And So It Begins!

The first big weekend of Mardi Gras is officially underway! I’m super hyped about it this year because,

I ride in 4 days!!

I’ve been really busy finalizing a lot of things for my inaugural ride. I do have my float position though!

Float 16, sidewalk side (that’s passenger side for non NOLA folks),bottom level, 5th person.

Make sure you get my attention so I can hook you up . My blog peeps are my most favorite folks, so I have something special for you all in addition to getting one of our beautifully hand decorated purses. It’s gonna be one awesome night. The ladies in the krewe are all excited about riding and plan to throw like crazy!

I’ll put a post up about my inaugural ride on Thursday (hopefully) with pictures. That way you all will have an idea of what goes on  inside of carnival krewes and what it’s like being on a float. I may even do a 60 sec video and post it. On Tuesday, I will post photos of all the decorated purse that I plan to throw and the ones that I made to go to some friends.

Hopefully, they’ll receive them before I post…lol

Now, on to other Mardi Gras info,

The first big weekend has already begun with the Krewes Oshun and Cleopatra rolling along the uptown route. I wasn’t able to attend. In fact, I’m going to miss being out there for all the parades this weekend. I plan to catch them on  various webcams.

The link for parade cam is here.  This webcam is located at St. Charles Ave. and Napoleon. This is near the beginning of the route and a good one if you are catching the parades near their scheduled time to roll.

If you go into the link now, you should see whatever is happening at the intersection of St. Charles and Napoleon.

*The Krewe of Nyx will be streamed on all webcams.’s webcam is on the sidewalk side so, if you want to try to catch  a view of ole’ Bayou Creole on the float, this is the webcam to watch. If I don’t get too caught up in the moment, I’m going  to wave at the camera!

WWLTV will also stream live. Their camera is located at Gallier Hall. You can find the link here. It will take a while for the parade to get to Gallier Hall. I think Gallier Hall is a little more than half of the parade route.

Here’s the 2014 Mardi Gras Schedule,

February 22 2014

Pontchartrain 1:00 p.m.
Choctaw 2:00 p.m.
Freret 2:30 p.m.
Sparta 6:00 p.m.
Pygmalion 6:45 p.m.
February 23 2014
Carrollton Noon
Alla 1:00 p.m.
King Arthur 1:00 p.m.
French Quarter
Barkus 2:00 p.m.
February 26 2014
Druids 6:30 p.m.
Nyx 7:00 p.m.
February 27 2014
Babylon 5:30 p.m.
Chaos 6:15 p.m.
Muses 6:30 p.m.
February 28 2014
Hermes 6:00 p.m.
D’Etat 6:30 p.m.
Morpheus 7:00 p.m.
March 1 2014
Iris 11:00 a.m.
Tucks Noon
Endymion 4:15 p.m.
French Quarter
Lafcadio 2:00 p.m.
March 2 2014
Okeanos 11:00 a.m.
Mid-City 11:45 a.m.
Thoth Noon
Bacchus 5:15 p.m.
March 3 2014
Proteus 5:15 p.m.
Orpheus (O) 6:00 p.m.
March 4 2014
Zulu 8:00 a.m.
Rex 10:00 a.m.
Elks Orleans Follows Rex
Crescent City Follows Elks Orleans
For all of my Purple Knights, St. Aug will be marching in the following parades,
Pontchartrain,Alla,NYX,Muses,Hermes,Endymion,Mid City,Bacchus,Orpheus and Zulu.
*They were also in Cleopatra but that parade has already rolled.
Here’s a clip of Aug in Cleopatra under the bridge.
I’m on a bandhead forum with all the band directors and they have their bands ready to bring the heat this year!
It’s gonna be an amazing season. We just need the weather to coöperate. I said that  it wouldn’t rain the year I got to ride with Nyx and none is expected so far.
I  just hope it stays that way.
That’s all I have for now. I’ll be posting video clips of parades as I go to them. I won’t be going out on Mardi Gras day though. We’ve decided to stay home this year. If the weather’s really nice, I’ll go out and see the Indians, but I plan to catch everything on the television and hibernate on the couch this year.
Let the good times roll!
I’m ready to get it in!
Have a great weekend y’all!



Marid Gras…Nyx, Muses and Druids

Nyx stole the show! They threw more and had more specialty throws than Druids.

Here’s my stash!

Krewe of Nyxed to death!
Nyxed to death!

I have much more, but these are my favorites. Managed to get 4 purses and 3 martini glass bracelets thanks to Felicia the fishing net,


I had a  killer reach for the Krewe of Ancient Druids parade. I think I’ll bring her with me on carnival day!


Roy Guste photos
Roy Guste photos

I loved the playful jabbing that Druids and Nyx had going on. Druids started it last year, but this year Nyx was ready for them.


courtesy of wgno
courtesy of wgno

It rained on Nyx yet again. Two years running, two years rain.  I think the universe is sad that I’m not riding yet. The rain will stop when I get a spot on a float.

Well, that’s what MY head thinks anyway.

I’ll be up there next year! Can feel it in my bones! I saw a lot of extra room on those floats..surely there’s room for lil ole me.

photos by wgno
photos by Roy Guste

The kids are such troopers.  They don’t get enough praise as far as I’m concerned. Marching and performing for 5 or more miles is not easy….and in the rain too!

nyx wgno11

Way to go kids!!! You do a terrific job out there keeping the crowds entertained! Mardi Gras wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

Muses rolled yesterday and as usual they were fantastic! I love Muses! The crowd was thick and CRAZY!! I think they cut up more for Muses than they do for Bacchus and Endymion.

Roy Guste photos
Roy Guste photos

I get it. It’s the shoes…everyone wants to receive the coveted Muses Shoe. If you get one consider yourself very lucky…



Not too shabby considering I didn’t hustle for anything.  These are the favorites.  I love the shoe bracelets! It’s gonna go great with my purse bracelet I got from Nyx. I’m gonna use them as part of my ‘”Krewe Couture” that I’m wearing on Mardi Gras Day.

photo by Roy Guste
photo by Roy Guste

I don’t know who this young man is in the wheelchair, but he wasn’t going to let this season go by and not be out there! That’s the way it is when you’re a kid here. If you’re in the band or part of an auxiliary group, you have to be out there!  Memories that will last  lifetime are made on those streets.

A Roy Guste photo
A Roy Guste photo
The insane crowd by me!
The insane crowd by me!

Muses and Nyx both threw like crazy! I’m glad to see the ladies doing so well. It took a long time coming but, GIRL POWER is here!  Some of the other krewes can take some lessons on throwing from the ladies…they were very generous.

photo by Roy Guste
photo by Roy Guste

Tonight it begins again with the Krewe of Hermes,Krewe  d’ETAT and the Krewe of Morpheus rolling Uptown. Start time is 6 p.m. I’m gonna watch them on the parade cam at WWLTV.  They seem to have a better cam than  Anyone who wants to watch the parades can watch them here.

I need a break!

Tomorrow will be the start of a whole lot of running around. I have to rest and get ready for the madness!

Y’all have a good weekend!


Congratulations Purple Knights!

Y’all know I have a lot of people who no longer live in the city visiting my blog. Y’all also know that, I have a bunch of Purple Knights who read it so, I gotta give them their fix…lol


let the band say…

Personally, I’m glad to see the kids from all of the schools out there doing their thing.  Even though we still have a long way to go in the city, watching the kids(all NOLA kids) makes it feel almost normal again.

They are the true pioneers…they keep the culture going.

Kings of Carnival

Since Mardi Gras is officially over and everyone is eating seafood on Friday now, I had to put in my final carnival post. This particular one is also  filled with a bit of  history of the civil rights movement that took place in New Orleans.

As many people who live in the city already know, St. Augustine Marching 100 was supposed to march in Rex this year.  The band pulled out of Rex because, Rex wanted Warren Easton to lead the parade this year(at the request of Arthur Hardy.)

On the surface, this seems very trivial for a band to want to lead every parade.  It seems very cocky for them to expect to be lead band at every parade.

And while  Rex is the one who wanted another band to lead this year,

what amazes me more is the “selective memory” that takes place in this  fair city, among many blacks who have forgotten that, black marching bands weren’t allowed to participate in carnival.

Like the rest of the civil rights movement taking place in the 60’s,  someone had to stand on the front lines and be the first…

and being the first wasn’t going to be easy.

In 1967, St. Augustine Marching 100 became the first black band to integrate Mardi Gras.

These kids (and let us not forget they were children) ages 14-17 years old, marched in Rex  and while marching in that parade, in addition to being called niggers and other racial slurs , had to endure…

bottles being thrown at them, having people spit on them and other horrible things just for marching in what was known back then as “white carnival.”

One of  biggest insults they endured was when they marched through the French Quarters (the parades used to go in the Quarters back then) was that…

the folks on the balconies URINATED ON THEM.

Yeah, it was that deep and that real.

When St. Aug  marched on Canal Street, an elderly black women, dropped to her knees in front of the band and thanked God that she had lived to see that day.

The day when a black band marched on the streets of New Orleans.

The kids were talked to before the parade and told that, no matter what, do not react to the crowds.

Whatever they dish out…take it.

Turn the other cheek…

and they did.

Because of what they endured and because they did not react,

the krewes began to allow other black marching bands to participate in Mardi Gras.

Because they were the first to integrate  Mardi Gras,  and for what the band endured, out of respect ,they are given lead in every parade they march in.

Back in the day, most bands understood this and it was expected that Aug would be first.

However today, many bands are vying to lead  parades as if that part of  black history never took place…

like no one fought for that right.

The right for black bands to march in carnival parades.

People fought for that right.

Kids fought for that right.

Think about yourself when you were that age or your own kids that are 14-17 years old.

Now, think about crowds of people doing those things to you or,

to your kids while marching in a parade.

How would you feel about the situation then?

Probably the same way they feel.

Their place as lead band wasn’t  given to them…

it was earned.

They paid their dues for the place that they hold.

I know because…

my brother marched.

And my husband stood out there at 17 years old and watched his fellow classmates as they were subjected to the hatred being hurled their way.

Most of the kids who march in the band today are nephews, sons or cousins of those very same young men who marched in 1967.

I find it so ironic that, folks blame the bands ego for pulling out of Rex yet,

want that same position given to them….

with no dues paid.

That to me, is  the real ego trip.

And it’s typical of this generation…

wanting all of the rewards,

with none of the struggle.

Our history is what it is.

We can’t selectively choose what we want to embrace because, it fits our agenda.

Nor can we ignore what we want to because, it fits our agenda.

Pulling out of the parade was the right thing to do.

Because, at the end of the day…

it’s all about respect.

Every Year At Carnival Time…

Ok, if you knew the rest of that phase…you’ve been listening  to Carnival music way too long.

Well, I’m back from the dead…sorta, kinda. I still have no taste buds to speak of yet.  The flu is hell and whomever thought a “hot toddy” was a great idea just loves to drink. That stuff is nasty! LOL

At least I can be among the living now and it’s

right on time because, Carnival time is in full effect right now…

gotta catch me a few parades.

I’ll be doing plenty of carnival posts for a minute.

Since  I usually get hits regarding tickets for Mardi Gras Grandstand seating and Endymion,

let me put on here that, Ticketmaster isn’t selling them anymore.

Ya gotta get them from City Hall and they jacked the heck out of the prices!

Grandstand tickets for Mardi Gras day is $50 a person…they dun lost their mind!

St. Aug is in Rex this year and I gotta support my fellas so,

I’ll be on Napoleon Ave  to catch Rex…thank you very much.

Just me,the hubby, a box of Popeyes’s chicken, a few drinks and our comfy “carnival chairs”…

don’t know where the kids will be.

My guess is, PurpleKnight will be chaperoning for Aug(he’s going through “marching withdrawals” right now)

and YellowJacket always spend that day with her dad.

He does it big for Mardi Gras. They bring out the big grill spend the entire day grilling, drinking and everything.

After Rex,I may go spot a few Indians this year…haven’t done that in a while.

One thing for sure, if we don’t get any rain…it’s gonna be a great season.

Temp’s been in the 70’s and with weather like that, it’s hard to stay inside.

The crowds will be huge.

OH, for those of you out-of-state who want to see the parades,you can catch them here on the “paradecam.” It’s a camera located at St. Charles  and Napoleon and it features LIVE STREAMING of the parades with sound!  All the parades(except Endymion) pass this intersection so, you can  catch the ones that are rolling this weekend and next. Next weekend, be sure to  catch Bacchus as it passes…if you’ve never seen it…it’s a must!

I have to work so, I’ll be watching the parades using the cam today.

Krewe of Pontchartrain rolls at 2 p.m. and Krewe of Pygmalion rolls at 6:45 p.m. (Aug is in Pygmalion…gotta put this up for my “purple knight followers”)

Both parades will be on the parade cam.

Happy Mardi Gras!

I’m Sorry…My Bad.

It seems that, I have more than a few people keeping me on my toes with this blog of mine.  A lot of folks who read my blog are also facebook friends and one of my “purple knight family members” got on my case because, I never put up the studio copies of my son so he and the rest of the purple knight nation could see them.

So, to all my purple knight brothers….I’m sorry!

Ok…my bad…I forgot!

Here ya go…jeez.

Purpleknight c/o 2010

Proud member of the mighty Marching 100.

Father and son….the legacy continues.

I think I better clean off my scanner screen. LOL. Thanks for keeping my on my toes fellas…I thought I had put them up already.  See ya at the game.