Weekend Wrap

My weekend was veeerrrryyyy  interesting…for starters, I’ve been giving my kids driving lessons and lets just say that, the patience that I began praying for years ago…..IS HERE!!

I  had to remind myself not to yell, or lose my patience with them because, I really hate it when someone is trying to learn something and they end up getting yelled at by someone who has been doing that mess for years…like they didn’t have to learn how to do that mess too.

Anyway, the lessons went really well although, I have to say that, my 15 year old daughter is already a better driver than her 17 year old brother.  The girl got behind the wheel like she’s been driving for a hot minute and ended up driving all around the city.  Needless to say, her brother is fired up behind that…but, in a good way, he’s determined to be the one driving like that next weekend so, we’ll see. 


I have a new adopted family member….sort of.  My new neighbors have this dog (we don’t know his name so, we call him Whitey) and they really neglect the heck out of this dog.   They have another dog but, that dog is allowed to go inside, Whitey isn’t.  Whitey sits at the front door like a loyal but, abused family member just waiting for someone to pay him some attention.  They seem to be feeding him because, he doesn’t look emaciated but, they never talk to him, never pet him…just walk past him like he isn’t there.

So, one day, Whitey was walking near my house (he stays in the next block) and I called him to me, gave him some water and a little something to eat and, Whitey has been popping up at my doorstep ever since.  Whitey has gotten so spoiled that, if he doesn’t see me, he goes into the church yard next door to me and barks at my back door until someone comes out!  The little rascal!  I talk to him often which he seems to love and he’s even letting my crew pet him now..poor baby probably hasn’t been petted in years…We are keeping a close eye on Whitey and if we have to evacuate this hurricane season and those crazy people leave him, we have decided to take him with us…we’ll make him a permanent member of the family ….can you comandeer a dog?   Oh, I forgot  to add that, Whitey has a broken paw…you can tell by how he holds it and those nuts have not brought him to the vet….I would call SPCA but, I am too afraid that he would not get adopted and they would put him down. Since he’s about the size of my cockers, I give him a the heart guard to keep him from getting heart worms (I’m sure they aren’t worried about that sort of stuff) and put Frontline on him so, he won’t have ticks and fleas since they keep him outside….I’m such an old softy…sigh.


This is Whitey...my adopted family member

This is Whitey...my adopted family member


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap

  1. Whitey is cute! Besides being handicapped. I hadn’t thought about hurricane season until you mentioned potentially evacuating. I hate thinking about those days.

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