The Prostate Convo.

Son: mom, do you know what a prostate exam is?


Son: what is it?

Me: that’s when the doctor sticks his finger in your booty.


Son: what’s he doing that for?

Me: he’s feeling your prostate gland to see if something abnormal is going on.

Son: well, when do you get that done?

Me: men start getting prostate exams around 40-50 years old.

Son: well…I’m NEVA letting a doctor stick his finger up MY butt!!

Me:  yeah,that’s what you all say. Just remember to relax and breathe.

Kings of Carnival

Since Mardi Gras is officially over and everyone is eating seafood on Friday now, I had to put in my final carnival post. This particular one is also  filled with a bit of  history of the civil rights movement that took place in New Orleans.

As many people who live in the city already know, St. Augustine Marching 100 was supposed to march in Rex this year.  The band pulled out of Rex because, Rex wanted Warren Easton to lead the parade this year(at the request of Arthur Hardy.)

On the surface, this seems very trivial for a band to want to lead every parade.  It seems very cocky for them to expect to be lead band at every parade.

And while  Rex is the one who wanted another band to lead this year,

what amazes me more is the “selective memory” that takes place in this  fair city, among many blacks who have forgotten that, black marching bands weren’t allowed to participate in carnival.

Like the rest of the civil rights movement taking place in the 60’s,  someone had to stand on the front lines and be the first…

and being the first wasn’t going to be easy.

In 1967, St. Augustine Marching 100 became the first black band to integrate Mardi Gras.

These kids (and let us not forget they were children) ages 14-17 years old, marched in Rex  and while marching in that parade, in addition to being called niggers and other racial slurs , had to endure…

bottles being thrown at them, having people spit on them and other horrible things just for marching in what was known back then as “white carnival.”

One of  biggest insults they endured was when they marched through the French Quarters (the parades used to go in the Quarters back then) was that…

the folks on the balconies URINATED ON THEM.

Yeah, it was that deep and that real.

When St. Aug  marched on Canal Street, an elderly black women, dropped to her knees in front of the band and thanked God that she had lived to see that day.

The day when a black band marched on the streets of New Orleans.

The kids were talked to before the parade and told that, no matter what, do not react to the crowds.

Whatever they dish out…take it.

Turn the other cheek…

and they did.

Because of what they endured and because they did not react,

the krewes began to allow other black marching bands to participate in Mardi Gras.

Because they were the first to integrate  Mardi Gras,  and for what the band endured, out of respect ,they are given lead in every parade they march in.

Back in the day, most bands understood this and it was expected that Aug would be first.

However today, many bands are vying to lead  parades as if that part of  black history never took place…

like no one fought for that right.

The right for black bands to march in carnival parades.

People fought for that right.

Kids fought for that right.

Think about yourself when you were that age or your own kids that are 14-17 years old.

Now, think about crowds of people doing those things to you or,

to your kids while marching in a parade.

How would you feel about the situation then?

Probably the same way they feel.

Their place as lead band wasn’t  given to them…

it was earned.

They paid their dues for the place that they hold.

I know because…

my brother marched.

And my husband stood out there at 17 years old and watched his fellow classmates as they were subjected to the hatred being hurled their way.

Most of the kids who march in the band today are nephews, sons or cousins of those very same young men who marched in 1967.

I find it so ironic that, folks blame the bands ego for pulling out of Rex yet,

want that same position given to them….

with no dues paid.

That to me, is  the real ego trip.

And it’s typical of this generation…

wanting all of the rewards,

with none of the struggle.

Our history is what it is.

We can’t selectively choose what we want to embrace because, it fits our agenda.

Nor can we ignore what we want to because, it fits our agenda.

Pulling out of the parade was the right thing to do.

Because, at the end of the day…

it’s all about respect.


Since it’s not midnight, I can still say that to my blog peeps…HAPPY MARDI GRAS!

I just came home from all of the hoopla and this has got to be the biggest carnival season since…I can’t remember when.

NavySeal and I left the house around 7:30 this morning. Found a parking lot and paid the $30 for the day which, isn’t bad considering its mardi gras day.  Also, I don’t have to worry about being towed being in a lot.

We coughed up the price to sit in the grandstand seats again this year. Even though they raised the price, it was worth it. We got there at 8 a.m. and found our perfect lil spot in the front.

The most amazing thing happened this mardi gras….ZULU STARTED EARLY!!


NOLA folks know that, Zulu is notorious for starting late…and breaking down.

Not today though…

they were too busy trying to beat the rain that was threatening to put a damper on the day.

They hit Gallier Hall at 9 a.m.

And before I forget, I have to talk about the Mayor of New Orleans

Mitch Landrieu.

Mitch had a ball today! I love the fact that, Mitch is so down to earth….his energy is magnetic!

After he rode in on the horse, he went to Gallier Hall and when Zulu passed, I was looking for him to be in the stands.

The mayor was on the street with the Zulu Walkers dancing his lil tail off!

Way to go Mayor!

Zulu passed quickly and had  really nice throws this year.

I was able to get 7 coconuts from Zulu!

Coconuts are hard to get and being able to get 7 “golden nuggets” is really something.

That’s what happens when I’m my cute, bubbly self…it rains coconuts.

I gave three of them away.  One to a young lady standing next to me,one to an elderly lady and the other to an elderly man. The elderly folks were both with an international club that had come to NOLA from England.

Rex followed about 15 minutes later and the truck floats were right behind Rex.  Most of the people in the grandstands left after Rex so, they had maybe about 30 people in our area after that.  That was fantastic because, we had beaucoup room to move around after that.

We headed home around 3 p.m.   We were around a fantastic bunch of people and I gotta say, those elderly people hustle more than the younger ones for that stuff!

I don’t like to bring all of that stuff home but, I do love to catch it!

Once I catch it, I usually give it away but, some I just had to keep.

Look at my Katrina beads!  It has the fema trailer, the blue tarp roof, the stinky fridge with chocolate city on it and a looter!  They’re awesome!


Here are my other favorites…surprisingly enough, they all came from Zulu.



As much fun as I had this season…and I really had a wonderful time this year,

I’m glad it’s over.

I’m tired.

Tomorrow, I plan to rest and recoup.

I’m really going to miss those king cakes though.





Happy Lundi Gras!

Well, I survived the parade day from hell. Me and my road dawg (yellowjacket) got out there at 7:30 as planned and let me tell ya, it was cold out there. We layered up pretty well and had some blankets with us so, it wasn’t too bad.  It was still nice and empty under the bridge at  Lee Circle so, we had our pick of the day.  Yellowjacket got nice and comfy while I walked to the gas station and picked up some hot chocolate for her….the things we do for our kids.

While it was empty under the bridge, right by us on St. Charles Ave. told a different story…


Yeah, folks were already out on the neutral grounds  in full force and Lee Circle wasn’t any better…

I had forgotten that, in addition to Midcity, Bacchus and Endymion they had two more parades…Okeanos and Thoth that rolled as well. That made for a total of 5 parades rolling that day uptown and two of the five were super krewes. It was like Mardi Gras day out there. By 11:00 a.m. the crowd was like this…

with many more to come.  Okeanos rolled on time, MidCity was late as hell(and chinchy), Thoth is my new favorite krewe…they threw something fierce! Reminded me of the old days when riders knew how to “make it rain” with throws.  By the time Thoth hit the streets, the crowd was at Mardi Gras day level.

Bacchus hit my area at 8:30 p.m. and I had been out there for over 12 hours. I was tired at hell and people started trying to move their way to the front which, I’m used to being a native. But, after 12 hours…umm, I gotta say, I wasn’t my nice, bubbly self out there with folks trying to “sneak” into my territory. I was already by the barricades(you can see in the first pic), how some people think they’re going to jump the barricades and just stand there all willy-nilly in front of me and my kids is beyond me.

All I’m gonna say about that is…by the time I finished, people were moving everywhere but, by me. LOL

I hadn’t seen Bacchus in ages and was glad I went.

Bacchus is the only krewe that has floats you get to throw beads at..that’s always fun!

The oldest float you throw back at  is King Kong and he’s still rolling so, if you all ever go to a Bacchus parade, make sure you have some junk beads (beads you don’t want) ready to throw at Kong…

Andy Garcia was the King of Bacchus and he was having a ball up there…

By the time Bacchus finished passing, it was 10:30 p.m. and we still had Endymion left to go.

Many people left after Bacchus. We waited about 20 minutes for Endymion but, it was almost 11 p.m. and they hadn’t made it by us yet so, we left.

Made it home around midnight…very sore, very tired.

Took a shower and fell into a coma.

Would I do it again?


I’m NOLA through and through.

The Parade Day From Hell Is Today.

It’s about 5 :45 a.m. and today is going to be a parade day from hell.

Why is that?

Because, Endymion which is a “super krewe” was rained out yesterday

and is following Bacchus (another super krewe ) along the uptown route today.

What does that mean?

That means, the parades are gonna be all day and last a very long time.

I hate that Endymion is following Bacchus because,

Bacchus floats are always spread out like they can’t keep up with each other.

One float will pass and the other float will be two blocks behind.

Endymion is always together.

It’s gonna be a loonnnggg night.

I’ve already checked the parade cam and people are already out there…

which means, if I want a descent spot

I have to get out there early.

My plan is to get out there around 7:30 a.m and camp out for the day.

I know people not from this area  think this is crazy but,

it’s what we do down here.

So, I have my “carnival chair”, some goodies to eat,water, paper towels, hand sanitizer,a good book to read and the most important thing…

toilet paper! LOL

Yeah, I bring my own. It’s bad enough I’m gonna have to use the port-a-let

I’m not wiping my tooshie with paper everybody and their grandmomma been touching.

Mid City is also rolling uptown today so, they’re all starting early.

St. Aug is marching in…wait for it…

Mid City

Bacchus and


My guess is, they are going to march all of Mid City, ride back to the start-up and march majority of Bacchus, pull out of Bacchus and then

fall in line with Endymion somewhere along the route.

Those poor babies are going to be dead to the world when they finish marching 3 parades back to back today.

And they have to march Monday and Tuesday as well.

Such is life in the Big Easy this time of the year.

See ya tomorrow!




Mardi Gras Marching Mambo

Well folks, yesterday the “big parades” rolled off and the crowds were in full force. Muses was the queen of the day for me because, that krewe had all of the local bands. I’m a bandhead so, for me that’s a biggie.

The fellas stayed home and my daughter and I went out (we always have tons of fun at the parades when it’s us two.)

One of the many things about Mardi Gras is this,

if you love to hear the bands, there are certain places on the route where you are guaranteed to hear every band play.

The main place is under the bridge by Lee Circle.

Also, every band will play at  the turn from Napoleon onto St. Charles Avenue.

For Endymion, it’s under the Claiborne bridge on Canal Street.

But, my most favorite place of all is,

the start-up line.

Where the floats and bands fall in formation.

Why is this the best place?


All of the bands wait to fall in line and while waiting, they warm up in preparation to march the parade route.

They also engage in “friendly battles” to see who is the better band this carnival season…

or at least, for that parade.

Everyone always want to battle St. Aug because,

if you can blow them out…

you’ve knocked down a titan.

I always go to the start-up and watch the battles but,

with two parades in front of Muses and so many bands getting caught up in traffic,

they didn’t have time to battle.

Too bad because all the bands were in that parade…

O.P.Walker, Aug,Easton, Mc 35, John Mac,Prep, St. Mary’s,Carver, Clark, Reed, Sophie Wright,Edna Carr,West Jeff,McMain, etc.

also a major battle was supposed to happen between Walker and Aug.

They battled at the Alla parade and Walker blew Aug out (see how objective I can be…lol)

last night was supposed to be part 2 but, there wasn’t any time.

But,KUDOS to Muses for supporting local bands…YOU ROCK!

The economy must be affecting the krewes because, they had about 20 women on each side of the float and you barely saw anything flying off of them.

In Mardi Gras language, that’s called being “chinchy”…

and Muses was chinchy last night.

I walked with the parade from the start-up line at Jefferson and Magazine, down Magazine to Napoleon, down Napoleon to St. Charles Ave. and down St. Charles Ave. to Felicity.

Anyone from here knows that,

that’s one hell of a walk!

That entire time, I barely saw anything flying from the floats.

I hope it gets better because,  I love Muses.

I’ll be doing  it all over again tonight…

with Hermes.

The parade cam is up and running so, you’ll be able to catch  the parades on live stream tonight.

Hermes(6 p.m.), d’etat (6:30 p.m.) and Morpheus(7 p.m.) roll tonight.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!