This blog is taking a station identification break cuz….

I’m sick!

Lawd, I hate getting sick.

When was the last time I had a cold?

I can’t even remember.

When I get a cold, that’s my clue that I’ve been doing way too much  for others

and not enough for me.

Dun wore my po lil body down to the ground.

Time to rest and regroup.

No work for me at the crazy job this weekend

my boss is gonna be pissed

she’s lucky I haven’t quit that insane asylum yet.

This coughing is driving me crazy!

How is it that, everything I take says “cough suppressant” but,

I’m still barking like a dog around here?

I think I have the flu…*sigh*

See y’all when I done with this thing.



16 thoughts on “Blogcation.

  1. Dear bc, I got over my cold pretty quickly, it’s pretty much impossible to completely avoid the germs. Sleeping and staying away from those insane-asylum jobs are good. Get well soon! sp

    • SP, Hopefully I can get rid of this one quickly but, with the body aches and headaches along with everything else…I have quite a battle.

  2. We’ve seen an abundance of office cooties lately. There are so many sick people that it’s ridiculous. The people that report to me that aren’t feeling well know better than to bring their sick asses in my office too. I don’t have time to be sick, little elves won’t come around at night to do my work.

    Ya’ll sick people get on my goddamned nerves!!!

    Keep your damned cooties to yourselves!!!

  3. YUCK!!!! I am sorry you are sick. That is never fun. As you know, we just got over that with Moo. Luckily, no one else has shown signs of it yet.

    Get better soon!

      • PK probably won’t get sick …way too much vitamin C in his system…. YJ SHALL get sick even if so really doesn’t !LOL As for
        me, well …probably won’t Thank you Jesus !!!!!
        Somebody has to take care of YOU kiddo !!!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! There’s a nasty stomach flu going around my job amongst the volunteers, but it hasn’t hit the office staff yet. My landlord has told me that the trilogy of vitamin C, echinacea, and lysine works wonders if taken twice a day. I tried it a couple of months ago, and it did seem to knock my cold out faster.

    • Tazzee, I’m drinking all the juice I can handle to run this bug away! This is the big Mardi Gras weekend and I plan to be out there!

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