Feel Good Friday

Today is a feel good day y’all!

Why is that you say?

Well, a few reasons. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but, I quit the crazy weekend gig a few weeks ago.  I had to get out of that place.

It’s rachet.

I just couldn’t take working in that place any longer. I like to keep a weekend gig but, that one had to go. It was beginning to change how I feel about nursing.

And I’m already getting tired of the profession as it is. The money’s great but, I want to do more.

So, I’m feeling pretty good that I let some dead weight go.

Also, my bird of paradise is blooming like craaazzyy!  I mean if she were a peacock…she’d be struttin!

birds of paradise.

My neighbor knocked on the door and asked me how I get  her to bloom like that.

The secret’s in the water!

Really…it’s the water. All I do is water her everyday for a minute and leave her alone…yes, I’ve declared it to be a female.

Every time I go to my front door, there she is,

looking all pretty.

Makes me happy.

What else is making me grin?

Well, we’re officially in countdown mode to Mardi Gras!

Yeah buddy!

Five months left before we roll down the streets of NOLA and I can’t wait!  I went to my first official Krewe of Nyx meeting last week. We talked about the throws ( which will be fabulous so, don’t stay home Wednesday, February 26, 2014). If you do, you’ll be mad because, we plan to throw like crazy!

krewe of nyx meeting 2013
krewe of nyx meeting 2013
krewe of nyx  captain and board of directors
krewe of nyx captain and board of directors

And don’t forget, in addition to the fabulous throws, we also have our coveted decorated purses that will be flying from the floats as well. Here’s a lil peek at three of mine…just to get ya mind right so you’ll know what you could be catching…or missing.

In Vino Veritas  Yeah, I know my I's aren't dotted. They were drying now, they're hiding in my heaping pile of crafty stuff.
In Vino Veritas
Yeah, I know my I’s aren’t dotted. They were drying now, they’re hiding in my heaping pile of crafty stuff.
Peacock Purse
Peacock Purse
Tribute to Hubig's in Nyx style!
Tribute to Hubig’s in Nyx style!

Not too shabby  to say  this is my first year decorating purses.  I had no idea I held so much creativity in this lil ole’ body.

The krewe is only in its third year and already has a riding membership of well over 1,000 members.  I hear the waiting list is huge as well.  This is one parade you don’t wanna miss…trust me on that.

Football season is here…


(Tazzee just rolled her eyes…lol)

I nearly had a heart attack when the Saints  played Tampa.

Hopefully, I won’t need a defibrillator this weekend.

Fall festivals are rolling…yay!

Next weekend, I’ll be attending the Hamp Fest featuring the O’Jays!  The Hamp Fest will be held at St. Augustine High School.

I put the link up for any Purple Knights wanting to buy tickets.  Just click  on Hamp Fest.

Y’all know we’re a Purple Knight family…gotta support the school.

I love festivals.

The weather is a lil better with the fall festivals so, I try to make as many as I can.

In the fall, it’s only hot…not hot as hell.

I can deal with that.

My dad is doing better.

Been more like his old self…which is great.

I can handle “old self” dad.

I don’t have anything lined up for this weekend.

I do have to meet some of my Nyx Sisters and help them with some decorating stuff. I’m sure that’s gonna be a lot of fun!

But other than that,

I’m gonna  just the  enjoy the weekend.

Maybe go sit by the lake, or the bayou,

or the river,

I”m a Cancer so, yeah, water is my thing.

And have a few drinks with my best buddy, NavySeal.

Sounds like a winner to me.

Just taking it easy.

Y’all have a great weekend!










One of my most favorite things to do is gardening.

I’m pretty great with plants so, I often buy them when they’re small and nurse them into mature beautiful ones.

I purchased a Bird of Paradise plant about 5 years ago only to find out that,they take about 5 years to fully mature.

That lil plant taught me the art of patience because I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see any real blooms from her.

Then one year, she bloomed for me and gave me hope.

Well, baby girl is all grown up now and is showing out,

Three birds have bloomed and I have about 6 more getting ready to bloom in a few days!


Looking at her it’s hard to believe that, I paid $4.oo for her. She was so small then.

A plant this size would cost a good chunk of money.

It seems that, in addition to gardening, I’ve picked up another thing to take up my time hobby.


For about two months,I’ve been filling my bird feeder so the birds in the area could have some food.

Well, they must have put the word out because those lil buggers come around religiously now EXPECTING food from me!

Sparrows,Doves and I have one Blue Jay that comes around every single day.

I usually put food in the feeder twice a day and I’ll  put some on the ground for the Doves and Blue Jay…

I’m such a sucker for animals.

That Blue Jay was hard as hell to take a pic of because, he’ll fly at the slightest sound and I just have a regular ole’ camera so, I had to wait for him to get comfy,

now, I’m bird watching…lol

There’s also an owl around here. I haven’t seen him but, he’s pretty close. We think he’s in the church steeple.

I love to hear him hooting.

It’s relaxing.

A piece of country living in an urban city,

whod’a thunk it?

Green Thumb

In the deep south we don’t have 4 seasons,

we pretty much have summer and “hot and muggy as hell”  for our seasons.

So, since the weather has been really nice lately (70’s-80’s), I’ve been getting my lil side yard together so I can relax and meditate…

Who am I kidding?

I’m  getting it ready for grilling and seafood boils.

I love having plants around the house and have quite the green thumb…

if I wasn’t so afraid of bugs, I’d be a horticulturist.

One of my favorite places to buy plants is Perinos in Metairie.

I love going to that place…

Perino’s flowers are always soooo beautiful!

I could hang in that place for hours!

I picked up a  few plants, potting soil and some planters.

After NavySeal and I had purchased everything we needed and began putting the plants in the car,

I turned around and saw something that, I really probably shouldn’t have,

Man, Acme was just too close to pass up!

So, we headed over and had lunch at Acme…

If I could stop eating at all of these darned restaurants, I’d  be able to save more money for carnival throws.

Oh well, Imma have to throw light because, I seem to be addicted to this food.

Acme was already moving at full steam and they had only been open 30 minutes,

 A slew of folks walked in right behind us.

At least I’m not the only person addicted to this food.

I’m in good company.

Navy Seal had the Eryster Loaf.

I don’t eat erysters but that sandwich looked damned good…even with nothing on it!

I had a shrimp po-boy “dressed”,

that means with, lettuce, tomato,pickles and mayonnaise for non- NOLA folks.

After we were stuffed and ready for a food coma,

we headed home and worked on my lil garden area.

I must say, it came out nice.

I still have a few more plants to pot but, I like how it’s turning out.

This is my favorite time of the year to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

The hubby and I will usually  sit here in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee together…

listen to the soothing sounds of the water fountain

and watch for butterflies.

Then at night, we’ll grab two chairs,a bottle of wine  and sit in the mini courtyard,

trying to hide from the kids. 

to kick back and relax.

I have to sit in the courtyard because, even though I’m from New Orleans…

I can’t handle more than one drink.

You know the expression,” if ya can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch”…

well, I can’t even hang with the ones on the porch so,

I sit in the courtyard!  LOL

That’s ok…I’m doing me.

Still lovin’ life,

Big Easy Style!