He Broke Up With Her…YAY!!!…I mean awwww

Well, I guess the heat got a lil too hot in the kitchen for YellowJacket’s boyfriend because, he broke up with her.

Yesterday, I opened a bedroom door to find a teary-eyed YellowJacket sitting on the bed.

He broke up with me,

he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

That’s all she could muster before the tears began to flow.

I immediately sat on the bed next to her,gave her a big hug and let her get it out.

I told her I knew exactly how she felt…been there more times than I care to remember,

that it’s his lost and assured her that she would indeed

love again.

And as I sat there with my daughter’s head on my shoulder,

I silently gave thanks to GOD,

for getting rid of his no good ass.




17 thoughts on “He Broke Up With Her…YAY!!!…I mean awwww

  1. I wanted to drive to New Orleans and kick his ass after your last post. Whether he was joking or not, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    He did her a favor………and he may have kept your husband out of jail.

    Let me hear that any fool thought about laying a hand on my daughter and I’ll be in Columbia on The University of South Carolina’s campus at her apartment in an hour with a .45 and a shovel.

  2. O_O Not the .45 and the shovel, Reggie!! (I hear you, though).

    Yeah, after dude’s comment in that last post… uh, yeah. He needs to go on about his business. But I wouldn’t be surprised if comes sniffing around again. Hmph.

    At that age, when a boy broke up with us, we felt like it was the end of the world. When it really isn’t. She’ll know that in time.

    • Lee, she and I have already had the “sniffing around” talk …again. You don’t let no fool who willingly breaks your heart back into your life. Hopefully, she gets it. She did with her first love…when he left, she didn’t go back when he came sniffing around again. Between school and work I’m hoping she’ll be too busy to give his ass the time of day if he starts that mess.

    • SP, It happened so fast, you’d think so huh? I think he’s a bright kid who caught the tone of my voice when I told him what I did. It was icy-cold! I probably sent chills down his spine that he couldn’t shake when he realized, I’d meet his ass HEAD ON if he tried some mess with her.

    • GEB, it sad to say but, he probably will…some of them like to play hard. He’s gonna get his clock punched though if he keeps that up.

  3. And as I sat there with my daughter’s head on my shoulder,

    I silently gave thanks to GOD,

    for getting rid of his no good ass.


    Also, I assure my teenage daughter (when she comes to me for advice on her boyfriend) that she shouldn’t approach “love” as the end of all ends, cause she will love many times during the course of her life.

    • Don,I have done the same thing. I’m gonna have to do a post about how I learned about love the hard way and used to wonder why I had it so hard. Now, I know I was being prepared for my daughter. I’ve been talking to her since she was about 11 about boys and love. She may shed a few tears out of hurt but she doesn’t dwell…she doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. She’s already gone on a date with a nice young man. I know him and his mother and while they may not last, at least, I get to take a breath for now. 🙂

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