As My Life Turns…..

Well, the kids are back in school now…my son is a big time senior so, you know it’s all about him this year.
Since when do you have to take senior pics, purchase the ring, and get fitted for cap and gown…BEFORE SCHOOL EVEN STARTS?! They made us pay for everything by the end of July…what kind of frackle-nackle bull is that?

My hubby(Navy Seal) is having surgery….in fact, I am on the hospital’s computer right now, typing this up..he’s in pre-op. He’ll be out of commission for a few months….keep him in ya’ll prayers.
My dad’s coming to Nawlins this week to help me out with the kids…I don’t know what I’m going to do with this man crosses over to be with my mom….he’s my hero.

It’s cold in this darn hospital…I am freezing here!

Oh well, they just called me to the back, I guess they have him all doped up and ready to go…now, I have to listen to all of his “crazy talk” because of it….should be interesting.


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