They Have The Nerve To Call Me Chicken.

These two little turkey’s of mine had the nerve to call me chicken! How the heck ya gonna call ya mommy chicken because, she doesn’t watch scary movies?

Kids: Mom, we’re watching The Grudge…come watch it with us.

Me: Uh, no. I don’t do scary movies. Ya  grandmother took me to see Carrie and The Omen when I was a very young teen. Scared the shit out of me for life.

YellowJacket: I’m not scary! I love scary movies!

PurpleKnight: Me too!   Aww, mom…you’re a chicken.

Kids in unison:  *singing* mommy is a chiiicken! she is a chiiiken!

Me: Whatever. Imma see who sleeps with the light on tonight.

Kids: Not Me!

Well, the knuckleheads watch their little movie.  The brave little souls turned out the lights and watched it in the dark ( I guess for full scary effect.)

The next morning, this is what I found,

Look who slept together!  Both of their tails was scared! LOL.

And they called ME chicken.

The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Yesterday, while cleaning up,  I found some old school work from PK(purpleknight)…yeah, I can’t seem to throw away their old school papers.   He had to write a small piece on someone he admires…I had never seen this one, don’t know how I missed it.
…to save you the trouble of magnifying it, it says

My Mother is the strongest, most caring person I know.  She does any and everything that needs to be done whether it’s paying the bill or just having a good time and making us laugh.  No task is to complex nor too simple for her.  Whatever obstacle she has in front of her she accomplishes it.  My mother and Father split up before I was born, so I never really didn’t have a father figure.  She had to be both a mother and a father to me in a sense of speaking.  She was tough when she needed to be but, all at the same time also gentle and kind hearted.  That’s why when I start to progress further in this lifetime I want to have all the traits she does.

( I copied it exactly as is…errors and all.LOL)

Yeah, it brought on the waterworks.  Knowing that my kid admires me means a lot.  I wish that I could take all of the credit but, I can’t.

My kids were raised by a village. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know my story. For those that haven’t…

My ex-husband and I split before PK was born. PK has never met his biological father.  He does however, have a wonderful relationship with his paternal grandmother and aunts. I met Yellow Jackets dad(City Carrier) when PK was 6 months old. He has been a constant in PK’s life since that day. Even when we split up, when he would pick up YJ for the weekend, he’d take PK as well.  He’s a part of my village. For hurricane evacuations, we all convoy out together…City Carrier and his fiance in their car, NavySeal in his truck and I bring up the rear in my car. The kids just hop from car to car whenever we hit a gas station.LOL

When PK was born, The Oracle was only 18 years old….in fact, he was 17 turning 18 in a few months.  The Oracle is a vampire…up all night. He’d take PK in his room many nights so I could get some rest.  Babysitting was never a problem for him, changing diapers…no isssue for him.

PK always had someone to “rough house” with because,  Oracle was there to throw him to the ground and wrestle with him. He and Andrea would take PK to all of the WWE  wrestling events…even the ones out-of-state.

My parents…my parents. Did every.single.thing to support me.  Made it possible for me to be able to work and go to school. They would drop the kids off to school and pick them up for me.  My mom made sure they ate and did their homework because, I had to work.

There are others in my village as well… my other brothers and of course my rock, NavySeal.  PK was 8 years old when I met NS. He stepped up to the plate and became a father to him.  Anything that needed to be addressed at St. Aug, NavySeal handled.  I handled YellowJacket and Xavier Prep…he handled Aug.  He is dad in every sense of the word.  The day PK came to me and said,  “I don’t care what anyone says… DAD is MY DAD.”  I knew  they had a bond that would last forever.

Being a parent is hard. Being a single parent is hard, hard.

I was a single parent the first 9 years of PK’s life.

I shine like new money because of the village.

They are truly

the wind beneath my wings.

I’m Sorry…My Bad.

It seems that, I have more than a few people keeping me on my toes with this blog of mine.  A lot of folks who read my blog are also facebook friends and one of my “purple knight family members” got on my case because, I never put up the studio copies of my son so he and the rest of the purple knight nation could see them.

So, to all my purple knight brothers….I’m sorry!

Ok…my bad…I forgot!

Here ya go…jeez.

Purpleknight c/o 2010

Proud member of the mighty Marching 100.

Father and son….the legacy continues.

I think I better clean off my scanner screen. LOL. Thanks for keeping my on my toes fellas…I thought I had put them up already.  See ya at the game.