Day 15 Your Dreams (Part 1) The Career

My dreams….

My dreams.

My dreams are now goals.

I’ve move to the action part of them.

Dreams = Desired end product while Goals = Means to achieve dreams.

I wrote them down and now, I’m making them happen.

I’ll be in this nursing game until I retire at the ripe old age of death 70…maybe… I’ll probably work  a lil longer .

So, I’ll be returning to school in the fall.

My goal is to get my doctorate in nursing and then, move into research.

Time to leave you  good patients alone.

Time to move into the quiet aspect of nursing,

where you don’t have patients trying to attack or fondle you.

or family members trying to call state boards on you.

I can’t really complain about that,

I’ve never had a family member try to call boards on me.

I believe in treating folks the way I’d want my family members to be treated.

I can be trusted to take care of your family.

Because of that, I usually get the opposite end of the spectrum,

folks tend to just love me.

But, I’m getting old,

getting tired,

getting bored with this part of nursing.

Time to move on to something fresh.

In my nursing career span I’ve seen,

A nurse get beat down by a CNA with a mop…y’all remember that post?

If you missed it, just go into the nursing category to the right…it’s in there.

I’ve also seen a pregnant nurse get attacked by a patient,

a nurse get hit upside the head with a bottle by a patient,

doctors throw charts at nurses,

family members wanting to fight nurses,

and a whole lotta other stuff.

Yeah, its brutal…

it ain’t all Florence Nightingale.

Sometimes, it’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I never had any of that drama though,

No siree, Bob.

Never had a chart thrown at me.

People know who to play with…that’s all I’m gonna say about that matter.

I’ve been goosed by a few patients though,

been asked out by a few male patients…and a few female ones too.

But it’s time for the quiet part of my career to begin.

The kids are pretty much out the way.

They’re at that stage where, they’re out of my hair but, not out of my pockets.

I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for me to complete my goal but, all of my ducks are in a row.

I’m just waiting for the fall to roll around.

I can’t wait to get started!

Day 14. This Week

Well, this is an easy one … this week is hectic.  Holidays, holidays, wearing me out.  I’m still  not completely finished with the shopping part. I’m going out today  to wrap it all up. I hate going to Lakeside Mall, it’s always crowded and I’m not big on crowds (unless they’re throwing something to me.) Also, I had to go to a  3 day seminar on Alzheimer’s  for my “crazy gig” because of some new federal regulations. It was like being thrown into a torture chamber for 3 days…seminars are sooooo boring.  I swear, I’d quit that job but it is so entertaining…I’m hooked.  We get some really crazy people coming through those doors.  REALLY crazy, like diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia type of people. Some of the nurses need to go get diagnosed…just sayin’.

The NBA  championship trophy is going about the USA and stopped here at  Office Depot in Harvey. Well, y’all know if we  hear something is going on and we’re out and about…we’re heading there.

Nice shot bruh.   Ya aging really well…60 looks great on you!

Today, I’ll start my prep work for all of that holiday cooking.  That will take up most of the day so, I’ll pull out a few of my favorite movies to keep my company. I seem to watch certain movies when I know I’m gonna be in the kitchen for a few hours . The Godfather I & II, Jaws, Tombstone and Cleopatra (with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton) usually lead the pack. I’ve added a new movie to the mix, one of my favorite 80’s movies…SIXTEEN CANDLES with Molly Ringwald. I love that darned movie!

It’s gonna be cold (well, cold for here) on Christmas so, I’m fixing gumbo!!!  I just love to eat gumbo when it’s chilly outside….reminds me of my mom.

The kids are shaking the shit outta the presents under the tree…trying to guess what’s in them.  They’re almost 17 and 19 years old and they’re still excited over them like two toddlers.   I love the fact that, my kids are still kids.  So many of them grow up so fast today…I’m glad they really enjoy being kids.

Gotta work Christmas day…uuugh.

Well, that’s all  I got….time to get this party started.


Day 12 What’s In Your Bag?

Too much junk is what. I keep saying I’m gonna clean this thing out but, I just keep adding more stuff in…and it’s mostly paper.

Look at this,Receipts like crazy! A sewage and water board bill,Yellow Jacket’s Kris Kringle Angel, A memo book to record all of my purchases (which I never do) A calendar and …Jolly Ranchers or as we like to call them, “wine candies.”  And of course, what girl would be without an ELECTRICAL OUTLET in her bag?!

I should be on Let’s Make A Deal with this bag…and not the one Wayne Brady is hosting. Let’s make a deal…MONTY!

Nope, didn’t clean it out. I just dumped everything right back into the bag…outlet included. Never know when I may need an outlet while roaming the streets. 🙂

Day 11-My Siblings

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this one for a while now. I’ve decided to just tell a bit about  each one of my siblings…that way you’ll get to see more of what makes up ole’ Ali.  My brothers have had quite an influence in my life.

Ok, my parents originally had 9 kids…8 boys and me. I was directly in the middle with 4 older and 4 under however, two of my older brothers passed and I grew up with 6 of my brothers.

Let me add that, my parents had a fetish for the letter D.  All 6 of  my brother’s name begin with D. We used to love to listen to her get all tongue-tied, trying to get the right “D” name out  when she was angry at one of them..totally hilarious.

My Posse’

Brother #1. The Musician.

He’s the oldest living brother. Because, he’s the oldest, he was the disciplinarian out of us kids. He  kept us in tow, and watched us when my parents went out on the town. This is the brother that taught me every new dance that was out at the time. He’d grab me and we’d end up doing the bump, the 4 corners or whatever the dance of the day was back in the late 60’s and 70’s. He’s an awesome dancer and because of him,so am I.  He started playing the drums at 10 years old, went to St. Aug , was a member of the Marching 100’s  and received a full musical scholarship to college. He’s a big shot with the government but, he’s still a musician.  He loves the sound of those drums, and is the reason I’m such a “bandhead.”
I call  him my “2nd daddy” because, treats me more like a daughter than a sister…and that’s fine with me.

Brother #2. The Mechanic.

This dude rebuilt his first engine at 14 years old (yeah, I know.) Growing up, he was the most adventurous one.  He loved anything and everything fast. Every car he ever owned was always “suped up” by him and then, he’d race it.  He rarely lost. Never had any  formal training as a mechanic but, can listen to a car and tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. Some people are just gifted in other areas and this dude is a mechanical genius. He loves cars. Loves to build ’em…loves to race ’em. Very popular, even to this day when someone hears my last name, they ask if I’m kin to him.   Growing up, I would go racing with him or he’d take me riding on his motorbike. Thinking about it now, it seems really weird  because, The Mechanic and I could not get along.  He was oil and I was water. But, we were always together…go figure.  I get my “lead-foot” from him.

Brother #3. Mr GQ

This is the one that had to look “just so.” If you asked him to run to the store for a loaf of bread, he had to take a bath(again), iron his jeans, put on cologne and everything else before he left.   In high school, this cat was on his way to school and before he made it there,  the CREASE fell out of his pants.  He turned around, came back home, re-ironed his pants and then, went to school. He’s still a sharp dresser today. When he married, he married a woman just like him.  When they would come over, my mom would say, the “pretty people” are here.  He’s pretty laid back, the “I”m too sexy fo’ my car” one in the family.LOL

Brother #4.  The Ruff-Ryder

Given the name because, while in California, he was a member of the Ruff-Ryder Motorcycle Club. He has a love for fast bikes and cars like The Mechanic but, he can’t build ’em…just race ’em.  Growing up, he and I were extremely close. I was his big sis and he looked up to me. He had this crazy sense of  humor and would keep me laughing.  We were so close that, when he was in the Navy and I was a Navy wife, we made sure that we’d both end up stationed in the same location…San Diego. And on the plus side,Mr. GQ was in Barstow, just a few hours away. Even the military couldn’t keep us apart!  Brutally blunt and outspoken, he was the most protective of me growing up and would give my boyfriends a hard way to go.

Brother#5. The Testimony

This brother is the one that put a few gray hairs on my parents head. Started hanging with a bad bunch of dudes and did some time or as they say today, “went on vacation.”  For his birthday, I did a post here so, I won’t go into all of that because, I’ve already done it.  Y’all just click and read…it really is a testimony. Growing up, he was really attached to my mom.  When she passed, he took it the hardest. He looks up to me as well and often seeks my opinion before he makes a decision regarding something.

The Musician and The Testimony are 20 years apart…and I still have one to go.

Brother #6.  The Oracle 

He’s the only person in my family who reads my blog. The last of the lot, he was spoiled by my mom and me. His blog name is The Oracle because, dude is a MENSA  genius. That in itself is quite a story. My mom was 42 when she had him. Everyone, including the doctors advised against it. Said that, he could have down syndrome because she and my dad were in their 40’s etc.  Well, she had him and when he was 2 years old, we noticed that, dude was actually reading. He’d sit in my mom’s lap while she read the paper and would actually read the words.

No, there wasn’t any Baby Can Read or stuff like that involved. Are ya joking? My mom had her first child at 18, she had her last kid at 42!  She was tired.  By the time he came along, she had already raised 6 kids…the last thing she was gonna do was give herself extra work.

Nah buddy, you “learnt” to read in school back then….See Jane. See Spot..See Spot Run.

When Oracle  started school, he blew everything out of the water so, they tested him and that’s when they found out. I won’t say his score but, it’s really high. Like I’ve said, he’s MENSA.   I remember when, Ben Franklin High School contacted my parents and told them they wanted him to attend  and he was exempt from any and all entrance exams. That’s quite a feat considering what you have to go through to get into Ben.  Growing up, he was my baby.  He clung to me like a kola bear.   He wouldn’t go to sleep unless I was right there next to him. One time, I went by cousin’s house to spend the night but,  he cut up so bad that, my mom called and said she couldn’t do anything with him.  I had to go back home…thanks Oracle.

He’s the brother that’s the most like me. He’s moody(like me), flip at the lip(like me), and a geeky, nerd(like me.) We share the same sense of humor. He’s the brother that I’m closest to now.

He’s also 22 years younger than The Musician.

Growing up as an only girl was great. My brothers and I rarely argued…shoot, half the time, I had to run them out of my room. We’re still a pretty tight bunch, some closer than others but, that’s normal when there are a lot of siblings.

I never missed having a sister because, I always had so much fun with the fellas.  As you can see from some of the pics, they’re a wacky bunch of dudes…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Day 10-What you wore today

Yeah, yeah! This right here is the super, duper easy one!   ‘Bout time y’all eased up on this challenge!

SCRUBS…oh, I love me some scrubs!  Takes the guess work outta trying to find something to wear to work.

Today, I was out in the field so, I was rocking everything white.

White scrub top and pants

white lab coat

white tennis shoes

white socks

Crisp and clean in white.

Day 9-My Beliefs.

Since SOMEONE, I won’t say who…*cough* THE ORACLE *cough*is rushing me through these posts, I’m gonna get to the next one which is…my beliefs.

Well, how am I gonna write about what I believe?  It would take the an eternity to try to cover all that stuff.  So once again, I’m gonna fly off the cuff and just give ya’ll a taste of what’s inside of ole’ Ali;

I believe that when my daughter comes up to me and says, “oh, mommyyy” in her sweet voice…she wants something.

…that my mom is never too far away from me,

…that as you get older, life gets better,

…that turning 50 will be fabulous!

…that my mind has finally been set free,

…that good or bad, if you can survive childhood, life is what you make it,

…that there is more love in the world than hate

…that  hate is louder than love.

…that at the end of the day, we are all in this thing together and if more people realized that,

we’d be one kick-ass nation.

Day 8 – A Moment.

This is a moment that, I’ll never forget because…it was my last big moment before the storm.  My daughter, YellowJacket was 11 years old at the time and there was a concert coming to the city on August 12, 2005…two weeks before Katrina.

The concert was at the Arena and featured; Bow-Wow, Omarion,Bobby Valentino and some other kids.  Because she was only 11, I didn’t really want to take her. I thought 11 was too young to go to a concert…I was practically grown when I started going to concerts.

She begged and pleaded and finally, I gave in and purchased two tickets.

We went to the mall and bought her a cute pair of jeans to wear with a darling little top, her step-mom braided her hair…she looked so precious.

She even got her nails did…(yeah, I know)

When we hit the concert, I realized how wrong I was about being too young because….every kid in there looked like they were 10 to 15 years old!

YellowJacket was beaming! She was looking fly and about to see her heartthrob live and in living color…Bow-Wow.

And she had everything they were selling in the lobby (parents are such suckas.)

The concert started and all you could hear was girls screaming…and yellowjacket was right along with them.

The other parents and I just sat there, looking at one another and laughing at it all because, the energy in there was electrifying.

The kids were so happy!

Yellow Jacket was singing and swaying  to every song that was sung…and then, Bow-Wow told them light up their cell-phones and hold it in the air.

*what the hell happened to the bic lighter?*

Of course, she took my cell-phone and joined in.

I sat there thinking…ya know, this right here is what it’s all about.

Memories man…creating good memories for ya kids.

She had the time of her life.

And so did I.

Day 7. My Best Friend…Monnie

My oldest and dearest friend is Monnie.  I’ve known her for 47 years…my entire life.  She’s the closest that I’ve ever come to having a sister.  I know some of you are thinking, “how can you have known someone for your entire life?”  Easy, it all started here;That’s our moms.  Our parents purchased houses 5 doors from one another in 1957 and our moms were often pregnant at the same time.

Monnie and I are one month apart so, our moms were pregnant at the same time(again) with us.  We did everything together…went to the same elementary, junior and senior high school together.

first day of school

That’s us on going to school for the very first time…I love how we’re holding hands. And yes, I still tease her about that too short dress her mom put on her. That chick  knows everything there is to know about me…the good, the bad and the ugly and we’ve remained friends through is all.  We were inseparable growing up. If she wasn’t at my house, I was at hers….being only 5 houses away had its advantages.

Ali and Monnie...halloween

She was always taller than me but, people still would get us confused. I guess because, we were always together. Our history is deep, with so many memories.  She’s a member of my family….a part of who I am.  When I see her, I see an extension of myself. Just hearing her voice makes me smile.  She can make me laugh like no other friend can…I think it’s because she has an arsenal of memories to pull from.


We know one another inside and out. When I got married in ’91, I knew she would never be in the bridal party…she just ain’t that kinda girl. I knew she’d be there though…and she was.  Calming my nervous jitters as only she could do, she found an aisle seat, waited for me to pass and then said something totally insane (something you really shouldn’t say) in church…yeah, it was nasty.


I love her…she loves me.  We’ve celebrated milestones and endured heartache together.  She’s given me 47 years of unconditional love and support.

She is more than a best friend…she is my sister.

Day 6-Your Day.

Today was a dreary, rainy lil day so, I decided to do some cleaning up ’round these here parts.  I did find a few interesting things though. Here’s what I found:

…for those of you just too young to know, it’s a RECORD HOLDER.  Back in the dinosaur days, we used to play records and we’d line them up in this little thingy here.

and check this out…

Yes, it’s an 8-track tape of the Average White Band…wow. I remember my 8-track player…it was so cute and red…AND BIG.

Going though some toys, I found this…

A Transformer.  No, this is not the new ones they have out today…this one has a date of 1984 on the back. It belonged to my brother, The Oracle…who’s now in his mid 30’s.

This little tape here, belonged to our Atari System.  Anyone remember those?

…and a Sega Genesis tape…

Super Nintendo here…

Something from ole’ Kaiser which shut down in the early 80’s….

And my most coveted find is right here….

My mother’s autograph book from when she was in school…wow.  It’s dated 1947.  There’s even a page in there where my dad wrote something to her. I think I’m going to have that page framed.

It seems that, a very young Ali also wanted to put something in it….OMG that’s too funny. Apparently, I was working on my penmanship… and my thoughts (success is the key to education)…and my spelling (your “litter” girl.)

Well, that’s all I did today…just cleaned out a bunch of stuff around the house and ended up finding some neat little surprises along the way.


Day 5-Your definition of Love.

Shoot, I ain’t got no definition of love.   All I know is, I know it when I see it.

Love is… a proud big brother with his little sister…

young purpleknight and yellowjacket

and the vibe in the city during Mardi Gras…

Love is  thousands of people waiting for hours ….

for this one special moment…

It’s family and friends being there… through good times and bad…

and  people from around the country, volunteering to help rebuild a city….

It’s marching your heart out for your school..

…and going to war for your country.

Like I’ve said…I can’t really give you my definition of love but, I know one thing…it’s all around me.