Snow in New Orleans…WHAT?!

Thursday morning, New Orleans received a wonderful winter suprise of snow and I mean it really came down too!  I was watching and hoping because I had already heard that Houston has received some and on the news they said it was in Baton Rouge but, I really didn’t think we’d get it because we had snow in 2004.  My kids were in school so, my daughter called me to let me it was out there but, we had no idea it was falling pretty hard. The principal at her school let all of the kids go out and play in it(that was cool), my son said they ambushed their prinicpal with snow balls and a few teachers too(that was  Here are a few pics of my area.

pc1109041This is a pic of a church I live nearby. Imma have to give a copy of this pic to the good rev.  The snow was really falling as you can see.








pc110914Dyson looking around as if to say, what is this cocker-mammy mess.










pc1109011I wonder how long it will be before this happens again.  It was nice while it lasted, I think everyone needed to see some of this.  It brought out the kid in everyone.


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