Congratulations Purple Knights!

Y’all know I have a lot of people who no longer live in the city visiting my blog. Y’all also know that, I have a bunch of Purple Knights who read it so, I gotta give them their fix…lol


let the band say…

Personally, I’m glad to see the kids from all of the schools out there doing their thing.  Even though we still have a long way to go in the city, watching the kids(all NOLA kids) makes it feel almost normal again.

They are the true pioneers…they keep the culture going.



Oracle,Oracle 2,Purple Knight (center),Miss Yellow Jacket and Navy Seal

Yesterday, my son and 103 other young  men graduated from St. Augustine High School.  I can’t believe those 18 years have flown by so fast.  As I watched my first born receive his diploma, I was beyond proud…I  couldn’t feel anything more than extremely blessed.

Blessed to be able to witness 104 young, beautiful black males receive their high school diploma…and my son was among them.  In this day and age when there is so much to distract them from their studies, they kept their game tight and did what they had to do to get that diploma.

The first true milestone in one’s life.

My brother (The Oracle) and nephew (Oracle 2) flew in from Spokane to attend the graduation.It was a milestone for him as well because, my son was only 2 weeks old when we attended his high school graduation from McDonald 35 (three-five, three-five.) He’s come full circle now…ya getting old bruh 🙂

The graduation was a magnificent, solemn event that took place at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Tulane Ave.  After the graduation, we did what all New Orleanians do…we went to eat!   Deanies in Bucktown was the graduate’s choice and let me tell ya…we had NO RESERVATIONS about eating the seafood!

I would write more but, in this case…a picture  really does paint  a thousand words.

Purple Knights for life.

2010 St. Augustine High School Graduates

Purple Knight and his best friend

The big moment...receiving that diploma!

Class of 2010 singing the alma mater for the 1st time as ALUMS!

Congratulations to my beloved Purple Knight and to the rest of the 2010 class!


*sigh* seems like only yesterday, he was like this.

Purple Knight...2 days old

Ring Ceremony

My son, Purple Knight with his dad showing off their high school rings….the only thing that’s changed on the ring is..THE COST!

The time has finally arrived when I say, my first born will graduate next month….and it’s no APRIL FOOL JOKE either…I gotta remember that today’s April1st…note to self.

The school that my son attends has a ring ceremony…I think all of the catholic schools here have that event.  It’s a very beautiful ceremony.  The young men walk in the church together…all of the rings are blessed at the altar by the Principal(father so and so) and after a “special mass” each young man’s name is called and he is presented with his ring.

I gotta tell y’all, in an age where all you hear is bad news about young black males…how they are dropping out of school at an alarming rate, and all of the other stuff the media puts out there…to see 75 young black males stand there and receive their class rings just made my heart melt.  I am so proud of these young men.

My husband was such a proud daddy in that place…I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sing his Alma Mater THAT loud…lol

I haven’t cried yet…I think the tears are waiting for graduation…which is  next month…*sniff, sniff*

da ring!

Yeah, I know it’s facing towards him…it seems they have another tradition.  The ring is worn facing you and when you graduate, you turn it the other way.  Jeez.

New Orleanians Mourn The Loss of A Legend

On Monday, July 22, 2009, our beloved Edwin Hampton “Hamp” founder of the renowned St. Augustine Marching 100 passed away at age 81.  Mr. Hamp is so revered in this city that, all three major television stations did a tribute to him once the news of his passing was announced.  The Times-Picayune did an article regarding his legacy yesterday.

A humble man, he once stated that, he just” wanted to do something different.”  In reality, he was a man with a vision, a pioneer who broke through racial barriers as St. Aug became the first black band to march in a Carnival parade in 1967.  He instilled in those young men to have pride and integrity in everything and through his leadership, this high school band achieved national recognition.  They have performed for  various presidents, The Pope, The Rose Bowl Parade, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Super Bowl, have won countless competitions and just recently performed at The Essence Fest ’09 with a tribute to Maze (I’m sure YouTube has it out there somewhere.)

Mr. Hamp received  offers from hundreds of universities(Southern Jaguars and GSU included) to join their staff as band director, but, he refused them all…he loved those young men at St. Aug. He was a father figure to those who were in single parent homes and a second father to those whose fathers were there.

When you have a man that can make kids strive for excellence and maintain that standard for 57 years, there is something extraordinary there.  

Some people seek greatness, they want to be famous and receive all the recognition and accolades that go with it.  Hamp was nothing like that.  He just “wanted to do something different.”

 Because of his true love for music and the young men that attended St. Augustine High School he achieved greatness and the respect of an entire city.  His legacy will continue to live on through the young men who continue to grace the halls of St. Aug.  He will be missed, never forgotten and always loved by those of us who knew him.