displaced and seeking info about what’s going on in the city,I am able to put all of the NOLA stuff there and keep this one for my more personal stuff. Since the Saints are in their glory (yeah, we comin’ for all you “dirty birds” out, I’ll be posting a lot of “who dats” and “throw me something” photos in the near future over there.
Be sure to check it out.


One of my dearest and closest friends died from breast cancer when we were 35 years old. We met when we were in the 7th grade(13yrs old) and were like two peas in a pod ever since…we even used to coordinate our school clothes so we’d be dressed alike often. When she passed, she left behind two daughters ages 12 and 3 years old. I had not seen her daughters in quite some time because, their dad moved away and remarried.

Yesterday, I was FINALLY getting a facebook account and somehow when I hooked it up, on the side under suggestions for friends were a bunch of people… one of them with the same name as my best friend’s daughter who was three when her mom died (she’s 15 now.)

I took one look at her and KNEW that was my dear friend’s child….she is a mirror image of her mom when we were that age. I just looked at the picture and cried, it was like seeing my best friend again. Her daughter is sooo beautiful with that killer smile just like her mom.

It brought to mind that movie, Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey…remember Hershey died and left Bette to raise her daughter and Bette had all of these memories to share because they had been friends since forever.

I haven’t contacted her yet but, I will after I contact her aunt (she popped up under my suggestions also and that’s my friends sister who had moved to the islands many years ago and I had lost contact with her after my friend died 11 years ago.)

I am not sure how that facebook thing out of all of the people on this planet put those two pictures on my suggestions for friends, heck my own family members who are on facebook names did not appear.

The world is too big and too many people are on facebook for that to be merely a “co-inky-dinky”…especially since I used my married last name on facebook that they know nothing about.

I guess maybe….just maybe, that was my dear friends way of telling me hello.

Hello Barbara. I got the message, she looks just like you and I will tell her all of the crazy things we used to do….and my memory is long….very long.

I’M BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!! Missed You Guys!

Well, hello blog family and friends. I am finally back from the abyss that was my life. I knew that when Navy Seal went in for his surgeries that things would get rough but, I had no idea that it would be THAT rough…geez.

I missed reading all of my favorite blogs and I will be catching up really soon so um…if I answer something that was posted like, two months ago *blushing* forgive me.

My girl Mrs. Saditty had her beautiful baby while I was in “The Abyss”…..Congrats chick!!!

I must say, I feel so out of the loop here…I’m gonna have to get my “blog legs” again.

I have some very interesting stories though, one in particular might make your head spin…it’s about how black people were created so brace yourselves…oh heck, I can’t hold this one…

(warning…this is an actual conversation that I had with an actual 55 year old black female….this is not a drill.)

Around Halloween, I worked a night shift at the hospital. The night was going slow so, a group of us were watching the telly and watched this program, Haunted Houses in New Orleans. This one particular mansion was owned by this extremely rich couple…it was in the 1850’s era and this couple had a lot of slaves.
Long story short, whenever the slaves did something bad, they would end up going to “the upper most room” and never come down. This one slave set the house on fire during a ball at the house because she had done “something bad “and said she would rather burn alive than go in the upper most room. Once the fire was put out, the police and firemen went in the room and found slaves still alive that had been a part of various medical experiments performed by the owner who was also a doctor. One slave’s face and been peeled away from his skull(while alive and still alive when they found him…barely) maggots had been put on his face to see how long it would take him to die….really horrific things were done to the slaves, many who were still alive when they found them.

Ok so, we’re sitting there watching this program and one of the assistants says, “That’s a damned shame that our people had to go through that type of shit…nobody went through this sort of mess here but us.”

Me: No, it wasn’t just us..the Indians went through a lot of shit too. They were massacred and many were tortured as well when Whites first came to America.

Crazy Assistant: Yeah, cause that’s how black people got here, Indians and white people got together and made us.

Me: * turning my head around very slowly to look at her….like a Chucky Doll would* …. Say again.
Other Assistant: *looking at her like, WTF did she just say?*

Crazy Assistant: White people and Indians made us, we all have white in us.

Me: Girl, don’t tell anybody that anymore. That is not how black people came to America….you’ve never heard of the middle passage? Did you at least watch Roots? That is not how black people were created…do you own a bible? And not all black people have white blood in them..where do you get that from? You need to read more so you can know more or at the very least watch the History or Discovery Channel..shit.

Crazy Ass then gets mad, walks away and tells someone, “she makes me sick, she thinks she knows every damn thing.”

BUT DAYUM!!!!!!!!! How can you be in your 50’s and say some crazy mess like that and worst of all, believe it?!! Could someone please explain that to me if you have a clue…I am totally clueless on that.

White people and Native Americans got together and made black people……OMG!!!!

Oh, in closing I do have one more thing I just have to say,