The Birthday Girls…My Daughter and Me

My daughter, Yellow Jacket and I just celebrated our birthdays…yep, she was born on my birthday. She tried to jack my day from me 16 years ago and has been trying to jack stuff from me ever since.

Yellow Jacket is sweet 16 and I’m  tangy sweet 47.

We started the day at Cafe du Monde on Vets. Blvd and got some beignets. Being the “beignet connoisseur” that I am, I gotta tell ya…the best beignets are on Vets…not in the French Quarters.  They make them too spongy out there so if ya ever want some really great ones and can head out to Metairie…go there.

YellowJacket and PurpleKnight@Cafe du Monde

uhh, I don’t know how Purple Knight ended up in the car…getting our birthday beignets.  A  mouth full of ’em too!

I think I’ve been going to this place just a tad too much though. When the lady saw us walk through the door, she yelled   “three orders and three  large chocolate milks coming up.”

Imma need to take a break from that joint…yeah, right.

I need to own stock in it, I go there so much.

For dinner,  Navy Seal and I went to Copelands. YellowJacket went to  drain her dad’s pockets dry dinner and then shopping with her dad.

The thing I hate most about Copelands (yep, you read hate) is that, I love every darn thing on the menu…that makes it hard for me to pick something to eat.

I decided on:

Appetizer-Crawfish Bread (never had it before…will be eating it every chance I get now)

Main Course-Stuffed Shrimp with  Tasso butter cream

Dessert-Strawberry Cheesecake (which I got for free since it was my birthday!)

Good lawd! That food is great over there!!  I’ve yet to have a bad experience at Copelands.  After we were rolled out on our big bellies had eaten dinner, NavySeal and I went to a Latin Club and listened to some great music.

Next month, we’re taking Salsa lessons with the New Orleans Salsa Dancers on Magazine St.  Should be fun…I know it’ll be interesting.  I’ll be posting updates about the lessons.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and YellowJacket is a happy camper with all of her gifts.

YellowJacket..@mardi gras time

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL… I hope you are always as happy as you were, the day you took this picture.


6 thoughts on “The Birthday Girls…My Daughter and Me”

  1. Nothing like going into a cafe where they already know your order! Mine starts making a tall split Americano in mug the second I open their door!

    Great pix!

  2. I absolutely love Cafe DuMonde. As I type this, I sit here drinking CDM. I lived in ‘Nawlins from 1989-1998. I had good times there, but destiny took me in another direction.

    Even though I’ve long since left, part of my heart will always be there. Copelands is nice, but I would have preferred to go to any number of other places there. In New Orleans, eating is a celebration.

    1. Welcome aboard Reggie!
      I was feening for the onion mum and the strawberry cheesecake at Copelands…that’s how Copeland’s won that one 🙂

      We eat out so much, I think we’ve eaten at every joint in the city!

      1. I’d give my left testicle to have dinner at Deanie’s tonight………that seafood platter is the bomb diggity!!!Of course, I’d take a shrimp Po-Boy from We never close in the east.

        Then again, maybe I’d just be happy with the alligator sausage and seafood gumbo at The redfish grill on Bourbon.

        I’m drooling on myself………….

  3. LOL… I know how you feel. We live here and we still drool.
    Haven’t been to We Never Close in a few years though. When they moved a few doors down to the old Burger King on Chef…they lost me.
    That was the spot to hit after the clubs though!

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