A View of Lake Pontchartrain…She Mad Son.

I had to make a last,last-minute run so, I decided to partake in a NOLA tradition of sorts and passed the “black side” of  the lake to take a peek at Ms. Lake Pontchartrain.

Even though segregation is gone we  still refer to Lakeshore Drive by the black side and white side…it’s just what we do.

We’re going on the lake…you wanna meet us?

What part of the lake? The black side?

Nah,we on the white side behind UNO.

Here are a few photos…she mad son…she mad.

Click on the photo for a closer view.










We weren’t alone.








Manic Monday…Hunkering Down With Issac Randoms

It’s getting kinda hectic. Hurricane Issac is heading this way, hopefully it’ll drop to a Cat 1 or Tropical Storm before he hits land.


While I was typing this, I just heard Bob Breck call it Tropical Storm Issac.

I hope he stays that way.

This weekend I had to help a nursing facility get ready for evacuation and ended up pulling a 23 hour shift Sunday….0_O

Don’t know how I did that. Hadn’t work that many hours in one shift in a long time.

The only reason I didn’t work longer is because you can’t work 24 straight hours.

I was wired but when I got home, I dropped like a brick.

To the nurses that kept making coffee for me…Y’ALL ROCK!!

Right after I left the facility, I headed to Walmart to get my hunker down hurricane food and other necessities.

They had about 30 of us early birders waiting for them to open up at 6 a.m.  Even if the power goes out, I’ll still be able to cook because I have a gas stove so, we’re good to go.

We also have a big behind grill on standby.

*Entergy please don’t let the power stay off too long*

I checked my street to make sure all of the drains are clear of debris…gotta make sure the water can run  off the street easily.

Well, we’re about the test out these new pumps at 17th street Canal. I had to pass there today..said a lil prayer that they do their thang when I did.

I think we’re ready…shit, if we can’t handle this…it’s time for me to cash in my NOLA chip.

The pumps did fine for  Hurricane Gustav…we’re ready.

I wonder if I’m the only one who keeps forgetting that this thing is coming around the Katrina Anniversary.

A lot of transplant folks are getting real nervous.

Most folks are hunkering down unless they live in a low-lying area.

They’re closing the intracoastal canal (MR GO) for the first time with Issac.

I don’t think Issac is a true test for it because the storm isn’t strong enough to really test it but,it’ll give us a good peek at how it’ll do.

C and D batteries are gone out of every store in the area.

Someone real reliable told me that  Lowes has a truck arriving at 4 a.m tomorrow morning with batteries.

I’ll be there waiting for the doors to open.

Can never have enough batteries.

Tomorrow night is gonna be hectic.

My daughter is nervous.

She still suffers with Katrina issues.

She’ll be sleeping in the room on her areobed with us tomorrow as the storm passes.

If I fall off the grid, that means I have no electricity.

I’ll get back on as soon as Entergy graces us with electricity again.

Catch y’all on the other side of this storm.

Everyone be safe out there!




Crazy Randoms

*disclaimer…the book of cuss has been opened.

School has started and  I had to go “ham” (that’s what the young folks call it today when you go off of someone) on one of YellowJackets teachers already.

Don’t tell me one thing over the summer and when school starts, try to renege on what you said.  And to add insult to injury, begin talking about your “two philosophies about the matter.”

Your ass wasn’t talking philosophical shit over the summer, don’t switch gears now.

I love being nice and peaceful but  I swear sometimes, I just wanna dial 1-800-choke-a-hoe.

No, NavySeal is not white.  This is for the folks on the J-O-B who keep asking me ” who dat white man sitting in your car?”

And for the  woman on Facebook who told him” you know NOTHING about the BLACK COMMUNITY!”  LOL…that one still cracks me up.

41/2  months til  KING CAKE TIME!!!

I’m looking forward to turning 50 next year.

I say “no” more often and without guilt….and I LOVE IT!

Are you cooking? NO

Ma, can you bring me uptown? NO

When my dad is his normal self, he’s the sweetest man on earth.

I try to hold on to that thought when he’s doing the cupid shuffle on my last nerve.

These hot flashes and night sweats are beating me down in this southern heat.

I miss my nieces and nephews….most of them are grown now.

I’m gonna have to do a post about that.

My lil doggie Dyson is losing his hair because of the Lupus.

He’s beginning to look like a Chinese Crested-Cocker Spaniel.

I don’t care how he looks. I just want him to feel better.

Looking forward to the Mardi Gras/Superbowl mix.

I’m lining up my weekend’s off right now because I have no intentions on being on anyone’s job.

If it’s not approved, I’m exiting stage left.

That’s the one promise I made to myself…to make nursing work for me and not the other way around.

You give too much of yourself in this profession not to take advantage of its’ shortage.

The Krewe of Nyx told me that, I’m number 1819 and they only admitted 300 more females.

I won’t be getting in the krewe with that number until I’m 70.

I’m still riding in the Krewe of King Arthur though.

It’s hot  and muggy as hell in this city!!

I’m ready for football season

…and remember,



What’s going on random with you?