The Prostate Convo.

Son: mom, do you know what a prostate exam is?


Son: what is it?

Me: that’s when the doctor sticks his finger in your booty.


Son: what’s he doing that for?

Me: he’s feeling your prostate gland to see if something abnormal is going on.

Son: well, when do you get that done?

Me: men start getting prostate exams around 40-50 years old.

Son: well…I’m NEVA letting a doctor stick his finger up MY butt!!

Me:  yeah,that’s what you all say. Just remember to relax and breathe.


21 thoughts on “The Prostate Convo.

    • Judy, when he said…WWWHHHAATT?! I swear, I had to hold on to the steering wheel so tight because, I started laughing like crazy!

  1. LOL! In seriousness, please pass this onto him or let him read my comment.

    Shortly after I married my late wife, my 56-year old father-in-law — a great guy — was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two years later, he was dead. He had not gotten a physical even though he knew better and has simply refused to see a doctor when the initial symptoms surfaced. I promised myself that I would never die young because I didn’t want a doctor sticking his finger in a my booty.

    Flash forward about twenty years. I kept the promise and got a physical for my 45th birthday. My booty was fine, but the doctor found something somewhere else. Within a week, I had my right testicle removed, was diagnosed with Stage I testicular cancer, and commenced a month’s worth of radiation treatments. It was scary as hell, but here I am ten years later.

    And my booty still goes in for its regularly scheduled checkup, you can bet on that!

    • K, I let him read your answer and he said, “well, if it’s something that will help me stay alive,I guess I’ll have to do it but, no one’s touching this booty for 21 years!!!”
      I’m so glad you got that check up and they were able to find the cancer in it’s early stage. Too many people wait until it’s too late. I just lost a friend who was 44 years old to cervical cancer. It would have been caught had she taken her pap smears regularly.

    • SP, he’s at the age now where he’s just beginning to learn about what we have to go through as an adult. It’s so interesting and hilarious at the same time watching him learn of these things.

  2. Interesting topic.

    The first time that I got an exam I was 40. The brothers seriously need to do this earlier than most, we seem to be extremely susceptible to this. The first couple of times it happened I felt violated and that the doctor should have offered to buy me dinner first or something. All I know is I left not feeling particularly good about it. I almost hit the second guy, he enjoyed it a little too much for my tastes.

    I certainly don’t look forward to it, but I have it done every year.

    Suffice it to say, it’s not fun.

    • Reggie, I figure get in and get out! You’re absolutely right: It’s just one of those things we have to do. Ain’t it hard to be a man?

      Damn, I just remembered that my birthday is coming up. Time for the annual rubber glove salute…

  3. Reg, brought the subject up today while I was bringing him to school…don’t know what prompted it but, I was glad for the opportunity to talk to him about it. No, I don’ imagine it’s fun for y’all…sorta like pap smears for us. That cold behind instrument going in ones “va-jay-jay” is never fun.

  4. Oh my lord. That boy…… this is what I get to look forward to in 10 years with Boobs? Uhhhh…..actually, your brother will get that privilege. 🙂 I’d rather talk about boobies and periods. lol

  5. My husband had his first exam this month. He dreaded it and thought the doctor forgot until he was told to turn around and place his hands on the table.

    When he came home to complain I explained the violation I’ve endured for the past 24 years in the form of a pap smear. All he could do was hug me, LOL

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