Teen Violence.

Last night YellowJacket was on the phone with her boyfriend. She had him on speakerphone so, I could hear every word…and he would hear us.

I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation but he knew I was in the room because, I was helping her with a project and talking to her from time to time.

My ears perked up when I heard him say,”I’m not afraid to hit you in front of your mom”

My response was immediate…

AND I’LL SHOOT YOU IF YOU DO. I’m not afraid to kill you.

He got real quiet after that.

He may have been playing.

I’m not.

Don’t even try to entertain the thought of fucking with my girl.

To quote Tracie Washington, “Orange ain’t on my color wheel but, I’ll proudly wear it if you mess with my kid.”


33 thoughts on “Teen Violence.

  1. ….and I would have also told him.

    Be advised, you are NOT to call my home again without first coming to speak with me face to face.

    Not only was it NOT funny, but I would have let the both of them understand just how serious I was about the topic.

    He would have owed me an explanation in her presence. If he blew it off or made light of it, he would have lost his “my home” privileges.

    Not only is it not funny, it’s not even close to being funny.

    This would be a time when it would be appropriate to go both HAM and EGGS.

    • Reg, you already know I handled that. Had a long talk with the both of them. I’m ready to go ham, eggs and GRITS if need be.

  2. I’m glad I wasn’t eating at the time of reading this BC. That was some bold and crazy ish he said. Reggie’s comment pretty much sums up what I would have said.

    Kids these days are on some crazy ish, but it’s good to hear that you handled it. Curious, what did NS say to this incident?

    • Blu, NS said that he “never liked that m-f’er” and if he touches her,he’ll be taking matters into his own hands…literally.

      • Well, let’s hope for that “m-fer” he don’t get stupid or his mama will be doing LOTS of crying. In fact, I think you and NS should go have a talk with his mama so she’s aware of the bs coming out of her son’t mouth. At least she then couldn’t say, she didn’t know why things happened.

      • Blu, he’s being raised by his grandmother. His mom’s not around and I guess his dad is “too busy” doing who only knows. I’ve met the grandmother and she ‘s a nice person but, I’m not having a convo with her.I’ve had a talk with him now if he thinks I’m joking, let him play his best hand. Yellow Jacket has 6 uncles from me alone…and they’re crazy as hell!
        Let me give you an example,
        When we were young, one of my lil brothers came home crying because someone had knocked him off of his bike and had taken it.
        One of my other brothers asked which way he saw the guy going,… my lil brother pointed in the direction he saw the guy riding on his bike.
        My brother got into my parents car, spotted the boy riding the bike on the sidewalk…drove the car onto the sidewalk and hit him with the car!
        Yeah..her boyfriend can act a fool if he wants to….

  3. That’s wild, I’m dealing with a similar situation involving her teen daughter and a boyfriend she’s trying to rid herself of. I doubt very seriously if he will test me, but you never know. I can say one thing – talking like he’s not afraid to strike your child in front of you only tells me one thing…

    He’s tired of breathing.

    • Don, he got so quiet when I said what I said. I guess he realized that, I”m not that kinda mom who would think that shit is cute (you’d be amazed by the women who would laugh that mess off.) I haven’t unleashed NS on him yet because I once I do that, it’s all over and I gotta come up with bail money and all.But, if he hits her…I’m unleashing everybody and it won’t be pretty. It’s gonna be UGLY… I wish his ass would…I dare him to…we won’t be using no damned restraining orders that’s for sure.

      • Keep your eye on him. He sounds like a mess, and it’s very sad. But you know, they say kids need boundaries and when we don’t give them, they go stupid. I like the one you gave him. And it was obviously the one he needed. But I know you gonna STILL keep your eye on him. Again, it’s just sad.

    • Sunny, it was VERY bold and that’s why I stepped up to him and laid it on the line. If you’re that bold to say it, you need to know what’s waiting for you if you decide to act. I guess he figured he’d find someone who doesn’t have folks willing go to “the mattresses” on his ass.

  4. Wow. I feel you on this. I would have said ‘be afraid…be very afraid'(to quote a famous line). I would have gone H.A.M., eggs, grits, bacon and lost bread (shout out to my NOLA roots) on his ass too! But the bigger issue for me is your daughter. If this boy was so comfortable saying this to her knowing he was on speakerphone and you were in the room, what does he say to her in private? And more importantly, although it’s good you gave him the business I hope you also had a serious one-on-one with your daughter about this situation as well. Our daughters need to know that it is not cool to even allow men to joke about abuse with them. I tell my daughters all the time that ‘you teach people how to treat you’. Meaning she needs to make sure that boundaries are set early, and maintained at all times. I tell them that they are responsible for their own behavior and although they cannot control the behavior of others, they can indeed control their response. Furthermore, I always tell them to always set the tone in their relationships and to make it clear that they are not alone. ever. I tell them to let the boys or men in their lives know that they have family and friends to protect and defend them at the drop of a hat (or a dime) so any man they deal with knows from the get go that she is not to be messed with. I know you probably feel the same way and I am sure you had a serious one-on-one with your daughter about how important it is to read early warning signs of potentially dangerous or just plain ignorant behavior.

    • NOLA, I know what you mean. I actually asked her about that and her reply was, “ma, I KNEW you wasn’t gonna let that go down like that…I didn’t need to say a thing.”
      I also think that’s why his ass got ghost. He was trying to push and got pushed clean the hell over! You’d be amazed (or maybe not) by the mothers’ who would have laughed that mess off, giving him the indication that it was be okay to act a fool because they “thought” he was joking.
      The two things I don’t joke about are my kids and my money…don’t touch’em.
      I’m just glad his ass left cuz really…he would have been a dead boy walking if he EVER touched her and I would not have been able to hold NS back..or her dad…or my son…or my brothers…or her two older brothers.

      • True Dat!! lol! Thank you for sharing this! Great conversation starter….hope you’re having a great day/week/month/year! 🙂 🙂 Blog on. You inspire me.

  5. Wow! That boy must been on something! That was bold as hell to make a comment KNOWING you were present. What have he said or done outside of your presence? I glad YJ knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will NOT tolerate that behavior and neither should she!

    Definitely a conversation I need to have with my school babies too.

    • GEB, I started having those conversations with my kids when they hit 10. I’m so glad I did because, when these moments arrive, they already know, we aren’t tolerating the foolishness. And I don’t beat around the bush. You bring it…we’re bringing it back to you in spades! I think he was shocked shitless and then realized as Kevin Hart would say “it’s about to go DOWN” so he broke up with her.

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