The Parade Day From Hell Is Today.

It’s about 5 :45 a.m. and today is going to be a parade day from hell.

Why is that?

Because, Endymion which is a “super krewe” was rained out yesterday

and is following Bacchus (another super krewe ) along the uptown route today.

What does that mean?

That means, the parades are gonna be all day and last a very long time.

I hate that Endymion is following Bacchus because,

Bacchus floats are always spread out like they can’t keep up with each other.

One float will pass and the other float will be two blocks behind.

Endymion is always together.

It’s gonna be a loonnnggg night.

I’ve already checked the parade cam and people are already out there…

which means, if I want a descent spot

I have to get out there early.

My plan is to get out there around 7:30 a.m and camp out for the day.

I know people not from this area  think this is crazy but,

it’s what we do down here.

So, I have my “carnival chair”, some goodies to eat,water, paper towels, hand sanitizer,a good book to read and the most important thing…

toilet paper! LOL

Yeah, I bring my own. It’s bad enough I’m gonna have to use the port-a-let

I’m not wiping my tooshie with paper everybody and their grandmomma been touching.

Mid City is also rolling uptown today so, they’re all starting early.

St. Aug is marching in…wait for it…

Mid City

Bacchus and


My guess is, they are going to march all of Mid City, ride back to the start-up and march majority of Bacchus, pull out of Bacchus and then

fall in line with Endymion somewhere along the route.

Those poor babies are going to be dead to the world when they finish marching 3 parades back to back today.

And they have to march Monday and Tuesday as well.

Such is life in the Big Easy this time of the year.

See ya tomorrow!





4 thoughts on “The Parade Day From Hell Is Today.

  1. I’ve never opened a port-o-let that didn’t bring tears to my eyes. Personally, I’d prefer to use a tree or the back of someone’s car to one of those disgusting things.

    I do wish though that I could have gone to at least one parade…….that would have been nice.

    • Reg, I used it once and refused to drink anything after that! Yeah, I know what you mean. When I lived in San Diego,I missed going to parades.

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