I Hate Teenagers!!!

Last night, I was getting my blog ready so that I could post it this morning. Well Purpleknight walks over and is leaning over my shoulder to see what I’m doing..

Why is it that teens can get all up in YOUR business, but ask them something about theirs…you get attitude city!

Anyhoo, I was looking at some clips and when my son saw this one, he laughed soooo hard, for sooo long that, he actually fell out of the bed…on his head!

To all you oldschool peeps like me he says, … we can never laugh at them again, nor talk about how they dress, or dance again because, after watching this…he’s seen it all!

I can’t lie though, if the clothes and some of the moves on this clip don’t make you laugh…you’re just having a bad day. Check out the guy at 1:10..what the heck is that “giddy up” move?

*sigh* I just hate teenagers.

Soul Train Saturday

When we (most of the peeps who read my blog) were young, Soul Train used to come on every Saturday morning.

At our house, the ritual was…

get up,

make your bed (in that order)…

eat all the cereal up

watch cartoons…

and then…The Sooouullll Train.

My mom was a late riser so, that schedule was just fine for our house.

Soul Train was where we would see our favorite artists perform…

The O’Jays…Al “grits” Green,Teddy P., Marvin Gaye,The Jackson 5…and the list goes on.

I remember always being happy when Soul Train was on television.  Maybe, it’s because I was young and had no worries…yeah, that’s probably it.

Nevertheless, I’ve been watching old episode of “the train” on Youtube and  I still get those really happy feelings watching those episodes so, I’ve decided that,

every saturday will be my “Soul Train Saturday.”

Take a look.

Ok, MJ could work the heck out of the robot huh?  I never could do the robot THAT well…

and I can dance!!