Semi-wordless Wednesday

My heartbeats.  He’s crazy about his sister and his niece and they adore him.

I live for moments like this.

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Day 5-Your definition of Love.

Shoot, I ain’t got no definition of love.   All I know is, I know it when I see it.

Love is… a proud big brother with his little sister…


young purpleknight and yellowjacket

and the vibe in the city during Mardi Gras…

Love is  thousands of people waiting for hours ….

for this one special moment…

It’s family and friends being there… through good times and bad…

and  people from around the country, volunteering to help rebuild a city….

It’s marching your heart out for your school..

…and going to war for your country.

Like I’ve said…I can’t really give you my definition of love but, I know one thing…it’s all around me.