Handicap Harassment…Who Knew?

The other day, NS and I went to Cafe du Monde for some beignets.

We parked in the handicap parking spot.

When we pulled up, there was a lady getting out of her car right next to us.

When she got out of her car, she didn’t walk to the front of  her car towards Cafe du Monde,

she walked to the rear and looked over at mine to see if I had a handicap license plate.


Boy, people sure don’t like it when you pull up in one of those handicap spots unless, you’re getting out the car with a wooden leg and a kick stand!

Before I received the plate, I used to have one of the hang tags that hang from the rear view mirror.

I’d hang it up after I moved into the parking space because, if you just leave it hanging, the heat will crack it.

You would not believe how many people would see us pulling in a parking spot and yell, “YOU AIN’T HANDICAPPED!” without so much as seeing if I had legs.

Call it my crazy NOLA sense of humor but, I think that shit is so funny every time it happens.

Well, there was this one time…..

I don’t think it’s their loyalty toward the handicapped that makes them go into a tangent.

I think they’re pissed off because they can’t park there.

Really close…

by the door.

In fact, I know it.

When NS had his surgery, he had a soft cast and was walking with crutches.

Even then, when we got out of the car

…the comments were still being made.

How the hell you see a man with a soft cast on, walking with crutches

and ya still yelling about someone being  not handicapped?

This one woman was going in on him.

NS has the patience of Job, he just let her rant.

I got tired of her though and went in for the kill and shut her down.

I mean damn! The man has a cast AND crutches!

It’s worse around Christmas time when everyone’s out shopping, looking for parking spaces…goodness!

I know some people park in the handicap spot and they don’t have a tag or anything but,

I have THEE handicap license plate on my car…not the hang tag.

and I’m still getting harassed by folks.

Although not as much since I have the plate.

I guess it’s more legal to them somehow…lol

Hating on the handicapped…who knew?

The New Disneyland

Someone sent me this video to watch and I was glad they did. It put the biggest damned smile on my face!


Those dudes thought they were going to teach a few lessons and ended up getting schooled! 


 Makes me wanna go back.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hot Fun in the Summertime.

I didn’t do too much this weekend. Sunday, I went to the oyster fest which was great!  I was amazed to find  out that, it’s only been around for 2 years…the turnout was huge.

Now, I’m not an oyster eater but, NS had an oyster po-boy from Acme and he says it was very tasty!

there he is standing in line to get it.

I would have gotten a pic of the “eryster sammich” but, I blinked and it was gone!

Even though the sun wasn’t out, you could still feel the heat! Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time…kinda hard not to when there’s food, drinks and music all around you.

Y’all know I’m a fan of Zydeco and Rockin Dopsie Jr!

 I thought I was gonna see his brother, Dwayne out there but was pleasantly surprised to see Rockin’  Dopsie! The man can really put on a show and the crowd just loves him!

I love this shot! I don’t know how I got the thumbs up in it but, this pic pretty much says it all about the entire fest!

After listening to Dopsie, NS headed over to get some shrimp and oyster egg rolls

and then, we spotted Antoine’s out there with their famous Baked Alaska!  There was no way, I was leaving without trying it out.

ya had to eat it really fast though! With that kinda heat…it was melting real quick.

I think  I’m gonna have to add this festival to my already long list of festivals to hit.  I wonder how many I actually go to…seems like a lot.

Oh well, that’s one of the many reasons I love being home I guess.

As I’ve said, even though I don’t eat oysters, I would have gone anyway.

 The money is going to a good cause

 …and I was even able to pick up a cute lil t-shirt  to show my support.

Ya shuck’em and ya slurp ’em

I know it’s hot as hell out here and all but, if you can stand the heat and want something to do,

the Erster (Oysters to folks not from the area) Festival is this weekend in the French Quarters.

I don’t eat them but, NavySeal and PurpleKnight can go through a bunch of ’em so, we’re heading out.

I’ll find something to eat out there that’s for sure.

The music lineup  is great with,  Treme Brass Band, Irma Thomas, and Rockin Dopsie all scheduled to appear this weekend.

Another weekend of food and fun…go grab some y’all!


How Much Can You Take On The Job?

Yesterday, I had to attend a lil meeting at my weekend gig…y’all know, the one with all the loony workers and patients.  A lot of the employees are not happy at that place.

In fact, they’re down right miserable.

It’s a terrible thing when you work in a place and you don’t feel valued.

The director of nurses has cussed out more than a few of the nurses and assistants.

The administrator walks over the staff  like they’re trash.

But what troubles me more is working alongside people who feel as if they have no control over their current situation.

As if they have no other choice but, to remain there.

I’ve asked a few  of the nurses and their assistants why is it that they remain in a facility that they hate.

I mean to be honest, this profession is not like a lot of others.

The nurses can leave that place today and have another job the same day.

There’s a huge demand for nursing assistants as well and yet, they stay

…in a place they hate.

One nurse told me,”God’s gonna make a way for me to leave here.”  When I asked her if she had applied for any other jobs, her answer was no.

Well, God’s not gonna plop the job in your lap.  You have to at least put some applications out there.

Most of the people complaining have been there for 3-6 years and yet, they go to work everyday.

I know folks have responsibilities and all but, my thing is….if you hate it so much, why are you not planning an exit strategy?

Me, when a job gets on my nerves to that point…

I bounce.

No two weeks notice…nada.


When I was a floor nurse, I’d tell  everyone and anyone that, I walked in looking for  a job…I have no problem leaving looking for one.

People tend to label you crazy when you say stuff like that.

I don’t know why because , we should never feel “trapped” to work anywhere.

Shoot, I’ve quit jobs that didn’t get on my nerves.

Like when the Saints won the Superbowl and I wanted to go to the parade.

The  job wouldn’t give me the day off so,

I quit.

Had another job the next day.

Life is just too stressful and hard as it is

without giving 40 hours a week to a job that gives you a migraine at the thought of going to it

…or a heart attack.

One of the nurses just suffered a “slight” heart attack from stress.

Yet, she’s there 5 days a week

…looking as if she’s dead inside.

Why do we torment ourselves so much?

I remember when I was 27 years old, I was working at Sears in the Lakeforest Plaza. I had been there since I was 18 and I just dreaded going to that place.

One day I came home from work  screaming about how much I hated that job. My dad looked at me said “so quit.”

I was almost in shock because, it had never dawned on me to just quit.

And then, I thought about it.

Why work in a place that is destroying me internally

…giving me headaches, stomach pains and diarrhea just at the thought of going there.

So, I quit.

I immediately felt a burden lifted.

I felt free.

Ever since that experience, I will never work at a place that will rob me of my peace of mind or my health.

If I am at a place that tries to do that,

I  plan my exit strategy.

I’ve encouraged  my husband to do the same.

Years ago, he was employed as an officer with a state agency and  also in school for his master’s in criminal justice.

He had this one particular boss who tried to make it hard as possible for him on the job.

It was stressing him out.

I sat him down and spoke to him the same words my dad said to me,”go ahead and quit.”

My profession allowed  me to carry the weight  until he received his master’s.

He quit the stressful job and very shortly afterwards,

received his master’s degree.

I get that we all can’t be Oprah and make a mint doing something we absolutely  love and “feels like breathing” to us.

But, we shouldn’t feel like indentured servants either.

Life is just too short to be that miserable.

Are you taking just too much b.s. on the job?

And are you planning an exit strategy if you are?