I Howled In The Wires

Thursday night, NavySeal and I went to a wonderful event! It was a book launch for a book titled, A Howling in the Wires.  The book is a compilation of a few of New Orleans bloggers who were writing about their Katrina experience in real time (I’d never heard of blogging back then.)  Some of the contributing writers were there to read their excerpts which, was an added bonus for me cuz, quiet a few of them are on my blog roll and I got the chance to meet those fabulously, beautiful people.

*bayoucreole takes out her magic mirror and begins in her Romper Room voice*

I met Mark,Cliff, Maitri, Ray and G-Bitch.

The energy that comes from being around those folks is so positive, they just make ya wanna hang out with them…ya know?

So yeah, it’s safe to assume that, anytime they have an event going on…I’ll probably be heading there.

I wouldn’t have wanted to acknowledge the 5th year anniversary of the storm any other way.

As they each went to the mic to read …we laughed with them, we cried, we cheered…we drank

…and we drank

and we drank

did I mention we drank?

And while there, I even learned a little something about myself.

I learned that, I don’t have enough pics of me on this here blog…everyone recognized NavySeal…lol

I like being behind the camera…what can I say.

This book is great y’all and  for anyone  interested in purchasing a copy, go here and receive all the  info.


6 thoughts on “I Howled In The Wires

  1. ooh that is cool. It’s always nice to meet the face behind the pen.. And I might have to add those that you mentioned to my blog reel cuz I am searching for some new bloggers to follow

    • That was my first time ever meeting any of my fellow bloggers. I’ve had a few come through NOLA but, I could never get off of work to meet them. I’m in the process of changing some of that right now.
      Life is too short to be constantly working. I’m trying to relax and live more.

  2. Cliff’s blog is terrific. I’ll check out the others. One of these days, Premium T. and I will get back to NOLA; getting together with you, Cliff, Sussah, and Glenn will be a top priority. The first beer will be on us!

    This is one of those events where, had I been in town, I would have snuck in long enough to buy the book. I would have felt like an intruder at the readings.

    • You’re on K! And Citizen K ,you are no intruder!
      Look at my blog roll, you’re under NOLA bloggers…for a reason.
      Don’t have to be born here to be a New Orleanian, you love the city just as much as we do.

  3. Thank you so much for coming that night! I was so sorry that I didn’t get a chance to meet you and buy you yet another drink. If I’m lucky I’ll get that chance another time.

    Also, thank you so much for this post. We were so lucky to get the contributions of so many talented and wonderful people.

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