My House Guest.

Lately, it’s been pretty cold and damp here in NOLA. Yesterday, NavySeal was getting ready to bring our son to school and we had someone looking for shelter from the cold and rain at our door. I had never seen her before but, she had such a friendly disposition about her.

I hear him yelling, “Ali, come to the door”

I go to the door and there she is looking at me with those darned eyes.

If they’re the window to her soul, she has a good one.

She’s cold, wet, limping

and she’s licking my hand.

We let her in and begin to look her over,

she’s well kept, even smells of doggie cologne.

Her nails are freshly cut…

she’s loved and she’s lost.

She has a collar but, no tags.

We’ve never seen her before so, we don’t know where to begin to look for her owners.

So, NS gets on the internet and contacts ARNO(Animal Rescue of New Orleans)

No SPCA for  her…we don’t do kill shelters.

No answer at ARNO.

We get in the car and drive down there,

with her.

She’s as cool as a cucumber,

she rides in the car better than my dog that I’ve been having since he was 8 weeks old.

He becomes a total donkey in the car!

We get there and they scan her for a microchip…she doesn’t have any.

Y’all microchip ya pets PLEASE!

They can’t keep her. They’re swamped  because,it’s cold and wet.

I guess animals look for shelter like people do in these conditions.

The guy at the shelter looks at her and says, he thinks she’s a Ridgeback.

I’d never heard of that breed before.

They took a picture of her and said they’d put it on facebook and petfinder but,

I don’t think her people are gonna look for her on there.

They asked if we could keep her for a few days so, they could try to locate a foster home.

What am I gonna say…no?

So now, I have a house guest for a few days.

She isn’t limping anymore so, that’s good.

I wish I could find her owner though

I’m sure they’re missing her.

I know I would if, she was mine.

She’s a good girl.



8 thoughts on “My House Guest.

  1. Awwww. She looks so sweet. I wish she was mine. I want to get us a dog but it seems that I have turned into a commitment phobe. 🙂

    • TOW, she really is a good dog. I wish I could find her owners. I’m going to put posters on the main street by us the phone number or ARNO.
      Hopefully, they’ll see it.

    • Cliff, I know how you feel. We went through that with our Sassie. It’s hard not to get sad about something like that…(((hugs)))

    • Tazzee, get Babee microchipped ASAP! Anything could happen and with that chip, you can always locate her owners information. Actually, I had no idea about the whole microchip thing until Katrina. When Sassie was rescued, they microchipped her at the shelter.

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