Almost Christmas Time

It’s almost Christmas day and my two teenagers are being quiet, very quiet for some reason.  They must be plotting something.  They are two years apart and as much as they fuss with one another, they are thick as thieves as my mom would say.  I don’t know how my mom did it because having two teenagers in the house with all of these hormonal issues going on (i.e. I’m grown today and baby me tommorrow) can drive a person up a wall.  She literally raised two generations of kids.  My oldest brother and my youngest brother are 22 years apart! My kids decorated the house for me today( I really have no christmas spirit at all this year) and it is really pretty.  My daughter has an incredible artistic side, my  He tries though and that’s what’s important, that he tries. To me, they seem to be really close,  I hope they stay that way.  I still have not started my cooking yet which means, in Louisiana talk, I am late.  Lots to do tomorrow.

scan0011Yellow Jacket and Purple Knight in their younger days.  I love this pic, he is such the big brother here.


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