Last Christmas Will Be A Hard Act To Follow

Mickey's first christmas paradeSince Thanksgiving is gone, I am now in the prepping stage for Christmas. I gotta tell ya, it’s hard considering how we spent last holiday season.  We spent a week in Orlando, Florida and celebrated Christmas Day at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios…Lawd, how do you compete with that!?  The atmosphere was sheer magic (and crowded!)  We even took the dogs with us and to anyone who has any reservations about bringing your animals to either theme park…if you want to bring them..BRING THEM!  Both parks take excellent care of your animals despite what I read on several blogs before going there.  Universal Studios make theirs really convenient to get to. I think they were my favorite followed by the Kennel at MGM Studios,Epcot, and then Magic Kingdom.  The Magic Kingdom kennel is just hard to get to because you have to leave magic kingdom which is surrounded by water so, it takes a while.  Anyway, last year was just sheer delight and we plan to go there for New Year’s 2010 so that we can catch the new Harry Potter area that is opening up at Universal Studios around that time. Here are a few pics of our Disney, Universal trip last year.  My next blog will be some info for people who plan to spend holidays at either park and what to expect….long lines and crowds that’s what!  But,the kindness of strangers and smiles and squeals from kids(young and old) as well.  Enjoy!

Husband and son, Christmas Day @Walt Disney World
Husband and son, Christmas Day @Walt Disney World

I don’t know why I can’t get this picture to turn..oh well.

This is my hubby and son on christmas day at disney.  You have to get there early because due to fire codes, they can only take in so many people and by 10:00 am, they stop letting people in.  Needless to say, we got there early!  The workers all had a bet regarding how early the park would have to shut down. For christmas 2007, I was told by an employee that,they had to stop taking guests at 9:30am then around 1pm since some people were leaving the park, they were able to take in more guests.





12-31-2007-0192We brought our babies(dyson-blond; sassy-black) with us on the trip.  You would be amazed at the people who bring their animals! Get your pets checked in early or, they will run out of room.  They do NOT take reservations, first come, first serve.

Looks like they are looking for Mickey huh?




tower of terrorMe and Purple Knight had just gotten off of the Tower of Terror ride(in the background) for the 5th time!  If you love the feeling of free-falling 13 flights over and over and then, having the doors open so you can see how high you are only to free fall again…THIS RIDE IS FOR YOU!  All you hear at this ride is continous screaming!  Love it, love it!






christmas 2007Me and hubby (and dopey) @MGM studios in Orlando. This was the day after christmas. Check out the dude over my husbands shoulder with the hat…lol that’s why I love Disney World, everyone justs let their soul

Black Friday Madness


On the internet I read the story of this mob here that trampled a Walmart employee as they stampeded into the store on black friday. Not only was he killed but a pregnant woman was also trampled and lost her baby as a result.  This shit is just crazy to  me.  When did we become a nation of people who are so rabid mad that we have resorted to stampeding and running over folks for what is perceived to be a bargin?  I thought the country was broke anyway.  I did not go out there there day after thanksgiving, my days of black friday shopping ended a long time ago.  I do remember going out there twice in my life.  Once, I called myself going to the mall early.  I got in my car and arrived at the mall 4am.  When I got there, there was already a long lined formed at the door so, I got my raggidly butt back in my car and went back to my house.  Shoot, it was cold and I wasn’t about to stand in that line for a Tickle Me Elmo..huh, not me.

The second time I engaged in that black friday mess my kids were a little older and they wanted some games for their game boy advance.  I was at K-mart this time and at 6am the line had already formed at the door but, it wasn’t cold so I stayed.  At 7am, the line was circling the parking lot.  They opened the door and everyone in the front walked in but then, someone started running, then another, then another and before I knew it, my ass was running through the store too!

Seems we all were heading for the electronics dept and I remember running past this lady and she said, “you were way in the back, how’d you catch me? ” I answered, ” I used to run track” and wizzed passed

I was one of the first people to hit the counter and I mean we hit that counter like BLAM!  All of us grown ass people running for shit our kids won’t even play with for two weeks and that’s if they don’t lose or break the mess first.  By the time the people who were in the back of the line reached the counter, they had sold out. Needless to say, they were pissed because the store hadn’t been open for 15 minutes and all of the games were gone.  I got my games and went home, mission impossible accomplished.

I remember running through that store and the mob was no where near like the one in this picture but I also remember watching that I didn’t run anyone over and if someone would have fallen that would have been it for me. I would have had to help that person.  Who tramples over someone? Did you not feel them underneath your feet? I mean really.  I live in New Orleans..has anyone ever been to a Mardi Gras..on Mardi Gras day? Forget Mardi Gras day, go to an Endymion parade..thousands of people on the street,…you don’t trample over people dammit!!

Down here, people were lined up but no madness here.  Katrina taught us all a lesson, that all that bullshit can be washed away in a heartbeat so people were shopping but it was like..if I get it fine, if I don’t fine.

None of that mess out there is worth a person losing their life over.

Giving Thanks

Today I find myself being very grateful, very thankful that I have such wonderful blessings during the last three years (since Katrina hit.)  These three years of rebuilding have been very hard for me. I am thankful that I did not go crazy and that’s no joke either.  There were times that I felt that I was walking the tight rope of sane and insane.  Being around so much devastation plays into your psyche no matter what anyone says.

I am grateful that I have the best brother and SIL in the world because, while my world had been washed away,  they graciously offered to take my kids who were 11 and 13 so that I could come home and handle the rebuilding process.  If it wasn’t for that help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I am grateful for the wonderful volunteers who came to this city and gave so much of themselves. My heart gets full every time I think of them gutting homes, feeding people, rebuilding, doing whatever was required.THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN NEW ORLEANS.

I am thankful for my husband and my kids who have lived in this house with the downstairs having only studs and not once complained that it was taking too long for the house to become complete.  I know that if we got through this shit, there is NOTHING that we can’t get through as a family.  We have been tested and we passed. 

Life has not been easy for me but, I keep pushing because it’s all I know how to do.  I don’t know how to give up or give in.  It’s not in my nature. I  either get the job done or die trying, that’s me.  I am thankful that I have a family who understands that and give me a hand.  Because no person is an island. 



divas-0021Today is my baby’s birthday.  Her name is Sassy and she is my black cocker spaniel.  Sassy is a Katrina Survivor  and we are so blessed to have her back from that ordeal that we really spoil her way more than we need to but, after all she’s gone through she deserves it.

When we left to evacuate for the storm, we left her to stay with my father who did not evacuate (yeah, I know already.) No one knew the damned levees would fail okay? Anyway, when the levees broke and the flood waters came in, my father had to be rescued out of the house. He was on the second floor and had two tubs filled with water and plenty of food for Sassy so they were alright until…they did not let him take her.  That’s right, Sassy was forced to stay at the home alone.  My father ripped opened the big bag of dog food and put in on the floor so she’d have access to food and the tubs were her water source.  Problem was, the water stayed in the house for three weeks so, Sassy was in the home alone with no lights or anything for three weeks. I am sure she was wondering what the hell happened to her pack(they rescued my dad August31st and we picked her up in Oct), she had food and water though and was still inside so I am sure that is what saved her.

After the water resided and people were able to move around the city more, my neighbor had passed the house and noticed Sassy in the downstairs front window.  There were some animal rescue folks in the area so, he called them over to go rescue Sassy.  The rescue people were Pasado from Washington and they took her to Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales, Louisiana.  In the interim, we had actively been on animal websites trying to get any kind of information about rescued animals and things were looking bleak.  There were so many animals and so many black cocker spaniels named Sassy (just when you think you’re original..not) that we thought we’d never find her or if we did, she’d be in the house not alive.

Well, as blessings would have it, my brother ran into my neighbor and was told that Sassy was rescued and I was able to contact my neighbor and get all of the information regarding her where abouts.  They had moved her from Gonzales, Louisiana to Raceland, Louisiana and we were literally cross country in Spokane, Washington but once we found out where she was, we drove all the way down to get her.

When we arrived there, the poor baby was still in shock. I walked over to her kennel and she way lying there looking sad and depressed, food uneaten.  I leaned down and said, “hey girl.”  She looked at me and slowly walked to the front of the kennel and gave me a little, gentle lick on the back of my hand.  My husband leaned down and said, “hey Sassy.”  She looked at him and growled.  It was a small “grrr” that probably meant,” Where the hell has your ass been dammit!”  She’s a daddy girl so, I understand that language. She had to fuss at him a bit. They had taken really good care of her at Pasado and I am so grateful for those wonderful rescue workers. They are truly angels on earth.  We packed our baby up  and put her in the car and felt like our family had been glued whole again.  That’s a day I’ll always remember, the day we got our Sassy back.


Thank you for your unconditional love and protection for me and the entire family!!

Where’s the damned Eggnog?!!!

What do I get when a nice “cool patch” finally lands in New Orleans?  Do I get to sip on some good, homemade eggnog while snuggling up under a blanket watching my favorite movies?

NO, I GET A FRIGGING COLD!!!!!  A MEAN, BAD-AZZ COLD THAT KEEPS ME HOG-TIED TO THE BED FOR THREE DOG-GONE DAYS!!  Nose running, sneezing errywhere, walking around with toilet paper under your arm just to go to the bathroom type of cold!!  Spending most of my time praying that I don’t do an accidental overdose before it’s all over.  I don’t do colds well, I can’t remember the last time I had one of these things, shoot.

Can’t  even drink eggnog because I can’t taste it!!!! Tastebuds are ka-put.*sigh*

Maybe I’ll have better luck on the next “cool patch” of air that happens to flow down here.

Time To Talk Turkey

charliebrownthanksgivingcoverWith Thanksgiving a little over a week away, it’s time for me to start getting my menu together. I think I am going to stick with my traditional New Orleans style menu;

Gumbo,stuffed bell peppers, baked mac and cheese, candied yams, veggies, creole cornbread dressing, green salad(as opposed to potato salad) and a turkey of course. For dessert, I am thinking a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. 

I wonder how I end up cooking so much food for only four people.  The truth is, I love holiday cooking.  It makes me happy to feed the people that I love and the fact that I can cook my azz off helps.  I am such a ritualistic person that everyone knows  once they see me break out my “girlie movies”(Steel Magnolias, As Good As It Gets,  and my favorite movie, The Godfather) I am getting ready to throw down in the kitchen. 

I remember my mom would start cooking the day before Thanksgiving.  She would start with her gumbo and we would have gumbo for dinner that evening. Then,she’d fix all of her other dishes with the exception of the mac and cheese(gotta have that fresh from the oven)  spending the entire day in the kitchen cooking and watching tv. It’s amazing how much I picked up from her without even trying.

This year, my daughter(ms. yellow jacket), wants to help me cook.  I think it’s time to show her the ropes, should be fun, I know it’ll be interesting.

Eggnog time!!!!

eggnogWell, we finally got a darn cool day down here and I am going to make the most of it while it’s blowing.  I am fixing me some good, homemade, old-fashioned eggnog!! I am so grateful that I gave this recipe to my brother and SIL before Katrina hit because I didn’t remember exactly how to make it and the recipe has been in the family since the 1800’s.  It was spared, because I shared.  I know most folks today just go to the grocers and pick up a can of eggnog but I can’t do it.  I tried it once and it had me running to the kitchen to whip up a batch. 

Growing up, my mom would fix eggnog only once a year on New Years Eve.  Every year, we would wait with anticipation for that damned eggnog and then, try to drink as many cups as possible because we knew we weren’t getting any more until next year.  When Katrina hit and we were exiled, I found comfort in that eggnog.  We were staying at an extended stay deluxe in florida and it had a mini-kitchen (it was a wonderful place to be exiled!) I was depressed being away from my kids and my home so, I would fix  eggnog about every three days. I am suprised that I even want it anymore considering how much of it I drank!  I am not one to put weight on quickly so that was never a concern.  That little eggnog recipe gave me some similance of my life pre-K.  *Just a side note, that’s how people who have experienced Katrina talk about their lives, pre-k or  not.  It’s not “b-k” as in “before katrina” when someone says that, we automatically know, you aren’t from  this

So now, with this cold weather and my hubby and children in tow, I am going to fix us a batch of eggnog while we have some cold weather because, here in New Orleans, there’s no such thing as winter.

Our First Family


Since it seems that I am going through election withdrawals, I decided to put a picture up of the first family.  How beautiful are they?  The “pretty people” is what I like to call them.  I mean look at these folks, do they ever take a bad picture? How can they looking like that?  Nope, just too good-looking.  I am so looking forward to hearing about “Rosebud and Radiance” growing up in the White House.

Back down memory lane.

Today, I received a phone call from my first love,Kevin. My husband and I were taking a well deserved break from working on this “never ending” quest of finishing our home when, my cell phone rings.I knew who it was as soon as I heard his voice. I met this man almost 30 years ago, when I was a starry-eyed 17 year old and he was a 19 year old handsome dog young man.  Two years ago, he was doing some home renovations so we let him give us an estimate which is how he had the number in the first place( when I didn’t give him the gig, I thought he would have deleted the number..not.)

Anywhoo, he was talking all willy-nilly like almost 30 damned years had not passed. I wonder if he thought that I would have invited him over or something (uh, no bruh.) But, this the funny  thing, the entire time I am listening to him, I am looking over at my husband and thanking God with every breath that I am in the place I am in now.  It is a good place, a great place.  My husband is a good man, he is a “no drama” sort of guy and I need that in my life.  My younger years were filled with mega, godzilla-style type of drama and only a fool wants to live in that sort of heartache.  If you have to wonder where your man is, that’s a red flag for ya.

Kevin has often told me that I was the one that got away. I believe in his story that I am.  I have always been a steady, reliable type of person. My story, however, is quite the opposite because, I am glad that I shook myself away from that world.  I look back on it with amazement and wonder that I even survived all of that drama and did not end up bitter like so many women do.

As I hung up the phone with him, I couldn’t help but snuggle up to my husband.  Yep, I made out like a bandit and hit the jack pot.  There is nothing like the peace of mind knowing that you have someone who is truly on your side, who has your back, who loves you beyond measure and would never hurt you.

Kevin, I hope that you find that kind of love for yourself, but, it ain’t here bruh.