4 Days To Fifty…It’s All In My Head.

Happy July!

I can’t believe this year is almost gone.  It’s hot and humid as hell in New Orleans. I don’t know how folks who aren’t used to this kind of heat are gonna walk from the Convention Center to the Superdome this week (Essence Festival).

Even though my birthday is in a few days, I still haven’t figured out anything to do.

I wanted to go to Vegas, but it’s hotter there than it is here so, we’re gonna wait until the fall to go.

Is it weird that I want to see Joan Rivers if she’s out there? I’ve always loved  Joan Rivers.

Back to the birthday thing.

I think I’m just gonna stay home and do a quiet celebration here.

Maybe get  into some of that Essence Fest hoopla,

if it isn’t too hot for me.

I was going to have brunch at Brennan’s, but since they’re closed…

Does anyone else make a great Bananas Foster?

I share my birthday with my daughter so, we’ll probably do something together,

before she ditches me for her friends.

Whatever I decide to do, I’ll do a post on it.

I did take time off from the jobs. I’m gonna enjoy almost two weeks away from the craziness of nursing.

That’s a gift in and of itself.

In other news, my phone broke on me.

It froze up and I had to break down and get a new one.

I’m pissed because, all of my festival photos were on that phone.

I’m not a person who likes to upgrade. My daughter literally took my dinosaur phone away from me and upgraded me to the Galaxy Prevail last year and I was still behind the times.

I shocked the hell out of everyone and  got the Galaxy S4.

The way I figured it is, I may as well go all out because, I don’t plan on upgrading for a looonng time.

I can’t lie, I love this phone!

It’s really gonna come in handy during carnival.

Speaking of which,

Two of my good friends just received invitations to become riding members of  Nyx!

I am so excited for them! !Hopefully, we’ll all be on the same float. It’s really gonna be fun now!

I had to give up running long distances and I’m really sad about that. My knees just can’t take the pounding. I was just getting to the point where I could run a mile nonstop,but  my knees are taking a beating so, I’m giving up the ghost on long distances.

I find that, I don’t have a problem with short distances so, I’m gonna listen to my body.

I’m still going to enter  5K races because I walk pretty fast and if there’s a time restriction, I’ll still be good.

Guess what?

I’m doing a giveaway!

See how I snuck that in there.

That’s because I want to give you, my faithful readers, the chance to win.

And if you’ve made it this far,

you’re a faithful reader.

It’s a $50 gift card from Walmart  and all you have to do to enter is comment.

I want to put some love back into the universe,

and show you all some love for taking the time to read this lil ole’ blog of mine.

I’m going to do the drawing on my birthday…July 6th.

Each time you comment, I’ll put your name in the hat.

I’ll post the winner on Monday, July 8th.

The winner will have one week to contact me with their address.

After a week, it goes to the runner-up.

I’ll be putting posts up the rest of the week and I haven’t the foggiest idea  what I’ll be blogging about so,

it’ll be interesting to see what pops.

Countdown to 50 begins!!

I’m Still Here

It’s me again! I can’t believe its been two months since I’ve put a post out.  It’s been hard to sit at the computer lately.

I’m noticing that when the weather gets warm, it gets hard for me to blog.

Residual Katrina issues?

Maybe…especially after Hurricane Issac and a week without electricity.

I know it’s bad  because, I haven’t blogged about festivals. I’ve been to the French Quarter Fest and the Jazz Fest.

Still, I couldn’t push out a post.

Couldn’t even sit at the computer.

I tried to keep up with my favorite blogs.

Didn’t comment much, but I was  there.

I”m still here though.

I’m gonna try to post all week to catch y’all up on what’s happening in my world.

It’s been sorta quiet though.

My son turned 21 last month. ..he’s a grown ass man now.

YellowJacket now lives with her dad.

The house is almost TOO quiet.

Empty nests are not all they’re cracked up to be.

I love the sound of family around.

My running is coming along well.

I can run farther than one tree to the next now.

I actually look forward to running now and get upset if I can’t make it out there.

It’s hot as hell down here in NOLA and the summer hasn’t even really started yet.

I’m gonna have more posts this week.

I gotta get my Mojo back.

Miss y’all!

Crazy Randoms

*disclaimer…the book of cuss has been opened.

School has started and  I had to go “ham” (that’s what the young folks call it today when you go off of someone) on one of YellowJackets teachers already.

Don’t tell me one thing over the summer and when school starts, try to renege on what you said.  And to add insult to injury, begin talking about your “two philosophies about the matter.”

Your ass wasn’t talking philosophical shit over the summer, don’t switch gears now.

I love being nice and peaceful but  I swear sometimes, I just wanna dial 1-800-choke-a-hoe.

No, NavySeal is not white.  This is for the folks on the J-O-B who keep asking me ” who dat white man sitting in your car?”

And for the  woman on Facebook who told him” you know NOTHING about the BLACK COMMUNITY!”  LOL…that one still cracks me up.

41/2  months til  KING CAKE TIME!!!

I’m looking forward to turning 50 next year.

I say “no” more often and without guilt….and I LOVE IT!

Are you cooking? NO

Ma, can you bring me uptown? NO

When my dad is his normal self, he’s the sweetest man on earth.

I try to hold on to that thought when he’s doing the cupid shuffle on my last nerve.

These hot flashes and night sweats are beating me down in this southern heat.

I miss my nieces and nephews….most of them are grown now.

I’m gonna have to do a post about that.

My lil doggie Dyson is losing his hair because of the Lupus.

He’s beginning to look like a Chinese Crested-Cocker Spaniel.

I don’t care how he looks. I just want him to feel better.

Looking forward to the Mardi Gras/Superbowl mix.

I’m lining up my weekend’s off right now because I have no intentions on being on anyone’s job.

If it’s not approved, I’m exiting stage left.

That’s the one promise I made to myself…to make nursing work for me and not the other way around.

You give too much of yourself in this profession not to take advantage of its’ shortage.

The Krewe of Nyx told me that, I’m number 1819 and they only admitted 300 more females.

I won’t be getting in the krewe with that number until I’m 70.

I’m still riding in the Krewe of King Arthur though.

It’s hot  and muggy as hell in this city!!

I’m ready for football season

…and remember,



What’s going on random with you?

Pieces of Me…Quick Randoms

Now that turkey day is behind me, it’s time to get back to my personal challenge.  Here are a few quick randoms about yours truly.  I don’t think I’ve put these out before. I gotta start organizing these posts better….note to self.

1.  As a kid,I suffered with spontaneous nosebleeds.

It started when I was 2 years old.  I used to pray that it would end  because, I didn’t want people to see my nose bleeding and  think I snorted cocaine.  It stopped when I was 18 and I was so happy but,

my kids inherited the same condition.

2. I type  about 90 words per minute.

When I was in high school, I wanted to become a court reporter so, I took typing.

After high school, I went to Delgado College and entered the secretarial studies program.  I didn’t become a court reporter but, I’m glad I went through the program.  I was able to land more than a few jobs because of my skills AND…it makes keyboarding a breeze!

3. When I was 13, my mom sent me to Barbizon School of Modeling.

No, not because she wanted me to become a model.

It was because, I was such a darned tomboy that, she wanted me to learn some girly-girl stuff.

When you have a daughter that can scale a fence faster than the boys,shoot some mean marbles and throw a  spiral football…it’s time to introduce some girly-girl stuff.

4.  Around the house, NavySeal calls me “buns.”

Even though I’m petite, I got junk in the trunk.   I remember when I was young my mom would  tell me, “girl, look at yourrr BUTT!”   As if I could actually turn my head to look at it…jeez.

I recently had someone yell,  “say lil Shawty,you got a nice booty yeah” at me ….who does that?  I guess he does.

5.  My son and I have dance offs.

He and I compete against one another flexing and stuff. It’s time for me to pass the torch.   I ain’t hanging up my dancing shoes, I just can’t flex and pop lock  like I used to *sigh*…he wins.  For those who don’t know what flexing and popping is..



6.  I can dance really, really…really well.  I seem to be having trouble with the Dougie though… I must be getting old.

7 . My daughter and I have girls night. I spend the night in her room and she’ll we’ll stay up all night talking about her favorite subject,


8. I  can  sit on the floor in a “W.” In fact, that’s what they call it… “w-sitting.”  Here’s the position,

It really gets under my skin that,everyone is talking  about  how to fix the problem of w-sitting.

I remember when everyone wanted to “fix”  us lefties too.  Trying to force us to use our right hand when we were born to be lefties.

I’ve been w-sitting since I  could sit upright and I’ll be 49  in a few months.

I ran track ( cross-country and sprint), was on a gymnastics team and had vaginal births for both of my kids without needing one stitch afterwards.

With Yellow Jacket, I dilated from 2 to 10 centimeters  in 40 minutes!

Nothing was ever wrong with my legs or my pelvic area. Leave those babies alone…it’s comfortable sitting like that.

I was the odd ball in the family….only girl, only lefty, only one with spontaneous nosebleeds, only one to sit in the  “w” shape.

I’m so glad my parents  just let me be me.