9 Year Blogiversary!



Soooo, today I received a notification that I’ve been blogging for 9 years now.


When I began blogging I had no intention of hanging around this long. I just wanted a place to air out the voices in my head.

I’ve met some fabulous people in the blogging world.Sadly, most of them no longer blog and I miss tuning into their blog posts. But I totally get how they gave up the ghost and put it away. I’ve thought about doing it many times.

Sadly, most of them no longer blog and I miss tuning into their blog posts. But I totally get how they gave up the ghost and put it away. I’ve thought about doing it many times.

I can’t lie, it’s been a “struggle bus ride” for the last few years. Blogging has become the dinosaur of social media. Everything is so fast paced today that no one really wants to read a bunch of paragraphs. 

Give them a video, a bunch of pictures and a few tweets and they are good to go.

I don’t think I’ll ever totally give up this space though. I like having a quiet spot to call my own to air those voices out.  I probably won’t have much of a following, but that’s fine with me.

I never did have a bunch of people over here and it made those who did tune in, more special to me.

I’ll be back. 

And I’m going old-school…blogging about whatever crosses my mind.


Thanks for being here.







Is This Thing On?


I’m back!
My computer bit the dust and it took me a minute to get around getting a new one.

Actually, the hubby got tired of me not blogging and gave me a new computer and camera for Mother’s Day.

How sweet is that?!

Annnnd… I can see the letters on this darned computer!!

This must be a computer for geriatric eyes…lol

I really considered putting this ole’ blog to rest. It was more than missing mojo, it just wasn’t fun anymore. It started to feel like work. At first I thought it was because I was running out of topics to blog about.
Then I realized, it was more than that.

I had begun to edit myself.

That’s something I did not do when I started blogging 6 years ago.
I just wrote whatever I wanted and it felt great.

Somewhere along the way, I began editing my material. And I know that as bloggers, we don’t put everything out into the universe but, I found myself not blogging about things I would have otherwise told you all about.
I think it’s because a few people who I used to work with found my blog.  I didn’t want to give up too much information about myself (which is weird because my brother reads my blog and knows more about me than anyone.)
However, I never wanted any information that I put on here about myself (or anything that wasn’t NOLA related) to suddenly end up being “water cooler gossip” and so I began the editing process.

Well…no more of that dumb shit.

Not only was it blocking my blogging flow, I wasn’t being true to who I really am.
I think a lot of people who read my blog, come around because the ole’ bayoucreole just lays it on the line…at least I try to.
Heck, you all know what happened when I lost my virginity so, it’s safe to say…you all know a lot about me…lol

And I love that.

Hopefully, this blog will still be in the universe long after I’m gone.

So…what’s the dillio?

Well, the city has been busy. We’re in the midst of festival season. I went to the French Quarter Fest but, I didn’t take any pics because I knew I wouldn’t be blogging it. The Jazz Fest ended last weekend. I didn’t go this year…and the weather was beautiful the entire fest.  Go figure. It usually rains, but because I didn’t go…clear skies.

Saturday, I attended a fairly new event in the city, Le Diner en Blanc.

It’s  like a flash mob picnic in white. This was its second year in NOLA, ya’ll know I’m going to tell you all about it!

This weekend is Bayou Boogaloo!

I love this event!

Sitting along the Bayou…eating,drinking and listening to great music…that’s me all day!

The following weekend is The Food and Wine Experience.

I didn’t go last year… I’m ready to go this year though!!

I’ll be blogging’em  so, stay tuned!

What else I got?


The beginning stage of Mardi Gras has begun. The part where members of carnival krewes renew their membership and/or invite new members into the krewe. I’ve renewed my membership with Nyx!


I think the krewe will hit around 1500 members this year.

That’s a lot of women riding!

Mardi Gras is my favorite time of  year in the city…can’t wait for it to roll around.

Y’all know I love me some king cake…lol

And two new carnival krewes are trying to get permits to roll in 2015…both of them are all female krewes. The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale and the Krewe of Athena. It’s going to be interesting to see if they get a permit to hit the streets. And, I’m really curious to see how these two krewes are going to be compared to the other all female krewes.

One of them is about to create history as the first all female, majority black krewe. Zulu is majority black, but it’s all men. There has never been one with all females.The more I think about it,The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale is actually the first since they were established last year and they’ve already held their inauguration gala. They just need to get a permit to roll.

I’m loving the empty nest syndrome….NOW.

Although, I can’t lie, it took me a hot minute to get used to it. I was so accustomed to ripping and running with my kids that when I didn’t have to do it anymore, I went through some emotional stuff. The house is quiet and that in itself took some adjusting to. Also, I had to adjust my mother role to becoming more of a mentor and advisor than the person calling all the shots cuz…

they grown now y’all! *sniff,sniff*

YellowJacket will be 20 in 2 months and PurpleKnight will be 22 this week.

Lawd, where did the time go?

I think we’ve all reached the point where we can co-exist without driving each other batty.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be though. I fully appreciate what my mom went through each time one of us left the nest.

Ok, what else?

Y’all know how I love my lil birdies right? I still have parrots and blue jays coming in the yard.

But, did I tell y’all that I have BALD EAGLES around the corner from me?!!

Yep! And they mated and so, I have babies…well, if you can call those huge big birds babies…lol

The nest has been around for while but, once I began researching  eagles and watching eagles nests throughout the nation via webcams, I noticed that, all the eagles were laying eggs and the eggs were hatching around the same time…March and April. So,I decided to check to see if I could spot a chick or two in the nest by me. At first I couldn’t but, when the hubby purchased a camera for me and I was able to get a fantastic view of the nest and I was able to spot the lil bugger!

baby eagle There are actually two chicks in the nest,


Here’s a pic of mom and dad keeping watch and the babies are in the nest,

eagle family


She was looking dead at me...daring me to get closer...lol I didn't.
She was looking dead at me…daring me to get closer…lol I didn’t.

Having an eagle’s nest around the corner from the house is pretty darned amazing. Don’t cha think? Although, I can see why they picked the location. I’m one mile away from Lake Pontchartrain  and Industrial Canal is right here as well. And here’s the  where the nest is located,


I don’t blame them for building a nest there…. I’d live there too! They have all the fish they can handle around here!

What else?

My health.

I’ve been a bad Bayoucreole. I’m really having a hard time turning my diet around. I’ve tried to eat better but…it’s harder than I thought.

It’s the sweets. I have to find a substitute. Something that will kill the cravings.

And I need to exercise more.

I’ve been lazy lately… I need to walk more.

Not too long ago I was walking 3 miles a day. Somewhere along the way, I fell off and I haven’t been able to get back on the horse.

I guess I need to get my walking mojo back as well.

I’m trying…I’m trying.

I need to pick a day and blog about it so I can keep track of my progress…

or lack thereof.

Well y’all, that’s all I got for right now.

Gotta get out in this city and give you good people something to read…lol

Love you guys…have a good one!






Pushing Past The Fog With Randoms

Hey Y’all!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts.  I hit a wall and just couldn’t push anything out.

Even now, I’m pushing just to get past the fog.

I have so much catching up to do..I’m gonna be reading blogs for days trying to catch up with everyone.

I’m gonna try to blog more often.


I have noticed that, it gets harder for me to blog when the weather starts getting warm.

I wonder if that’s residual Katrina stuff.

So what’s been going on in my neck of the woods?

Well, my son bought his first car and he’s a happy camper…so am I.


Nothing like a young man with his own whip…and no car note…that he paid for.

Since they both have their own means of transportation that means no more playing taxi for me!

I see why parents buy cars for their kids. If you don’t get them one, you end up driving them everywhere. Times have changed, it’ s nothing like when I was young. Public transportation is awful today. Not only that, but when I was young, you could stay in New Orleans and do everything. I don’t think I ever went to  Metairie when I was young…except to go to the Crash Landing which was a club.

Everything is in Jefferson Parish today.  We have no malls, no movie theaters…it’s crazy. The city needs to do better.

Since they have their own cars,that leaves me with a LOT of free time. I’m officially in another phase of my life. My kids are doing their own thing so now I can focus on some things that I want to accomplish.

One of the things that I’ve put on my list is running in Disney’s Royal Family 5k next February with NavySeal and PurpleKnight.

I began training yesterday and good LAWD, I’m out of shape!

I was out there celebrating  running from one tree to the next just to get through the first mile…and the trees are pretty damned  close to one another!

It was hard at first but after the first mile, it was like muscle memory began to kick in (I have many years of running track  as a teen under my belt) and the second and third mile wasn’t too bad.

After the run, I could almost feel my body saying, THANK YOU! It’s about time you did that!

I’ll  post my progress and my time (which will be slow) as I go along. You’re  allowed 15 minutes per mile in the race so that’ll be my goal. I’m not trying break any records.

Also, I have some really great news about Mardi Gras, but I can’t say anything until April.

If you’ve read my blog a minute, you’ll know what I mean when I say,

all of that positive energy worked!

The Mystic Krewe of Nyx is taking names of women interested  in becoming members.

You can go here  to put in your information and they will contact you about their waiting list.

We’ve recently found out that my dog’s thyroid does not function at all. Now he’s on  thyroid medication  for the rest of his life.

Add to that the Benadryl for the allergies, the A,E and Zinc he takes for the hair loss (it’s growing back now) and the Prednisone (for the mass on his stomach.)

This is the first time I’ve ever had a dog with this many health issues.

I love him though so whatever it takes.

I still have no idea how I’m going to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I don’t want a party, I don’t want to go out of town….although Vegas would have been nice but it’s too hot that time of year.

Essence will be here that weekend and I really don’t want to be downtown  in all that.

Any ideas?

My sinuses are catching pure D hell this year. I try to stay inside as much as possible.   I may have to walk around like Michael Jackson used to and put something over my nose.

I know I’m going to have to train with some sort of dust mask on. The pollen count is horrible around here.

Well, that’s all the randoms I have now.

Have a safe and joyous Easter!


I have 5 requests for this St. Aug purse from Purple Knight women…but I ain’t selling purses!





Yeah, I have TOO Much free time….


One of my most favorite things to do is gardening.

I’m pretty great with plants so, I often buy them when they’re small and nurse them into mature beautiful ones.

I purchased a Bird of Paradise plant about 5 years ago only to find out that,they take about 5 years to fully mature.

That lil plant taught me the art of patience because I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see any real blooms from her.

Then one year, she bloomed for me and gave me hope.

Well, baby girl is all grown up now and is showing out,

Three birds have bloomed and I have about 6 more getting ready to bloom in a few days!


Looking at her it’s hard to believe that, I paid $4.oo for her. She was so small then.

A plant this size would cost a good chunk of money.

It seems that, in addition to gardening, I’ve picked up another thing to take up my time hobby.


For about two months,I’ve been filling my bird feeder so the birds in the area could have some food.

Well, they must have put the word out because those lil buggers come around religiously now EXPECTING food from me!

Sparrows,Doves and I have one Blue Jay that comes around every single day.

I usually put food in the feeder twice a day and I’ll  put some on the ground for the Doves and Blue Jay…

I’m such a sucker for animals.

That Blue Jay was hard as hell to take a pic of because, he’ll fly at the slightest sound and I just have a regular ole’ camera so, I had to wait for him to get comfy,

now, I’m bird watching…lol

There’s also an owl around here. I haven’t seen him but, he’s pretty close. We think he’s in the church steeple.

I love to hear him hooting.

It’s relaxing.

A piece of country living in an urban city,

whod’a thunk it?

It’s Getting Kinda Hectic!

I can’t believe  I’ve been so busy that, I couldn’t even check my own blog. Missed you guys. Lately, I’ve been around here getting ready for my dad’s return. To the folks with kids, if you think “baby proofing” your house is rough, you haven’t lived until you’ve “geri proofed” it!  We had to literally take the tub out of the downstairs bathroom and turn it into a shower stall. This way, I don’t have to worry about him falling trying to get in or out of the tub.  Then, there’s the floors to consider.  Anything too smooth will increase the chance that he may fall so, I had to put tile in the bathroom that has more of a “grip” to it. Major work.

I can’t believe how much medicine cost for the elderly…it ridiculous! My dad has one that costs almost $150.00 a month! How the hell are elderly people supposed to be able to pay for that shit?!  It’s a good thing,  I have a lot of doctor friends who have all of those pharmaceutical reps with samples.  He’s hooked up for a good 6 months right now but, it’s absolutely crazy how much medicine costs.

In addition to everything else, I’ve reached the hot flashes stage of my life. If I get one more of these “infernos”, Imma just go’ head on and do the human combustion thing and be done with it. I’m driving my family nuts. I’m freezing them to death in here because I’m hot as hell…for about 1 minute then, it’s over…until the next one. I had the “I’m going through menopause ” talk with the kids. I wanted them to understand the process and know that if I go from this,

to this one right here,

it’s probably the hormones….

Purple Knight voted for the first time in the Nov.2 election! Yeah Baby!!! We’re really proud of him. As soon as  he turned 18, that was one of the first things he wanted to do(the other was to see an “R” rated movie without us)…go figure. Ever since the kids could walk and talk,  I’d take them with me  to the polls and all three of us would be in the booth. I’d let them each take turns pressing the candidate of my choice. It was ingrained in my kids very early in life how important voting is….so glad to see my seed being harvested. GO PURPLEKNIGHT!  YellowJacket is chomping at the bit to get her vote on. The sad part is, I didn’t see any other young people at the polls.

It’s the holiday season but, it’s hard to feel festive in weather that’s 80 degrees….unless you’re at Disney World or Universal Studio…which we ain’t! LOL.  I  just checked the weather where my brother (Oracle) is and it’s -5!  Neg-UH-tive 5?! Imma keep this 80 degrees and work with it…I can’t do a thing with weather below zero.

We went to see Harry Potter! We caught it at the Elmwood Palace Monday night and it was crowded. We had thee IMAX experience..well, I had no intention of IMAXing Harry Potter but see, what  had happened was…

I went to the counter to purchase 4 tickets  for the 7:15 showing and the person said, $50.oo! I said, WTH?! I was told that was the IMAX showing. I asked for the non-IMAX showing and was told it was for 8:45, Me: what about that 7:45 one? Counter person: oh, I didn’t see that one…$34.oo

So, we’re in the movie theater and after getting our popcorn and stuff, we had to walk past the IMAX  7:15 showing to get to our 7:45 showing. Well, I said to myself…shit, I ain’t waiting 30 minutes and they have one getting ready to start. So, I go into the IMAX one, have a look around and sho nuf, they have plenty seats on the sides because, everyone wanted to sit in the center.

I go back to the door and call my crew, “y’all come on,we’re going in this one right here.”

Navyseal: This ain’t ours…


We all go in, take our seats and the movie begins and that’s when my crew realized that…they’re IMAXING it! Lol

The picture is sharper, the sound is better but, I wouldn’t have paid $12.50 a person for that experience. It was crowded though. I wonder how many people snuck in there like me.

When I was a teen, my friends and I used to sneak into movies all of the time and movies were a helluva lot harder to sneak into back then. I loved the movie. Purpleknight gives it 5 out of 5 stars! YellowJacket 4 out of 5. NavySeal  3 1/2 out of 5.

Well gang, that’s all I got for today. I have plenty of turkey day prepping to do. My crew wants to have a seafood thanksgiving so, we’re having;

Baked Mac and Cheese,Stuffed Bell Peppers, Stuffed Crabs, Crab Cakes(they love crabs), Baked Ham(no one wanted turkey this year),Creole Cornbread Dressing,Potato Salad, a green salad (not sure what kind yet),Veggies and Homemade Red Velvet Cake.

I wanted to fix gumbo but, it’s too hot for me.

The Saints are playing Thanksgiving Day!!!! Hope they give us a win.


Letter to the dog lover about…that dog

Hey Neighbor,

I hear your dog ran away….the one that you let stay outside in the freezing cold and rain for 4 days and nights last winter. Yeah, that dog.  He was so cold and wet when I saw him, he looked as if he was going to die.  I hear someone brought him inside, gave him a bath, food and water and introduced him to their pack.

The same dog who was out in this southern heat  last summer and you gave him no water to drink and no shade from the sun…yeah, that dog.  We put fresh water out three times a day so,he could stop drinking that dirty sewer water.

The same dog who was scavenging for food, the one you all never spoke to. The one who was hit , had a broken paw and you all never got him medical attention for it. The same dog who woke me up 5:00 a.m. yelping.  When I looked out the window, I saw you standing over him with your fist in the air…ready to strike  him again. Yeah, that dog.

Well, I’m sorry. I can’t help you but. I hear he’s doing ok.

I hear he’s being treated like royalty now.  He has food and water and treats every day.  He has all of his shots and gets all the belly rubs he could ever want!  He doesn’t worry about the cold and rain anymore because, I hear he’s inside where it’s safe and warm. That dude even jumps in the bed and chills out as if he owns it…I hear.

He’s happy and he’s loved…at least, that’s what I hear.

So, don’t worry your dog abusing self about  him.

I hear he’s doing  JUST FINE.

Merry Monday Erryone

I hope that everyone had a pleasant weekend…my weekend was just wet!

It rained all day saturday and then, the streets flooded all over the city so, I was pretty much trapped inside for the day. 

 Since I was on lock down,I decided to do a protein treatment on my daughter’s hair.  I used an egg and after mixing it, let it sit on her hair for 20 minutes then shampoo and conditioned it.  Her hair was so shiny and soft when I finished!

I’ll be using that egg treatment more often, it’s cheaper than purchasing that stuff in the salons with better results.

Yall remember my “sort of” adopted dog, Whitey

Well, we’ve decided to call him Happy since he’s always so happy to see us.  I’ve kinda taken Happy in and he’s officially a member of our pack now as you can see.

The hierarchy has been established with my black cocker as lead dog (nobody messes with her.)

It’s mid-term time for the kids which means, I’m in overdrive with them and studying.  I don’t remember taking mid-terms when I was in school.  Back in the dinosaur era, we just took each semester as that.  I remember finals but, no mid-term exams.

This is their last week of school before the holiday break which means, I better have plenty of  food on hand (why do teenagers eat so much?)

I finally got to watch Survivor.  I gotta tell ya, I hate Russell but, he is playing the shyt out of the game.  It’s like he has them all on a string. And WHAT the heck did Monica think she was doing going to Russell with that “I’ll control the votes if you kick me off mess.”  Russell just outed her butt in tribal council  and then kicked her out of the game..dumb move Monica.

I did see the finale of Amazing Race and the black woman (forgot her name)married to the white guy was going spastic…what was HER problem?  I’m glad she didn’t win, she was pissing me off yelling at the poor guy like that. I missed seeing  Big Easy and Flight Time  in the game though.   I wish they would have made it to the finale, they were fun to watch.

I’m still haven’t gotten everything for my Christmas dinner yet but, I plan to wrap that up this week.  I am not fixing a lot of stuff this year.  We had gumbo for turkey day so, I’m not doing one for Christmas.  What’s up with the price of shrimp…it’s $4.28 at Rouses….that’s RIDIKULUS!  That’s right, I said it…RIDIKULUS!  $4.28  for shrimp…here?….in NOLA?..and they’re not even jumbo shrimp ( I love that oxymoron)….naw, I gotta go find me a street vendor.

My son has has 5 months left before he graduates from high school…I am so not ready mentally for that one.  I can’t believe he’ll be 18 in a few months.  I am so proud of him, he’s a good son.

And last but, certainly not least……

13 AND OHHHHHHH! Who Dat!!!

Everyone have a great day today!

Smart Kids Rock!!!

Since this is the end of the school year, I wanted to take the time to do some “shout outs” to those wonderful, hard-working kids who did a great job this year.  If you know any, shout them out.


My nephew (Oracle Jr.) who is in kindergarten, was evaluted this school year.  For his reading evaluation, my brother was told that, a grade of 4 would be considered within range.  My nephew scored…A WHOPPING 38!!!  The school also feels that, he will not be challenged in the next grade so, in all likelihood, they will let him skip a grade and go directly to second grade!

He’s a MENSA genius like his daddy!!!   T-Ali is sooo proud of you!


My daughter was doing very well academically with all of her subjects, except one..physics.  It was kicking her butt (back in the dinosaur days, we didn’t take physics in the 9th grade.)  But, not to be defeated, she dug her heels in and studied her patooty off, went to tutoring to get help and brought her average up from a “D” to a “B”!  Now, she’s heading to her final with an “A” average!!! 

The beauty of it all is that, she did all of this without any pushing or prodding from me.  She knew she was smarter than that “D” and sought out the help she needed to understand the subject!!!

You go girl!!!


The school where my daughter attends is on point with the academics big time!

The class of 2009 has a graduating class of 64 students…52 of the 64 have received ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!

62 of the 64 are officially accepted to the university of their choice!!

Those kind of stats are off the chain!!

This school is 100% young, black females who are once again debunking the myth that, schools with all black students are substandard.


Last but  not least,


I don’t have the stats on Aug yet but, this 100% black male school has had a long standing legacy of excellence (google St. Augustine  High School in New Orleans.) And because I know a lot of the seniors, I would be remiss if I didn’t say how proud I was of these young men who have beat the odds (especially here in NOLA) and received their high school diploma.

I salute you fellas…

Purple on the left side, Gold on the right…black in the middle, that makes you a knight..oh, ohhhhh!

Are You The Person You Want God To See?

This weekend, one of my nephews came over.  I call him my “other son” since he and my son are exactly two months apart to the date.  His mother brought him over and I asked her how she was doing.  She went on to tell me how she is feuding with a woman who lives in her apartment complex.  When she told me the of the things that was going down between the two of them,  all I could do was shake my head.  To me, it is just insane that two grown women are going at it, tormenting one another.   I have to tell you a little about my nephew’s mother.  She’s a very pretty woman with a flawless complexion, beautiful light brown eyes, gorgeous smile….and as rough as they come!  This girl and her twin sister…WHEW!  Will fight at the drop of a hat.  While some woman was standing there ranting about all she was going to do, twin dropped her in mid-sentence.  She has no problem throwing the first punch…pregnant or not*sigh*  She hung out in the roughest projects in NOLA…Calliope, Magnolia and Melpomene.  Twin is 34  and is always saying how she is a changed person and goes to church so, I brought her in and we had a long talk.  All I did was ask her this question…. are you the person you want God to see?

To say you want to change means nothing if you are doing the same thing, over and over again.  I wanted her to get that, bothering the woman does nothing but pour fuel on the fire and it really says more about who SHE is than it does the person she is harassing (she had never looked at it like that.)

Years ago, I decided that, I did not want to be the “angry black woman” flying off the handle and then thinking, “I showed them, I really told them off.”  I wanted to be better than that because, people dismiss you when you go off like that.  Instead of getting your point across, you just come off  looking like some crazy, sad soul.  I didn’t want God to see that when he saw me because, no matter who much good I did in this world, it was just being nullified by the sharpness of my tongue.  Good works mean nothing if you are planting bad seeds to harvest…words are seeds.  Have you ever looked at the roots of an oak tree?  Words are like that…huge, deep and heavy.

I didn’t want those bad seeds planted in my life but mostly, I didn’t want that to be written in my book of life.  When I’m 90ish and cross over, I don’t that read back or flashed back in front of me when I stand before the throne.

When I decided to change, there were a few friends I had to let go.  One in particular, loved drama just a tad too much.  Every single thing was a battle for her and last I heard, she was still like that at 49 years old.  I am at a stage in my life where, I enjoy the quiet zone.  That’s not to say that, I can’t “go there” (I haven’t met a sistah who couldn’t) but, I pick my battles.  Every fight is not my fight.  I have a husband, two teenagers, an 80 y/o father, a slew of brothers and 16 nieces and nephews…I NEED PEACE IN MY LIFE..lol

I usually blog-hop looking for interesting blogs to read.  I’ve come across all sorts and there are quite a few I enjoy but, by far my most favorite blogs in alphabetical order are; crooked letter I, cyncere sister, ladylee, Ms. Saditty and Serenity 30.  These beautiful “sophisticated ladies” are so intelligent and articulate.  I have read every page of their blogs and they are the epitome of the strength in women to me. 


Twin and I talked for about 20 minutes and she made me tear up because, she told me that, I am the only person who encourages her to be better.  She has no voice of reason in her world. Everyone just keeps egging her on to harass the other person, finding entertainment  in the situation.  I told her that, I expect more from her…I expect her to be the woman I know she can be.  I expect her to be someone SHE can be proud of.

That’s a hard question to  ask yourself…Are you really the person you want God to see.  Many, many days, my answer was no.  All I could do on those days was say “sorry Lord, I’ll try again tomorrow.”  However, as the days go by, I am getting more and more yes days.  My patience is longer with people, my tongue not so sharp.  I prefer the kinder side of me.  I would rather build someone up with my words than tear them down.  I would rather reach your heart than kill your spirit.

Because, at the end of the day, life really is a  journey…the road you take, is up to you.

*post note….I had to correct a typo.., that was suppose to be ladylee.  But this is what I wanna know…how is it that, my daughter found the error?

The SAG Awards

This morning, I brought my son to school and while waiting for him to get his things out of the trunk, here comes this kid going inside of the gate with his pants hanging off of his butt.  Me ,being the person that I am, calls him over;

me: young man,come here…why are your pants sagging?


me:your pants are sagging young man

him:huh? my pants not sagging.

me: son, I’m staring at your pants on your buttocks, that is not uniform regulation.

him: *pulling up pants* walks inside of gate and the pants fall again.

my son: *standing there looking totally embarrassed*


Heck, I don’t care, these young men need to be told that they are sagging and to pull those damned pants up. I came home and wrote a letter to the principal about the situation and proposed that he put stiffer penalties on young men caught sagging.  Penalities that will wake up the parents because, this is what I know for sure, children do what they can get away with.

Sending your child to this school, ain’t cheap.  It costs 7 thousand dollars a year to send your son here and I see kids get out the car with their parent sitting right there, and they are sagging and the parent says nothing.   My son does not leave the house without a thorough inspection from head to toe from me and his father.  At 7 grand a year, times 4 years..that’s 28 grand!!!  And you think you are going to walk around sagging?……not on my watch. 

 I love the excuses he used to come up with though if he was caught…the belt is too loose,the pants are made that way,I must be losing weight.  Yeah, pretty creative but, not going to work sonny.  He got so tired of us riding him that, my son gave up the fight a long time ago.  I also told him the next time I caught him sagging, I was going to make him go outside with nothing on but his”drawers” since he wants to show them so much…that might have something to do with his change of heart.  Which proves my point, children do what they can get away with.  He knows I’d do it, so, he just gave up the fight and *poof* no  more sagging issues here.

And before someone reads this and thinks it’s a black thing….think again.  Every, single time I go to Metairie all I see is  young, white males walking around with their pants hanging off of their butts.  Two weeks ago, we were at the doctors office and this white male was with his grandmother and his pants were so low that they started at the middle of his thigh.  He had to walk like a penguin.

But, I don’t blame the kids as much as I blame the adults.  They are kids, they are going to try you, that ain’t nothing new, we tried our parents.  But, they laid the law down and if you broke it, you got the penalty for it.  A lot of parents  today aren’t setting that law down like they should.  As I’ve said, my son tried it  but,  I guess the thought of being outside for hours in his “drawers” is not worth sagging for.  Lucky him because…it’s cold outside.