Weekend Wrap

My weekend was veeerrrryyyy  interesting…for starters, I’ve been giving my kids driving lessons and lets just say that, the patience that I began praying for years ago…..IS HERE!!

I  had to remind myself not to yell, or lose my patience with them because, I really hate it when someone is trying to learn something and they end up getting yelled at by someone who has been doing that mess for years…like they didn’t have to learn how to do that mess too.

Anyway, the lessons went really well although, I have to say that, my 15 year old daughter is already a better driver than her 17 year old brother.  The girl got behind the wheel like she’s been driving for a hot minute and ended up driving all around the city.  Needless to say, her brother is fired up behind that…but, in a good way, he’s determined to be the one driving like that next weekend so, we’ll see. 


I have a new adopted family member….sort of.  My new neighbors have this dog (we don’t know his name so, we call him Whitey) and they really neglect the heck out of this dog.   They have another dog but, that dog is allowed to go inside, Whitey isn’t.  Whitey sits at the front door like a loyal but, abused family member just waiting for someone to pay him some attention.  They seem to be feeding him because, he doesn’t look emaciated but, they never talk to him, never pet him…just walk past him like he isn’t there.

So, one day, Whitey was walking near my house (he stays in the next block) and I called him to me, gave him some water and a little something to eat and, Whitey has been popping up at my doorstep ever since.  Whitey has gotten so spoiled that, if he doesn’t see me, he goes into the church yard next door to me and barks at my back door until someone comes out!  The little rascal!  I talk to him often which he seems to love and he’s even letting my crew pet him now..poor baby probably hasn’t been petted in years…We are keeping a close eye on Whitey and if we have to evacuate this hurricane season and those crazy people leave him, we have decided to take him with us…we’ll make him a permanent member of the family ….can you comandeer a dog?   Oh, I forgot  to add that, Whitey has a broken paw…you can tell by how he holds it and those nuts have not brought him to the vet….I would call SPCA but, I am too afraid that he would not get adopted and they would put him down. Since he’s about the size of my cockers, I give him a the heart guard to keep him from getting heart worms (I’m sure they aren’t worried about that sort of stuff) and put Frontline on him so, he won’t have ticks and fleas since they keep him outside….I’m such an old softy…sigh.


This is Whitey...my adopted family member
This is Whitey...my adopted family member

Are You A Know It All

Are You A Know-It-All?



I have a question for you all?  Have you ever been called a “know-it-all”?  I bet you have…how do I know?  Because, I read the blogs of people who tend to read my blog and I already know that, they are very intelligent people so, I am willing to bet that someone, somewhere has called them a “know-it-all” either in blogland, on the job, around their neighborhood…somewhere.

Dereck (my brother) “The Oracle” …don’t even answer because you got called a “know-it-all” your entire life so….


Well, I get called one often too.  Mostly from people who don’t know much of anything is what I am finding.  I was called one the other day on the job.  I am not a “know-it-all”…I promise you…. I am not. But, here’s what I am thinking….. I think people who do not like to read, who do not like to learn or receive information from people who know about a particular subject feel intimidated by those of us who do.

 I don’t know everything but, if there’s any information regarding something I feel I need, should  or want to know about, I am going after it.   If there is a person within earshot or blog realm of me handing out some information that they have knowledge about and I don’t…darn it, I want to know too!   School me, teach me…where can I buy the book on it? Is there a seminar on it?…that’s me.


I love learning, that will never change.  But, what I have had to change was the people that I engage in conversation with…anyone who says “conversate” is an automatic…SEE YAH LATER!  I have also found that, some people actually like to live in ignorance…they don’t want to know better or do better…that is so sad to me.   Every single day, I am trying to learn something new.  I have learned so much doing this rebuilding process that, it’s unreal.  When I go into stores I always hear, “oh, you did your homework huh?…ya darned right I did!  You ain’t going to blow smoke up my ass and I buy it hook, line and sinker!  I’m testing your behind to see if  YOU know what you’re talking about before I give you the job…shoot!
By the time I am sitting with them, I’ve been on the internet for two weeks getting information.


I am also the type of person that, if I am not sure about something, you won’t hear from me.  If you ask me and I don’t know, I say “I don’t know” I can find out from (whatever source) and see if that person knows or look on the net but, right now, I don’t know.  Because of that, when I do say something, I tend to know what I’m talking about and can bring up documentation….when I told my co-worker I would bring her documentation about Louisiana being under the Napoleonic Code she didn’t want to see it….who the hell doesn’t know that anyway?!…People in Alaska know that about us!

So, now I’m a know it all….again…it wasn’t the first time, I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Missing In Action


Well, I am back blog family and friends….where the heck have I been you ask?  I’ve been working like a Hebrew Slave…why is it that, when you work extra hard, you are working like a Hebrew slave?  I think it has something to do with having to make brick without straw…that’s darn near impossible!  


Why are you working like that you ask?  Because I am in the process of doing some little things to my home and I needed some ….moola, bread, cheddar, ductas, l‘argent,green, duckies…or however they heck they say money today. 


I really love my home but, I have always wanted a room that was totally whimsical so,  I have this one room that I am turning into a movie theatre with a bunch of whimsy to it…look at some of the deals I have been scoring!



I found this hot dog machine at Dillards  regular price $50.00.…on clearance for….$20.00!!!  We tested it in the store(wish I had some wieners on me so, I could have roasted a few) and it worked fine.   It was sold as is so, it didn’t have a box…I don’t need no box…gotta husband to carry that stuff! Let her have it! 

After I found this little steal, JC Penney ran an ad in the paper with a popcorn popper on sale.  I had been searching all over the net for one and  every one I came across was for $250-$300…they had it regular price $400 on sale for $200 plus, I had a coupon for $25 off of any purchase over $75! Are you kidding me….$175?  Let her have it!  The darn thing is 53” tall!  I love it!









I found these whimsical wall hangings at Bed, Bath and Beyond on clearance for $2.00!




    But, by far my best deal is the one I found on flooring. Yesterday at 8am,  was in Lowes looking for some flooring for my library and I spotted some beautiful looking Pergo regular price $3.59 sq. ft on clearance for $ 1.36 plus they had a sale for 15% off of all Pergo! I searched for the golden butternut but, with a sale like that and as pretty as it was looking on the display…naturally, it was sold out.  So, I said to myself…self, how many Lowes do they have in the greater New Orleans area?  I counted two in New Orleans, two in Metairie, and one that I knew how to get to across the river in Gretna.  My husband hates it when my OCD kicks in because, he knew he was in for one hell of a morning…I wanted that flooring and every Lowes was going to have to be out before I gave up on the hunt so, I put some gas in the Honda and headed to Metairie.  I went to the flooring section and sure enough, they had the same display but, when we looked under the display, we found the gunstock stacked across for three rows…now, my mother was one “hellofa” shopper…she would look under displays, in the cabinets that clearly said, “employees only” ….her rationale, “they ain’t hiding that ish from me so, they can come over here and buy it when they get off of work!”  So, being my mother’s daughter, I moved all of that gunstock out of the way and what do I finding “hiding” in the back?…..22 cases of golden butternut !!!!! How many do I need?….22 cases exactly!!!

Let her have it!    I ended up saving….$860.42!




Just goes to show you what you can find with a little tenacity and gas in your car!