9 Year Blogiversary!



Soooo, today I received a notification that I’ve been blogging for 9 years now.


When I began blogging I had no intention of hanging around this long. I just wanted a place to air out the voices in my head.

I’ve met some fabulous people in the blogging world.Sadly, most of them no longer blog and I miss tuning into their blog posts. But I totally get how they gave up the ghost and put it away. I’ve thought about doing it many times.

Sadly, most of them no longer blog and I miss tuning into their blog posts. But I totally get how they gave up the ghost and put it away. I’ve thought about doing it many times.

I can’t lie, it’s been a “struggle bus ride” for the last few years. Blogging has become the dinosaur of social media. Everything is so fast paced today that no one really wants to read a bunch of paragraphs. 

Give them a video, a bunch of pictures and a few tweets and they are good to go.

I don’t think I’ll ever totally give up this space though. I like having a quiet spot to call my own to air those voices out.  I probably won’t have much of a following, but that’s fine with me.

I never did have a bunch of people over here and it made those who did tune in, more special to me.

I’ll be back. 

And I’m going old-school…blogging about whatever crosses my mind.


Thanks for being here.








Being a grandmother is everything people said it would be. I can’t spoil my grandbaby enough. I get to do all the loving without all the responsibility.  It is thee best part of the second chapter of my life.

Look at that beautiful face! Lawd, my pockets are gonna stay empty fooling around with her.

This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with one of my most favorite bloggers (even though he gave up the ghost and no longer blogs) Reggie of Reggie’s Rantings.

Reg, NavySeal and moi.

This picture was actually our second time meeting. Reg is such an awesome guy. I’m glad that we were able to finally meet and that I can call him a friend. Blogging has introduced me to some pretty amazing people.

NavySeal and I are both back in school. I feel old walking across  the campus. Not because I’m surrounded by young folks,but because you have to park your car so darn far away from the buildings that I’m tired before I get there.  They need to have geriatric parking on campus.

I am so ready for this cool weather. My electric bill took a huge hit this summer. Summers in the deep south are murder. I don’t think I paid less than $400 a month the entire summer. My electric bill needed a break.

My neighbor’s gardener cut the roots to my morning glories and killed my entire living fence. Rat bastids. It was so pretty…butterflies would visit every morning. Now, I have to start her all over again.


My living fence that is now dead. SIGH.
My living fence that is now dead. SIGH.

My  92-year-old aunt is in hospice care. My dad had 9 siblings and only my aunt and my dad are left. It saddens me to think that when he crosses over, my family will have lost an entire generation and we will become the elders of the family. I can’t wrap my head around that.

In addition to decorating purses, I also have to decorate coconuts this year. My brother and a few of his friends are riding in Zulu so I have a few hundred (yes, a few hundred…like 900) coconuts to do. This is my first time decorating coconuts.

A tribute to Prince coconut! 🙂

This year is almost over and I feel as if I’ve gotten nothing accomplished.  I’m so ready for 2017.

I’m still a member of the Krewe of Nyx. I think Mardi Gras 2017 will be my last year as a member though. NavySeal and I want to ride in a Krewe together.  We’re looking at the Krewe of Orpheus which  rolls on Lundi Gras. It will be a totally new experience for me. And I get to ride with NavySeal…which is the best part of all.

Why is 10 lbs so hard to lose? I didn’t realize how much I love to eat til I decided to lose 10 pounds. The struggle is real.

What’s going on with you today?







The Dead Has Arisen.

Lawd, hammercy…I’m back. It’s been 6 months since I’ve blogged about anything. I was contemplating putting ole’ girl to rest but, I’m glad I was able to fight through the fog and return. I’ve decided to take the “Seinfeld Approach” to this thing and let it be a “blog about nothing.” So I’ll be posting about any and every little thing my heart desires…NOLA,family,birds…whatever.

I’ve missed being in my own little corner of the world. I’d been spending a lot of time on Facebook. Facebook is cool but, I get tired of seeing so much drama fly through my timeline. Sadly, so many bloggers that I follow have given up the ghost. I totally understand why. It can become taxing trying to figure out what to blog. That’s why I’m taking a page from Seinfeld’s playbook. I think it’s going to free my mind to just come over here and write whatever hits me at the moment.

I’ve missed you guys! Lawd…is anyone here?lol. I might have to shake this thing up a bit and get some readers over here.

Well, let’s start this thing and try to catch up.

What’s the goings on in my world?

It’s cold as heck here in New Orleans! Right now, it’s 36 degrees! Now, I know that’s not cold for northern parts of the USA but for us deep south folks…that’s cold! I’ll be fixing some homemade eggnog today and hunkering down most of the day.

The holiday season is in our back door. My family has requested their standard Creole Thanksgiving Dinner so we’ll be having,

Turkey,Ham, Baked Mac and Cheese, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Stuffed Crabs,Potato Salad,Cornbread Dressing, Candied Yams,Veggies,Dessert ( don’t know what yet),Dinner Rolls and…GUMBO!

I feel like I’m forgetting something on that list. It may come to me later.

This time of year without fail, I get a lot of hits from people trying to fix a ruined roux. You cannot fix a ruined roux. Just throw it out and start over. It’s only oil and flour so, throw it out and start again.

Here is the problem with your roux…you probably aren’t stirring constantly for 20-30 minutes or until your roux become a nice dark color so before you start again,

go use the bathroom, put on whatever want to watch on the telly, have your cell phone right by you for when it rings because, once you start your roux…

you are stuck there for 20-30 minutes…constantly stirring until it’s done. Here’s the color you’re aiming for,


Happy Rouxing!! 🙂

We are 3 months away from Mardi Gras!

Yay! That means 2 months to King Cake! I really could use some king cake in my life right now. I’ll be in that line on Jan 6th in front of Randazzo’s with the rest of the addicts folks.

Even though I love this time of the year, it’s crunch time for me. Being a member of the Krewe of Nyx, I usually create 30 purses to throw off of the float and then another 10 or so for family and friends. And while I love challenging my creative juices, trying to juggle it all (work, holidays,creating purses,etc) is the real challenge.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. Here are just a few that I’ve created this year.

my creations 2015


I can’t wait to ride again. It was such an amazing experience. We roll February 11th…I hope it isn’t too cold.

The Bald Eagles are still here. It seems that we have 3 active nests in the area. One at the 3-10 split near Kenner, one in Algiers and one here in New Orleans. I’ve watched the one in the city for almost a year now. I’ve learned so much just by watching them. They’ve got the nest all spruced up so hopefully, they will mate again. Since I follow them so closely, I’ve named them Falstaff and Dixie….yeah, I know…that’s beer. Well, this IS New Orleans. Here’s a pic of them taken this month.

faltstaff and dixie1 007 (2)

They actually let me get pretty close to the nest. I think it’s because they don’t have any babies in the nest yet. I’ll be posting about them frequently…since it seems that I’m a bird watcher now.

Speaking of babies and stuff, my kids are doing fine. Although they aren’t kids anymore. They’re in their 20’s …time is moving so fast. I can barely keep up anymore.

Navy Seal has decided to return to school and get his Ph.D in Public Policy. I’m so happy for him. That dude rocks. I guess I’ll have to call him Dr.Navy Seal when it’s all over. 🙂

My dad is doing fine now. I almost lost him a few months ago. He’ll be 85 in 3 months and though it hasn’t always been easy, I’m glad that I listened to you all and hung in there when the going got kinda rough.

Next year will be the 10 year anniversary of Katrina. Still feels like yesterday…still looks like yesterday in a lot of areas.  I love my city but, we have a lot of work to do.

I’ve needed new glasses for the longest. It’s time I made the dreaded appointment.

Yeah, I know that was random as heck…just getting it out of my head.

I have to get out and get my eggnog stuff so, I’m gonna wrap this post up.

 Hopefully, I still have a few readers around because I want to do a king cake give away and a Mardi Gras madness give away in a few months so stay tuned!

I’s back y’all!!!













Feel Good Friday

Today is a feel good day y’all!

Why is that you say?

Well, a few reasons. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but, I quit the crazy weekend gig a few weeks ago.  I had to get out of that place.

It’s rachet.

I just couldn’t take working in that place any longer. I like to keep a weekend gig but, that one had to go. It was beginning to change how I feel about nursing.

And I’m already getting tired of the profession as it is. The money’s great but, I want to do more.

So, I’m feeling pretty good that I let some dead weight go.

Also, my bird of paradise is blooming like craaazzyy!  I mean if she were a peacock…she’d be struttin!

birds of paradise.

My neighbor knocked on the door and asked me how I get  her to bloom like that.

The secret’s in the water!

Really…it’s the water. All I do is water her everyday for a minute and leave her alone…yes, I’ve declared it to be a female.

Every time I go to my front door, there she is,

looking all pretty.

Makes me happy.

What else is making me grin?

Well, we’re officially in countdown mode to Mardi Gras!

Yeah buddy!

Five months left before we roll down the streets of NOLA and I can’t wait!  I went to my first official Krewe of Nyx meeting last week. We talked about the throws ( which will be fabulous so, don’t stay home Wednesday, February 26, 2014). If you do, you’ll be mad because, we plan to throw like crazy!

krewe of nyx meeting 2013
krewe of nyx meeting 2013
krewe of nyx  captain and board of directors
krewe of nyx captain and board of directors

And don’t forget, in addition to the fabulous throws, we also have our coveted decorated purses that will be flying from the floats as well. Here’s a lil peek at three of mine…just to get ya mind right so you’ll know what you could be catching…or missing.

In Vino Veritas  Yeah, I know my I's aren't dotted. They were drying now, they're hiding in my heaping pile of crafty stuff.
In Vino Veritas
Yeah, I know my I’s aren’t dotted. They were drying now, they’re hiding in my heaping pile of crafty stuff.
Peacock Purse
Peacock Purse
Tribute to Hubig's in Nyx style!
Tribute to Hubig’s in Nyx style!

Not too shabby  to say  this is my first year decorating purses.  I had no idea I held so much creativity in this lil ole’ body.

The krewe is only in its third year and already has a riding membership of well over 1,000 members.  I hear the waiting list is huge as well.  This is one parade you don’t wanna miss…trust me on that.

Football season is here…


(Tazzee just rolled her eyes…lol)

I nearly had a heart attack when the Saints  played Tampa.

Hopefully, I won’t need a defibrillator this weekend.

Fall festivals are rolling…yay!

Next weekend, I’ll be attending the Hamp Fest featuring the O’Jays!  The Hamp Fest will be held at St. Augustine High School.

I put the link up for any Purple Knights wanting to buy tickets.  Just click  on Hamp Fest.

Y’all know we’re a Purple Knight family…gotta support the school.

I love festivals.

The weather is a lil better with the fall festivals so, I try to make as many as I can.

In the fall, it’s only hot…not hot as hell.

I can deal with that.

My dad is doing better.

Been more like his old self…which is great.

I can handle “old self” dad.

I don’t have anything lined up for this weekend.

I do have to meet some of my Nyx Sisters and help them with some decorating stuff. I’m sure that’s gonna be a lot of fun!

But other than that,

I’m gonna  just the  enjoy the weekend.

Maybe go sit by the lake, or the bayou,

or the river,

I”m a Cancer so, yeah, water is my thing.

And have a few drinks with my best buddy, NavySeal.

Sounds like a winner to me.

Just taking it easy.

Y’all have a great weekend!









Random Thoughts

1.  I love Joan Rivers, Bette Midler and Kathy Griffith. I think that says something about my sense of humor.

2. One of my favorite movies is Best in Show. I think that says something about my sense of humor.

3. YellowJacket is trying to take over the birthday already! Not gonna happen chick!

4. I wish my blogging folks were closer so we could hang out.

5. A man’s back is the sexiest part of his body to me.

6. The older I get, the more I love to watch 70’s television shows. Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant are my favorites. I think it’s because they make me feel as if my mother is still around.

7.  I’m feeding these birds just a lil too well. They’re telling all the other birds to come on over and sit a spell. They must be NOLA birds because, they’ve invited all the other birds to come over to eat and drink! Two days ago, we had a pair of parrots in the yard!

AlisonPics 282

I can just hear that conversation,

Pigeon: I told you this spot was on fiyah! Look at all of this food! You can eat,drink, take a bath, hang out on the hibiscuses…just do you! NOLA living for life!

Parrot: Thanks for the tip bruh! I’m gonna hang out for a while with my girl and then we’re gonna jet out. I’m gonna spread the word though.

Yeah….where’s a cat when you need one.

8. I miss my brother (Oracle). I hope he comes for a visit soon.

9.Folks are going to get wet for Essence. Scattered showers are heading in.At least the rain will make it cooler…consider yourselves lucky.

10. #creamycrack. That is all.

11.I may join the natural train in 10 years.

12.I can’t watch the Zimmerman trial. I. Just. Can’t.

13. I guess  tomorrow,I can officially join AARP.

14. I’m doing a double blog post today.


4 Days To Fifty…It’s All In My Head.

Happy July!

I can’t believe this year is almost gone.  It’s hot and humid as hell in New Orleans. I don’t know how folks who aren’t used to this kind of heat are gonna walk from the Convention Center to the Superdome this week (Essence Festival).

Even though my birthday is in a few days, I still haven’t figured out anything to do.

I wanted to go to Vegas, but it’s hotter there than it is here so, we’re gonna wait until the fall to go.

Is it weird that I want to see Joan Rivers if she’s out there? I’ve always loved  Joan Rivers.

Back to the birthday thing.

I think I’m just gonna stay home and do a quiet celebration here.

Maybe get  into some of that Essence Fest hoopla,

if it isn’t too hot for me.

I was going to have brunch at Brennan’s, but since they’re closed…

Does anyone else make a great Bananas Foster?

I share my birthday with my daughter so, we’ll probably do something together,

before she ditches me for her friends.

Whatever I decide to do, I’ll do a post on it.

I did take time off from the jobs. I’m gonna enjoy almost two weeks away from the craziness of nursing.

That’s a gift in and of itself.

In other news, my phone broke on me.

It froze up and I had to break down and get a new one.

I’m pissed because, all of my festival photos were on that phone.

I’m not a person who likes to upgrade. My daughter literally took my dinosaur phone away from me and upgraded me to the Galaxy Prevail last year and I was still behind the times.

I shocked the hell out of everyone and  got the Galaxy S4.

The way I figured it is, I may as well go all out because, I don’t plan on upgrading for a looonng time.

I can’t lie, I love this phone!

It’s really gonna come in handy during carnival.

Speaking of which,

Two of my good friends just received invitations to become riding members of  Nyx!

I am so excited for them! !Hopefully, we’ll all be on the same float. It’s really gonna be fun now!

I had to give up running long distances and I’m really sad about that. My knees just can’t take the pounding. I was just getting to the point where I could run a mile nonstop,but  my knees are taking a beating so, I’m giving up the ghost on long distances.

I find that, I don’t have a problem with short distances so, I’m gonna listen to my body.

I’m still going to enter  5K races because I walk pretty fast and if there’s a time restriction, I’ll still be good.

Guess what?

I’m doing a giveaway!

See how I snuck that in there.

That’s because I want to give you, my faithful readers, the chance to win.

And if you’ve made it this far,

you’re a faithful reader.

It’s a $50 gift card from Walmart  and all you have to do to enter is comment.

I want to put some love back into the universe,

and show you all some love for taking the time to read this lil ole’ blog of mine.

I’m going to do the drawing on my birthday…July 6th.

Each time you comment, I’ll put your name in the hat.

I’ll post the winner on Monday, July 8th.

The winner will have one week to contact me with their address.

After a week, it goes to the runner-up.

I’ll be putting posts up the rest of the week and I haven’t the foggiest idea  what I’ll be blogging about so,

it’ll be interesting to see what pops.

Countdown to 50 begins!!

I’m Still Here

It’s me again! I can’t believe its been two months since I’ve put a post out.  It’s been hard to sit at the computer lately.

I’m noticing that when the weather gets warm, it gets hard for me to blog.

Residual Katrina issues?

Maybe…especially after Hurricane Issac and a week without electricity.

I know it’s bad  because, I haven’t blogged about festivals. I’ve been to the French Quarter Fest and the Jazz Fest.

Still, I couldn’t push out a post.

Couldn’t even sit at the computer.

I tried to keep up with my favorite blogs.

Didn’t comment much, but I was  there.

I”m still here though.

I’m gonna try to post all week to catch y’all up on what’s happening in my world.

It’s been sorta quiet though.

My son turned 21 last month. ..he’s a grown ass man now.

YellowJacket now lives with her dad.

The house is almost TOO quiet.

Empty nests are not all they’re cracked up to be.

I love the sound of family around.

My running is coming along well.

I can run farther than one tree to the next now.

I actually look forward to running now and get upset if I can’t make it out there.

It’s hot as hell down here in NOLA and the summer hasn’t even really started yet.

I’m gonna have more posts this week.

I gotta get my Mojo back.

Miss y’all!

Crazy Randoms

*disclaimer…the book of cuss has been opened.

School has started and  I had to go “ham” (that’s what the young folks call it today when you go off of someone) on one of YellowJackets teachers already.

Don’t tell me one thing over the summer and when school starts, try to renege on what you said.  And to add insult to injury, begin talking about your “two philosophies about the matter.”

Your ass wasn’t talking philosophical shit over the summer, don’t switch gears now.

I love being nice and peaceful but  I swear sometimes, I just wanna dial 1-800-choke-a-hoe.

No, NavySeal is not white.  This is for the folks on the J-O-B who keep asking me ” who dat white man sitting in your car?”

And for the  woman on Facebook who told him” you know NOTHING about the BLACK COMMUNITY!”  LOL…that one still cracks me up.

41/2  months til  KING CAKE TIME!!!

I’m looking forward to turning 50 next year.

I say “no” more often and without guilt….and I LOVE IT!

Are you cooking? NO

Ma, can you bring me uptown? NO

When my dad is his normal self, he’s the sweetest man on earth.

I try to hold on to that thought when he’s doing the cupid shuffle on my last nerve.

These hot flashes and night sweats are beating me down in this southern heat.

I miss my nieces and nephews….most of them are grown now.

I’m gonna have to do a post about that.

My lil doggie Dyson is losing his hair because of the Lupus.

He’s beginning to look like a Chinese Crested-Cocker Spaniel.

I don’t care how he looks. I just want him to feel better.

Looking forward to the Mardi Gras/Superbowl mix.

I’m lining up my weekend’s off right now because I have no intentions on being on anyone’s job.

If it’s not approved, I’m exiting stage left.

That’s the one promise I made to myself…to make nursing work for me and not the other way around.

You give too much of yourself in this profession not to take advantage of its’ shortage.

The Krewe of Nyx told me that, I’m number 1819 and they only admitted 300 more females.

I won’t be getting in the krewe with that number until I’m 70.

I’m still riding in the Krewe of King Arthur though.

It’s hot  and muggy as hell in this city!!

I’m ready for football season

…and remember,



What’s going on random with you?

Randoms along the bayou.

Last week my daughter decided that, she was through with the “creamy crack” and after four months without a relaxer, she decided it was time for the big chop.  Sunday at 3 a.m. us vampires decided that, it was THEE time and I cut all of her relaxed hair from her head.

She looks gorgeous!! She’s officially 100% natural and loves it! 

Her “teeny-weeny afro” really suits her.  When it was all said and done she said that, she felt free. I bet she does.  Life is too short, even at 17 to be worrying  about hair.  Wear your hair how you choose…DO YOU!

I’m still using the creamy crack.

 I bet all the white folks who read my blog are like,”what the heck is a big chop and  creamy crack?” LOL

A big chop is when a person has relaxed hair and they cut it all off to their new growth (the part that has no relaxer).

 Because so much hair is cut off, it’s referred to as a “big chop.”

Creamy crack is what we call a relaxer. Don’t matter what kind it is…if ya have a relaxer, ya using da creamy crack.

Speaking of YellowJacket, her step-mom was robbed last week at a discount store on Palmetto St.  Seems like, she went in the store to cash a check and to buy a few things but, some dudes must have been  in the store scoping for people cashing checks. The minute she walked out of the store, two dudes walked up on her, one in the front, one on the side. The dude on the side stuck a gun in her side and told her that, they saw her in there so they knew she had it so, just give it up. She gave it up and they didn’t shoot her…THANK GOD!

When she was telling me about her experience, the scene from Treme when Harley was robbed and  killed just kept flashing in my head.

It’s getting crazier by the second man. Something’s gotta be done to get a handle on all of the crime.

I quit the crazy weekend gig. My friend who is the director over there is sad but, it was time for me to go. 

 When they accepted a patient and the man was walking around  talking  about  he was  gonna RAPE somebody in there and…

 they found 22 BULLETS in his roommates dresser(still haven’t found the gun),

 it  was time for me to get the shit outta that joint!

Extra money is nice but, I ain’t trying to die or get raped behind it…damn!

YellowJacket’s and my birthday are in a few days. She’ll be 17 and I’ll be..

not 17…lol…I’ll be 48.

I don’t have a problem telling my age, I’ve never looked it anyway. That really pissed me off when I was a pregnant. I was 29 and everyone thought I was a pregnant teen…I mean EVERYONE!    A minister actually came over to me and started ministering to me about being young and pregnant and how my life was not over.

When I told that nut that, I was 29 years old and married he looked as if I had threatened to shoot his foot off( but, back then, I may have and I just don’t remember.)  Then, he went on to say,”oh, I thought you were a teenager.”

Me: that’s what you get for thinking…ya thought wrong. 

Sometimes, looking 10 years younger than what you really are isn’t always a great thing. When you’re in your twenties and you still look like a kid, it isn’t the most desired thing. I’ve just gotten to the point in life where, I finally appreciate that I don’t look my age. 

Although, a cashier at Walmart just carded me the other day. I was like, come on man! I’m in my 40’s and this mess is still going  on?! 

My kids are out of the way…just about. I don’t think I’m going to have the empty nest syndrome problem. NavySeal and I are already making plans for their exit. For the first time, I’m actually thinking of leaving my beloved city.  We both love Jacksonville, Florida so, we’re considering moving there in a few years. 

 If this crime keeps going the way it is, it won’t be too hard of a choice.

My dad being home is getting more difficult. He’s at the stage where he doesn’t think he’s bad off but he really is.  Last week , he walked into the kitchen fully dressed in his suit. 

me: where ya going dad?

him: to class.

me: they have services already?

him:yeah, sunday school

me: dad, it’s tuesday.

him: today tuesday?

me: yep.

 Conversations like that one are getting more frequent. And his mobility is decreasing as well.  Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that keeps on giving.  I have to remind the rest of my family to just check everything…doors, stove…you name it.  Telling a person with Alzheimer’s that, they forgot to lock the door does no good because…they’re gonna forget again.  Just lock the door and keep rolling. It’s not too bad yet but, I have no idea how bad it’s gonna get.

I’ve seen a lot of cases…some not so bad, some all the way back to infantile stage.  I have a SIL whose mom had it so bad that, she had to put her in a home. I hope it doesn’t come to that but, if it does, I may have to do some finagling to get the best outcome for his situation.

Only time will tell.

That’s all I got today. I’ll have more this week.

King Cakes and Nathan

Well, twelfth night has come and gone so that means one of my favorite holidays is upon us,


Mardi Gras Time!!

Not so much because of the parades ( I only go out to hear the bands play.) It’s because of this right here,



King Cakes….yummy!  The only place I get mine from is Manny Randazzo’s on N. Hullen Street in Metairie.  Manny’s started selling king cakes Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I got there at 8:05.  The line was already through the store, through the parking lot and out to the street!  Did I leave and go home?  Heck naw!  I parked my car and got in line. It was cold out but, I was dressed to handle the weather and the 45 minute wait would have been just fine if it wasn’t for….NATHAN.


Nathan is a 7-year-old kid who was standing behind me in line with his grandparents.  The entire 45 minutes, the grandparents were trying to keep Nathan’s busy-body behind still. I think during those 45 minutes, I heard every conceivable statement that you could tell a kid.

“Nathan, don’t touch that”

“Nathan, they’re going to arrest you.”

“Nathan, get over here.”

“Nathan stop it!”

“Nathan, do you want to sit in the car with paw-paw? Well, stop then.


What they should have told Nathan was,

“Nathan, I’mma bust yo ass if you touch one more thing!”

Speaking of busting asses, I know everyone must have seen this video by now. Old boy won’t be trying to be an internet thug anymore I bet.


I’ve read a lot of the comments out there and it seems, a lot of people are more worried about the uncle’s sagging pants than the fact that,  his nephew was on facebook being an internet thug talking about killing people.  I would have whopped my nephew’s ass too(and I have) for trying to be hard.  That mess will get him or someone in his family killed.  Years from now, he’ll thank his uncle for that very same ass whoppin. He doesn’t know it yet but, his uncle saved his life.   A lot of other people feel that, the uncle will get a visit from social services for displaying child abuse. Somehow, that uncle doesn’t come across to me as a man who gives a damn about social services.  He does however, give a damn about his nephew.

Way to go uncle for stepping up to the plate. If more young black males had an uncle like you, maybe this killing in our community would cease. Everyone is always crying, it takes a man to raise a man and when one steps up, you question the way he raises him.

Y’all need to go sit down somewhere with that mess and let the lion show the cub his place in the pride.

Well, that’s all I got today. I’m behind on a lot of work…gotta get ta’ stepping!