Happy Birthday To My Son

My son just celebrated his 17th birthday and I am really feeling old yall…I don’t know where the time went…one day he’s a newborn baby in the crib


And it seems the next day, he’s a teenager…scan0010

This is the hard part, trying to get ready to let him go out into the world and be a man…how do I do  that and keep my sanity I’ll never know.

Happy Birthday Purple Knight!!!!   You have filled my life with 17 years of joy…You are smart, witty, musically gifted and handsome….I love you with every inch of my being and if I had to travel this road all over again…I’d do it gladly just to have you in my life.  You have made me so, very proud…you are a fine young man and not only do I love you but….I like you, you have a good and kind spirit…never lose that part of you…..Love, Mommy

discovering a tree for the first time
discovering a tree for the first time
In his Black History outfit at 5 years old...cheesing it up!
In his Black History outfit at 5 years old...cheesing it up!
Lunch at Disney World
Lunch at Disney World
Marching during Mardi Gras...bleeding purple and gold!
Marching during Mardi Gras...bleeding purple and gold!
Mom and Son at Disney World...
Mom and Son at Disney World...

Crawfishing For Memorial Day


This weekend was full of festivals in The Big Easy. We went to St. Aug’s Crawfish Festival and lawd we ate so much stuff that, I get full just thinking about it!   The turnout was huge and the food was great…mud bugs were well-seasoned and as long as my dear hubby peeled them for me, I kept eating away ( I love crawfish…just hate to peel the boogers.)                                                              



That line of folks there were waiting for snoballs and when I saw them, I thought of S23 and how she misses snoballs so this one’s for you chick,

P1011279It wasn’t all that great though, it turned into mush…don’t they know you’re suppose to use really fine ice for a great snoball?   This one baby was soooo cute eating his though that, I just had to take his pic..P1011281Look at that mouth!!!! He is loving it!!

Naturally, the brass band came out and that started a second line….some of the band seniors at the school have a brass band and they came out and played for us….that was really cool because, they had about 100 bikers that came to the festival and many were from Ohio and California who had never seen anything like that so, they were able to witness some NOLA flava!  

 Every one of these young men received musical scholarships to college.  The young man to the right playing trumpet graduated Valedictorian of his class and received numerous scholarships…he’s going to Yale. You go boys!!!P1011278P1011275

 After we left, we passed along the bayou to see what The Bayou Boogaloo Festival  was like but, it was waaay too crowded so, we headed home.  The Greek Festival was this weekend also but, I went two years ago and spent most of my time waiting in line for food so, I don’t hit that one anymore. 

All in all, this weekend was really nice, we got to hang out together as a family (which was great because you know, teenagers always want to go by their friends house..*sigh*)  I still haven’t seen Star Trek yet though..I’m going, I’m going Dereck.

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Ok, I am sitting in the library on the computer because…mine ain’t working right and this guy is sitting right next to me on one and about every 5 seconds..he starts growling!  Yes growling!

He pecks on the keyboard and then I hear,

grrrrrrr..grrrrrrr….*pecking on the keyboard*…grrrrrrrrr,grrrrrr

maybe I should move before he eats me or something huh?  WHY ME?

Why do I witness all of the crazy mess?

It’s hot as hell down here already….94 degrees and it’s only May.

When I leave (as soon as I can get past Tony the Tiger) and going to get me a snowball…strawberry with ice cream!

Ok, he’s growling  just a little too much for me…I’m out!!!!

Smart Kids Rock!!!

Since this is the end of the school year, I wanted to take the time to do some “shout outs” to those wonderful, hard-working kids who did a great job this year.  If you know any, shout them out.


My nephew (Oracle Jr.) who is in kindergarten, was evaluted this school year.  For his reading evaluation, my brother was told that, a grade of 4 would be considered within range.  My nephew scored…A WHOPPING 38!!!  The school also feels that, he will not be challenged in the next grade so, in all likelihood, they will let him skip a grade and go directly to second grade!

He’s a MENSA genius like his daddy!!!   T-Ali is sooo proud of you!


My daughter was doing very well academically with all of her subjects, except one..physics.  It was kicking her butt (back in the dinosaur days, we didn’t take physics in the 9th grade.)  But, not to be defeated, she dug her heels in and studied her patooty off, went to tutoring to get help and brought her average up from a “D” to a “B”!  Now, she’s heading to her final with an “A” average!!! 

The beauty of it all is that, she did all of this without any pushing or prodding from me.  She knew she was smarter than that “D” and sought out the help she needed to understand the subject!!!

You go girl!!!


The school where my daughter attends is on point with the academics big time!

The class of 2009 has a graduating class of 64 students…52 of the 64 have received ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!

62 of the 64 are officially accepted to the university of their choice!!

Those kind of stats are off the chain!!

This school is 100% young, black females who are once again debunking the myth that, schools with all black students are substandard.


Last but  not least,


I don’t have the stats on Aug yet but, this 100% black male school has had a long standing legacy of excellence (google St. Augustine  High School in New Orleans.) And because I know a lot of the seniors, I would be remiss if I didn’t say how proud I was of these young men who have beat the odds (especially here in NOLA) and received their high school diploma.

I salute you fellas…

Purple on the left side, Gold on the right…black in the middle, that makes you a knight..oh, ohhhhh!