Resturant of the Month

This is a new feature that will appear in the blog. I love to eat out in this fair city so, I may as well take the time to tell yall about where we’re dining and what’s happening there. Plus, it gives me an excuse to hit up some really great places to eat!

NavySeal was hankering for some “erysters” and since they are really in short supply these days, we went to a place where we knew they’d have some oysters and other fabulous food on the menu.

Which brings me to my restaurant of the month,

Acme Oyster House! We went to the one on Veterans Blvd but, for anyone visiting the city, there’s also one a block behind Canal Street on Iberville.

NavySeal had the oyster po-boy (excuse the fussy pic)and, I had the “swimp” p0-boy dressed(excuse the pepper and Tabasco sauce…I was ready to throw down)

The place is really casual, the service was great and as you can see, the oyster bar is up and running for all you folks who like ’em raw.

We got there before the lunch crowd so, folks were  just arriving.

I love this place.¬† The only problem I had was, the price of the oyster sandwich….20 bucks!!

Can you believe that?!

$20 for an oyster po-boy…here, in New Orleans!

That’s just crazy.

It had better been great because at $20, I don’t know when he’ll be getting another oyster sandwich.LOL

$20…good googly moo.

Just another effect from the oil-spill *sigh*


A Damned Shame!

A Brown Pelican sits covered in oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast on Thursday, June 3. Oil from the Deepwater Horizon has affected wildlife throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Death sentence

Jim Seida says: Photographer Charlie Riedel came across some oil-soaked pelicans today and made what I think are some of the most tragic images to come out of this event.

*all content comes from phot0blog on MSNBC.COM