Random Thoughts

1.  I love Joan Rivers, Bette Midler and Kathy Griffith. I think that says something about my sense of humor.

2. One of my favorite movies is Best in Show. I think that says something about my sense of humor.

3. YellowJacket is trying to take over the birthday already! Not gonna happen chick!

4. I wish my blogging folks were closer so we could hang out.

5. A man’s back is the sexiest part of his body to me.

6. The older I get, the more I love to watch 70’s television shows. Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant are my favorites. I think it’s because they make me feel as if my mother is still around.

7.  I’m feeding these birds just a lil too well. They’re telling all the other birds to come on over and sit a spell. They must be NOLA birds because, they’ve invited all the other birds to come over to eat and drink! Two days ago, we had a pair of parrots in the yard!

AlisonPics 282

I can just hear that conversation,

Pigeon: I told you this spot was on fiyah! Look at all of this food! You can eat,drink, take a bath, hang out on the hibiscuses…just do you! NOLA living for life!

Parrot: Thanks for the tip bruh! I’m gonna hang out for a while with my girl and then we’re gonna jet out. I’m gonna spread the word though.

Yeah….where’s a cat when you need one.

8. I miss my brother (Oracle). I hope he comes for a visit soon.

9.Folks are going to get wet for Essence. Scattered showers are heading in.At least the rain will make it cooler…consider yourselves lucky.

10. #creamycrack. That is all.

11.I may join the natural train in 10 years.

12.I can’t watch the Zimmerman trial. I. Just. Can’t.

13. I guess  tomorrow,I can officially join AARP.

14. I’m doing a double blog post today.



One of my most favorite things to do is gardening.

I’m pretty great with plants so, I often buy them when they’re small and nurse them into mature beautiful ones.

I purchased a Bird of Paradise plant about 5 years ago only to find out that,they take about 5 years to fully mature.

That lil plant taught me the art of patience because I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see any real blooms from her.

Then one year, she bloomed for me and gave me hope.

Well, baby girl is all grown up now and is showing out,

Three birds have bloomed and I have about 6 more getting ready to bloom in a few days!


Looking at her it’s hard to believe that, I paid $4.oo for her. She was so small then.

A plant this size would cost a good chunk of money.

It seems that, in addition to gardening, I’ve picked up another thing to take up my time hobby.


For about two months,I’ve been filling my bird feeder so the birds in the area could have some food.

Well, they must have put the word out because those lil buggers come around religiously now EXPECTING food from me!

Sparrows,Doves and I have one Blue Jay that comes around every single day.

I usually put food in the feeder twice a day and I’ll  put some on the ground for the Doves and Blue Jay…

I’m such a sucker for animals.

That Blue Jay was hard as hell to take a pic of because, he’ll fly at the slightest sound and I just have a regular ole’ camera so, I had to wait for him to get comfy,

now, I’m bird watching…lol

There’s also an owl around here. I haven’t seen him but, he’s pretty close. We think he’s in the church steeple.

I love to hear him hooting.

It’s relaxing.

A piece of country living in an urban city,

whod’a thunk it?