Are You A Know It All

Are You A Know-It-All?



I have a question for you all?  Have you ever been called a “know-it-all”?  I bet you have…how do I know?  Because, I read the blogs of people who tend to read my blog and I already know that, they are very intelligent people so, I am willing to bet that someone, somewhere has called them a “know-it-all” either in blogland, on the job, around their neighborhood…somewhere.

Dereck (my brother) “The Oracle” …don’t even answer because you got called a “know-it-all” your entire life so….


Well, I get called one often too.  Mostly from people who don’t know much of anything is what I am finding.  I was called one the other day on the job.  I am not a “know-it-all”…I promise you…. I am not. But, here’s what I am thinking….. I think people who do not like to read, who do not like to learn or receive information from people who know about a particular subject feel intimidated by those of us who do.

 I don’t know everything but, if there’s any information regarding something I feel I need, should  or want to know about, I am going after it.   If there is a person within earshot or blog realm of me handing out some information that they have knowledge about and I don’t…darn it, I want to know too!   School me, teach me…where can I buy the book on it? Is there a seminar on it?…that’s me.


I love learning, that will never change.  But, what I have had to change was the people that I engage in conversation with…anyone who says “conversate” is an automatic…SEE YAH LATER!  I have also found that, some people actually like to live in ignorance…they don’t want to know better or do better…that is so sad to me.   Every single day, I am trying to learn something new.  I have learned so much doing this rebuilding process that, it’s unreal.  When I go into stores I always hear, “oh, you did your homework huh?…ya darned right I did!  You ain’t going to blow smoke up my ass and I buy it hook, line and sinker!  I’m testing your behind to see if  YOU know what you’re talking about before I give you the job…shoot!
By the time I am sitting with them, I’ve been on the internet for two weeks getting information.


I am also the type of person that, if I am not sure about something, you won’t hear from me.  If you ask me and I don’t know, I say “I don’t know” I can find out from (whatever source) and see if that person knows or look on the net but, right now, I don’t know.  Because of that, when I do say something, I tend to know what I’m talking about and can bring up documentation….when I told my co-worker I would bring her documentation about Louisiana being under the Napoleonic Code she didn’t want to see it….who the hell doesn’t know that anyway?!…People in Alaska know that about us!

So, now I’m a know it all….again…it wasn’t the first time, I’m sure it won’t be the last.


2 thoughts on “Are You A Know It All

  1. Yes, I get called one too BUT in my ripe old age, Ive noticed that some people refuse to watch the news or even read! So when they’re speaking on a subject that they know nothing about and you chime in to shed some light, you get called a K.I.A!!! And youre absolutely right–some people choose to live in ignorance and it’s sad, sad, sad!

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