Every Year At Carnival Time…

Ok, if you knew the rest of that phase…you’ve been listening  to Carnival music way too long.

Well, I’m back from the dead…sorta, kinda. I still have no taste buds to speak of yet.  The flu is hell and whomever thought a “hot toddy” was a great idea just loves to drink. That stuff is nasty! LOL

At least I can be among the living now and it’s

right on time because, Carnival time is in full effect right now…

gotta catch me a few parades.

I’ll be doing plenty of carnival posts for a minute.

Since  I usually get hits regarding tickets for Mardi Gras Grandstand seating and Endymion,

let me put on here that, Ticketmaster isn’t selling them anymore.

Ya gotta get them from City Hall and they jacked the heck out of the prices!

Grandstand tickets for Mardi Gras day is $50 a person…they dun lost their mind!

St. Aug is in Rex this year and I gotta support my fellas so,

I’ll be on Napoleon Ave  to catch Rex…thank you very much.

Just me,the hubby, a box of Popeyes’s chicken, a few drinks and our comfy “carnival chairs”…

don’t know where the kids will be.

My guess is, PurpleKnight will be chaperoning for Aug(he’s going through “marching withdrawals” right now)

and YellowJacket always spend that day with her dad.

He does it big for Mardi Gras. They bring out the big grill spend the entire day grilling, drinking and everything.

After Rex,I may go spot a few Indians this year…haven’t done that in a while.

One thing for sure, if we don’t get any rain…it’s gonna be a great season.

Temp’s been in the 70’s and with weather like that, it’s hard to stay inside.

The crowds will be huge.

OH, for those of you out-of-state who want to see the parades,you can catch them here on the “paradecam.” It’s a camera located at St. Charles  and Napoleon and it features LIVE STREAMING of the parades with sound!  All the parades(except Endymion) pass this intersection so, you can  catch the ones that are rolling this weekend and next. Next weekend, be sure to  catch Bacchus as it passes…if you’ve never seen it…it’s a must!

I have to work so, I’ll be watching the parades using the cam today.

Krewe of Pontchartrain rolls at 2 p.m. and Krewe of Pygmalion rolls at 6:45 p.m. (Aug is in Pygmalion…gotta put this up for my “purple knight followers”)

Both parades will be on the parade cam.

Happy Mardi Gras!


This blog is taking a station identification break cuz….

I’m sick!

Lawd, I hate getting sick.

When was the last time I had a cold?

I can’t even remember.

When I get a cold, that’s my clue that I’ve been doing way too much  for others

and not enough for me.

Dun wore my po lil body down to the ground.

Time to rest and regroup.

No work for me at the crazy job this weekend

my boss is gonna be pissed

she’s lucky I haven’t quit that insane asylum yet.

This coughing is driving me crazy!

How is it that, everything I take says “cough suppressant” but,

I’m still barking like a dog around here?

I think I have the flu…*sigh*

See y’all when I done with this thing.


My House Guest.

Lately, it’s been pretty cold and damp here in NOLA. Yesterday, NavySeal was getting ready to bring our son to school and we had someone looking for shelter from the cold and rain at our door. I had never seen her before but, she had such a friendly disposition about her.

I hear him yelling, “Ali, come to the door”

I go to the door and there she is looking at me with those darned eyes.

If they’re the window to her soul, she has a good one.

She’s cold, wet, limping

and she’s licking my hand.

We let her in and begin to look her over,

she’s well kept, even smells of doggie cologne.

Her nails are freshly cut…

she’s loved and she’s lost.

She has a collar but, no tags.

We’ve never seen her before so, we don’t know where to begin to look for her owners.

So, NS gets on the internet and contacts ARNO(Animal Rescue of New Orleans)

No SPCA for  her…we don’t do kill shelters.

No answer at ARNO.

We get in the car and drive down there,

with her.

She’s as cool as a cucumber,

she rides in the car better than my dog that I’ve been having since he was 8 weeks old.

He becomes a total donkey in the car!

We get there and they scan her for a microchip…she doesn’t have any.

Y’all microchip ya pets PLEASE!

They can’t keep her. They’re swamped  because,it’s cold and wet.

I guess animals look for shelter like people do in these conditions.

The guy at the shelter looks at her and says, he thinks she’s a Ridgeback.

I’d never heard of that breed before.

They took a picture of her and said they’d put it on facebook and petfinder but,

I don’t think her people are gonna look for her on there.

They asked if we could keep her for a few days so, they could try to locate a foster home.

What am I gonna say…no?

So now, I have a house guest for a few days.

She isn’t limping anymore so, that’s good.

I wish I could find her owner though

I’m sure they’re missing her.

I know I would if, she was mine.

She’s a good girl.


NOLA Ramblings

*sigh* I’m trying to be like a good neighbor..I really am but, this right here is driving me.

What is this you say?

Well, it’s a truck float…or a soon to be truck float.

Whenever they get started.

My lovely neighbors are breaking all kind of zoning codes having this thingamajig back here.

We have one of the tightest zoning codes in the city here in “the park” and this thingamabob ain’t supposed to be back here…

they’re supposed to have it at Louisa and Almonaster.

Where the other truck floats are waiting to be worked on.

For the folks that aren’t from here,

on Mardi Gras day, after Zulu and Rex hit the streets,

the truck floats follow…which makes it pretty much an all day affair.

Cuz, they have lots of truck floats,

rolling all behind one another, blowing their horns

and tossing lots of stuff.

Ya catch more stuff from the truck floats than from Rex and Zulu combined on that day.

Families and friends usually get a truck float for themselves,

decorate it, dress in their costumes and have a wonderful time up there.

We’re planning to do a truck float ourselves…maybe next year(note to Oracle and SIL)

Part of me wants to call the “po-pos” and tell them they have to move this monstrosity

but, I actually want to see how it turns out.

Aww what the  heck, it’s Mardi Gras time,

On March 8th, it rolls out anyway.

Here’s a good clip of some truck floats rolling on Mardi Gras day..