NOLA Ramblings

*sigh* I’m trying to be like a good neighbor..I really am but, this right here is driving me.

What is this you say?

Well, it’s a truck float…or a soon to be truck float.

Whenever they get started.

My lovely neighbors are breaking all kind of zoning codes having this thingamajig back here.

We have one of the tightest zoning codes in the city here in “the park” and this thingamabob ain’t supposed to be back here…

they’re supposed to have it at Louisa and Almonaster.

Where the other truck floats are waiting to be worked on.

For the folks that aren’t from here,

on Mardi Gras day, after Zulu and Rex hit the streets,

the truck floats follow…which makes it pretty much an all day affair.

Cuz, they have lots of truck floats,

rolling all behind one another, blowing their horns

and tossing lots of stuff.

Ya catch more stuff from the truck floats than from Rex and Zulu combined on that day.

Families and friends usually get a truck float for themselves,

decorate it, dress in their costumes and have a wonderful time up there.

We’re planning to do a truck float ourselves…maybe next year(note to Oracle and SIL)

Part of me wants to call the “po-pos” and tell them they have to move this monstrosity

but, I actually want to see how it turns out.

Aww what the  heck, it’s Mardi Gras time,

On March 8th, it rolls out anyway.

Here’s a good clip of some truck floats rolling on Mardi Gras day..


8 thoughts on “NOLA Ramblings

    • Will do. Brother #5 was supposed to get on a truck float this year. Don’t know if he will but, we’ll try to come up with something for next carnival. Shoot, we could put the float in front the door like they did! 🙂

  1. SP, The truck floats make me dizzy too! LMAO! I thought I was the only one.
    I wonder if it’s the colors or the movement but, every time I’m near those bad boys…I get dizzy!

    • *sigh* Yeah Reggie, it’s that time. The stands are already up along Vets and they’re putting them up in front of Gallier Hall now. I hope these folks don’t make this an every year deal trying to bring this float back here. I may not be in this festive mood next year…

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