Mardi Gras Marching Mambo

Well folks, yesterday the “big parades” rolled off and the crowds were in full force. Muses was the queen of the day for me because, that krewe had all of the local bands. I’m a bandhead so, for me that’s a biggie.

The fellas stayed home and my daughter and I went out (we always have tons of fun at the parades when it’s us two.)

One of the many things about Mardi Gras is this,

if you love to hear the bands, there are certain places on the route where you are guaranteed to hear every band play.

The main place is under the bridge by Lee Circle.

Also, every band will play at  the turn from Napoleon onto St. Charles Avenue.

For Endymion, it’s under the Claiborne bridge on Canal Street.

But, my most favorite place of all is,

the start-up line.

Where the floats and bands fall in formation.

Why is this the best place?


All of the bands wait to fall in line and while waiting, they warm up in preparation to march the parade route.

They also engage in “friendly battles” to see who is the better band this carnival season…

or at least, for that parade.

Everyone always want to battle St. Aug because,

if you can blow them out…

you’ve knocked down a titan.

I always go to the start-up and watch the battles but,

with two parades in front of Muses and so many bands getting caught up in traffic,

they didn’t have time to battle.

Too bad because all the bands were in that parade…

O.P.Walker, Aug,Easton, Mc 35, John Mac,Prep, St. Mary’s,Carver, Clark, Reed, Sophie Wright,Edna Carr,West Jeff,McMain, etc.

also a major battle was supposed to happen between Walker and Aug.

They battled at the Alla parade and Walker blew Aug out (see how objective I can be…lol)

last night was supposed to be part 2 but, there wasn’t any time.

But,KUDOS to Muses for supporting local bands…YOU ROCK!

The economy must be affecting the krewes because, they had about 20 women on each side of the float and you barely saw anything flying off of them.

In Mardi Gras language, that’s called being “chinchy”…

and Muses was chinchy last night.

I walked with the parade from the start-up line at Jefferson and Magazine, down Magazine to Napoleon, down Napoleon to St. Charles Ave. and down St. Charles Ave. to Felicity.

Anyone from here knows that,

that’s one hell of a walk!

That entire time, I barely saw anything flying from the floats.

I hope it gets better because,  I love Muses.

I’ll be doing  it all over again tonight…

with Hermes.

The parade cam is up and running so, you’ll be able to catch  the parades on live stream tonight.

Hermes(6 p.m.), d’etat (6:30 p.m.) and Morpheus(7 p.m.) roll tonight.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!



8 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Marching Mambo

    • Thanks SP! I love this time of the year. There’s so much that goes on during carnival time but, the bands are my favorite. I love to watch the kids give their all and the crowds love them. It’s a wonderful thing!

  1. Still just looking through your blog, I’m willing to bet that you have one helluva Mardi Gras throw collection. I can’t begin to imagine the large numbers of beads and other whatnots that you would have. It’s gotta be one awesome collection to be sure.

    • Reg, I just threw out a bunch of “regular” beads because, I just had too many beads. Now, I have a bunch more from this season.
      I do have some really nice beads though. It’s crazy because, now I look for certain beads for certain holidays. A lot of floats throw red,white and blue beads. I keep those and hang them on my fence for the 4th of July. Valentine’s day, I hang the red and white beads, Red and Green beads for Christmas,etc.
      I think my neighbors look at my fence to see what holiday is next…lol
      One year I plan to ride so, I’m keeping the regular beads I collected this year and I’ll throw them out when I ride.
      One of my brothers wants to do a truck float so, I’m gonna see how we can make that happen.

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