Mardi Gras Photos pt 1.

daughter and friendgetting ready to march in Muses parade.

we won first place!The band won first place in the parade!!


Endymion Parade getting ready to roll


Endymion crowds were 20 people deep!


Endymion Maids


I love my city.  The guy saw me take out my camera, grabbed them and said “everyone say cheeessee!” That’s the magic of Mardi Gras!

Hell of a week!

Hi Everyone!

My week has been the week from HELL!   First of all, it’s Mardi Gras and I never thought I’d be so busy with the kids marching.  This is the first year that, they both march and they go to two different schools so, it has been pure chaos!

I had to call the gas company because I walked outside and heard my gas meter hissing…just going like …ssssssssssss.  I was told that, that was normal if a big appliance was running but, they would send someone out anyway.


I had to have THAT fixed in the midst of everything else.  Thank God I heard that hissing sound.

The crowds are big for Mardi Gras  this year.  I chaperoned for my daughter’s school band and the crowd loved them to death….I’ll be posting pictures this afternoon of different parades.  There seems to be more people from out of town this year, it looks just like Mardi Gras before Katrina which is just wonderful for our poor, struggling  to rebuild city.

Will be in touch with those pictures later….in addition to everything else, my computer is on the blitz.   I had to go to my neighbor’s house and use his…lol.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Go and get your party on!

I’ll be out walking the Krewe of Carrollton parade route today with Yellow Jacket.  This is my first parade this season so, I hope I don’t get any muscle cramps out there.

My husband is taking me out to dinner tonight. I still haven’t decided where but, I feel like eating seafood.

I’ll post some parade pics later….have a fabulous day!

Life Lessons In Chris Brown and Rhianna

Well, as everyone probably already knows, the world is buzzing with the news of Chris Brown and Rhianna.  Allegedly, Rhianna gave Chris Brown a STD and he lost it…..hit her or something. I believe in learning from the mistakes of others so, I took that opportunity to once again, have a talk with my teenage son about sex.

Actually, he was the one who brought it up.  He wanted to know what herpes looked like and all the particulars regarding it.  I guess since that’s what Chris Brown has allegedly contracted from Rhianna, it peaked his interest.

The drive to school is a wonderful opportunity to talk to kids.  Not only do you have a “captive audience”, it takes the pressure off of trying to find the right time or place to have those type of conversations.  I answered all of his questions regarding herpes and HIV….I extended the conversation to the signs and symptoms of other STDs, safe sex and abstinence.

It wasn’t an awkard conversation probably because, I’ve already talked to my kids about a lot of things.  When he arrived home, I pulled out one of my nursing books and showed him the photos of people with various diseases…(yeah, he freaked out on that one) but, he needed to see it.

He asked a lot of questions so, I think it was sinking in…I sure hope so.  I’m glad he felt comfortable enough to ask me though….makes me feel really good. 

I hope that other kids are using Chris Brown and Rhianna as a life lesson because,

what you don’t know…..can kill you

or at the very least,

give you something that you will have to live with forever.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Today is my daddy’s birthday.  I am not going to put his age out there but, I will just say that, he was born the year of the great depression…lol

It has been said that, a girl’s first love should be her father.  Well, if that’s true then, I hit the mark because….

I am a daddy’s girl…big time. 

I am sure being his only daughter in a sea of sons gave me a little more (ok, a lot ) leeway where he was concerned.  But, my father made sure every last one of us was provided for. We grew up in a great neighborhood and he loved our mother dearly.  Their marriage lasted 53 years before my mother passed away. 

We never went to bed hungry, always received what we wanted for Christmas, and he always supported any dream we had. 

My brother wanted to play drums…he got his drumset.  I wanted to play the flute…I got my flute.  Other brothers played sports…they got whatever equipment they needed.

I remember when I was really young and working at a retail store.  I had reached my limit with “Rears and Sobucks” and I came home and said, “I am so sick of that place, I just can’t stand being there.”  My father replied, so quit.

I was like…huh? 

He repeated….so quit.  You have a roof over your head, there’s food in here for you to eat, you have no children, you are in college and there is no need for you to be somewhere you hate.  Quit.

I quit the next day.

Those words turned out to be the most liberating words of my life.  To this day, I will not stay on a job that will stress me out to the point  that, I am dreading even the thought of going there….life is just too short for that shit.

I have seen people have nervous breakdowns or anxiety attacks( which  feel like a heart attack)….all because of their job. 

When he told me to quit, I knew  he had my back.  Even today, he still has my back….one phone call is all it takes. 

Is he perfect?   HELL NAW….he has no patience and, he can be a self-righteous, stomping on my last nerve, son of a gun when he wants to be and sometimes, when he doesn’t.

But, he’s my daddy……can’t live with him…..can’t live without him.


Good Morning Monday

Good Merting Everyone!  My weekend was full…of running with the kids.   What is it with my kids that, they have to give everyone a ride….

Oh ma, EG needs a ride home…

Ma, Tony needs a ride home…and Butta too.

And THEN, Yellow Jacket friends need a ride too…could somebody tell them that , I do not have a SUV.

But,me being the sucka for kids that I am, manage to do a little maneuvering and I got  all of the kids home.  One of the poor kids had left  school at 5:30 and it was 7:00 and she still had not made it home yet.  In fact, she was no where near home.  For the Nawlins folks on here….she was coming from Magazine Street and at 7:00, she was only on Canal Street and had to go all the way in the east. 

The idea of a 14 year old girl standing in the heart of Canal Street at night was a little too much for me so, I scooped her up and brought her home. 

Public transportation here sucks big time…since the storm, they have cut back drastically and it takes forever for a bus now.

The weather was so beautiful that, my hubby and I took the dogs for a walk in the park.  All of the dogs were so well-mannered….why my dog  gotta act like a donkey?

The female was cool but, the male…he’s rearing up on the leash trying to get to the people, growling and barking…just a donkey I tell ya…and every dog was bigger than his cocker spaniel tail!

This week the big parades roll so, I am trying to get in gear for my chaperoning duties.  I walk with my daughter’s school band (St. Aug only uses male chaperons) and if yesterday’s walk is any indication of my being ready to walk an entire parade route then….I’m not ready. 

Better get the Ben-Gay out…I am sure to get some muscle cramps.

I am hoping for an uneventful chaperoning season….the last time I chaperoned, I sort of had to punch a guy in the face.  He was standing on a ladder, drunk as can be and popping every chaperon that passed him,on the head…until he hit my head….it was ON…got clocked right in the jaw…he didn’t hit anymore chaperons after that

 The police told him,if he messed with another unit they were bringing him to jail…they don’t play when it comes to messing with the marching units.    Most of the people out to see the parades are wonderful but, every now and then, you get the fool…which is why so many parents chaperon…especially for the all girl units.

I watched the Grammys and the only thing I’m going to say about that is…Stevie Wonder just MIGHT want to rethink those braids.

Valentines Day is this week.  I don’t like that holiday but, my hubby wants to do something for me so, I just told him to take me to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. 

I am so looking foward to this weekend…Mardi Gras will be in full swing…I’m bringing my camera out there so, I’ll be posting plenty pics!