Every Year At Carnival Time…

Ok, if you knew the rest of that phase…you’ve been listening  to Carnival music way too long.

Well, I’m back from the dead…sorta, kinda. I still have no taste buds to speak of yet.  The flu is hell and whomever thought a “hot toddy” was a great idea just loves to drink. That stuff is nasty! LOL

At least I can be among the living now and it’s

right on time because, Carnival time is in full effect right now…

gotta catch me a few parades.

I’ll be doing plenty of carnival posts for a minute.

Since  I usually get hits regarding tickets for Mardi Gras Grandstand seating and Endymion,

let me put on here that, Ticketmaster isn’t selling them anymore.

Ya gotta get them from City Hall and they jacked the heck out of the prices!

Grandstand tickets for Mardi Gras day is $50 a person…they dun lost their mind!

St. Aug is in Rex this year and I gotta support my fellas so,

I’ll be on Napoleon Ave  to catch Rex…thank you very much.

Just me,the hubby, a box of Popeyes’s chicken, a few drinks and our comfy “carnival chairs”…

don’t know where the kids will be.

My guess is, PurpleKnight will be chaperoning for Aug(he’s going through “marching withdrawals” right now)

and YellowJacket always spend that day with her dad.

He does it big for Mardi Gras. They bring out the big grill spend the entire day grilling, drinking and everything.

After Rex,I may go spot a few Indians this year…haven’t done that in a while.

One thing for sure, if we don’t get any rain…it’s gonna be a great season.

Temp’s been in the 70’s and with weather like that, it’s hard to stay inside.

The crowds will be huge.

OH, for those of you out-of-state who want to see the parades,you can catch them here on the “paradecam.” It’s a camera located at St. Charles  and Napoleon and it features LIVE STREAMING of the parades with sound!  All the parades(except Endymion) pass this intersection so, you can  catch the ones that are rolling this weekend and next. Next weekend, be sure to  catch Bacchus as it passes…if you’ve never seen it…it’s a must!

I have to work so, I’ll be watching the parades using the cam today.

Krewe of Pontchartrain rolls at 2 p.m. and Krewe of Pygmalion rolls at 6:45 p.m. (Aug is in Pygmalion…gotta put this up for my “purple knight followers”)

Both parades will be on the parade cam.

Happy Mardi Gras!


6 thoughts on “Every Year At Carnival Time…

  1. I beg to differ about the hot toddy !!! It isn’t nasty, just strong , especially for someone who doesn’t drink or hasn’t adapted to the taste of whiskey. But it makes you S W E A T !!!! not perspire and the warmth of the drink soothes the throat. about all you could expect.

  2. I must admit, there are times that I miss Mardi Gras. But truth be told, there are two kinds of people in the New Orleans area. Those people that love Mardi Gras and those that can’t wait for it to be over. I can remember being on both sides.

    Sometimes it would be nice to catch a parade……..and the occasional piece of King Cake. But there is nothing more fucked up than trying to get home and you can’t because one of those parades has the goddamned street blocked. That’s a real pain in the ass.

    Look at it this way, that hot toddy didn’t hurt……..did it?!?

    • Reggie, that toddy was the nastiest drink I’ve had in a looonnggg time!
      I’ve never been blocked by a parade but, one Mardi Gras someone parked their car behind mine and blocked me in. I had to work that day so, I was pissed cuz I had to wait for them to move their car.

  3. The older I get the more I detest huge, drunken crowds. I love doing Zulu and Rex, but there’s no place to pee! So I’ll enjoy MG day on the Northshore….besides, hubby has to work.

    • Judy, I don’t blame you. The only reason I go out is to support the schools my kids are in. Usually where we go the crowd is very family-oriented and the crowd isn’t large. I’d never hit Canal Street or St. Charles Ave. Way too many people for me.

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