He Broke Up With Her…YAY!!!…I mean awwww

Well, I guess the heat got a lil too hot in the kitchen for YellowJacket’s boyfriend because, he broke up with her.

Yesterday, I opened a bedroom door to find a teary-eyed YellowJacket sitting on the bed.

He broke up with me,

he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

That’s all she could muster before the tears began to flow.

I immediately sat on the bed next to her,gave her a big hug and let her get it out.

I told her I knew exactly how she felt…been there more times than I care to remember,

that it’s his lost and assured her that she would indeed

love again.

And as I sat there with my daughter’s head on my shoulder,

I silently gave thanks to GOD,

for getting rid of his no good ass.