Nyx Ride 2018

Yeah, I’m a month late and a dollar short, but I’m still here so…let me tell ya all about it!

It was cold. It was wet. It was windy.

nyx ride17

A cold,wet BayouCreole at the lineup waiting to roll.

And I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Even with the inclement weather, I still had a great time. I don’t know how the Captain does it, but the krewe just keeps getting better and better.

The pre-party was off the chain!  Over three thousand women filled the room.

For those who don’t already know, on the day of the ride, all of us meet for a pre-party before we roll on the streets of New Orleans. I love the pre-party because it’s something just for us before we roll and unleash all of our throws onto the city. We get to hang out with sisters we haven’t seen in a while. Some riders live out-of-state, some out of the country and it’s always wonderful being able to spend time with them and the rest of the sisters. Here are a few pics taken at the pre-party,

nyx ride15

Hanging out with some sisters who live out of state…love these ladies!

nyx ride2

Julie and our Grand Marshall, Amanda Shaw

nyx ride1

The Captain,Board of Directors,Grand Marshall (Amanda Shaw),and Goddess Nyx VII (Karen Greig)

nyx ride headdress

Our 3 leagues below sea level headpiece. We didn’t win the competition, but she is a beauty! That “Katrina door” is everything!

nyx 2018 krewe

Me and 3 thousand of my sisters!


Me and Float 17 Mystic Sisters Rule! I love being their float lieutenant!

nyx ride my fav

I love this picture so much! We look like a bunch of happy kids!

float post6

My fabulous float riders!

After the pre-party, we hit the streets and threw til it hurt! Man, I gotta tell ya…that cold/wet/windy combo wasn’t nothing nice! It’s all a part of parading though…some rides will have great weather, some not so great.

nyx ride12

Getting ready to pull out of the lot

nyx ride11

Title Float

nyx ride9

Nyx Captain, Julie Lea…getting soaked and still looking gorgeous!

nyx ride6

Riders trying to stay dry and warm before we pull off.

float post1

Float 17 in da house! Even in the cold and rain, these ladies were happy to be out there…how awesome it that?!

I wish I’d taken a picture of the crowd that was out there in the rain supporting us because they were the real MVP’s of the evening. At one point, the rain began to come down pretty hard…I was expecting people to pack up and leave. They did not budge…I was floored. I couldn’t throw to them fast enough.  Anything they asked for (expect for purses because I didn’t have anymore) I gave it to them. They more than deserved it.

Shout out to anyone who was out there in that weather with us! You are the real deal!

The krewe is still  young (7 years old) and has already topped 3,000 women riders. I’ve been a member for 5 years and this was my first year as a lieutenant. People kept asking me how I liked being in that position. My response was always, “it’s like breathing” because it feels so natural. When you have a passion for something, it doesn’t feel like work.I have no plans to ever leave the krewe. When I’m so old that I can’t climb on the float anymore, then I’ll stop riding.

Nyx has made history in a lot of ways,but what really impresses me the most is the inclusivity. The fact that so many women of color ride in the krewe (and are float lieutenants) speaks volumes. And that inclusivity is visible from the streets. That means a lot when you are a child out there trying to catch throws. I’m not going to even talk about my childhood…when my own kids were young, they didn’t see anyone that looked like them on the floats (and if they had blacks in the krewe, they were few and far between) and my kids are in their 20’s.  It’s nice to be in a krewe where diversity is seen.

nyx ride13

If you’ve never experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans before and plan on coming one day, make your reservations so you can catch us! You will not be disappointed! We throw like crazy! See the picture below for evidence…lol.

float post2

Future Nyx Sister

I’m looking forward to riding in 2019.  We ride on Feb.27th…now, I just checked the weather for that day and this year it was clear skies and 72 frigging degrees at night! Imma need the weather gawds to do a repeat for next year.

Until then…


nyx ride me and julie

Me and the woman who makes it all happen…our Captain, Julie Lea





12 thoughts on “Nyx Ride 2018

  1. This year I was a newbie and it was the time of my life. I can’t wait for next year. Thank you for capturing the day and evening so well. I LOVE this Krewe because it is so inclusive of all women from all walks of life. I’m proud to be a NYX member. Hail, Nyx! Bridezilla Float #9, Debra

    • Welcome to the krewe Debra! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time! Hopefully we will have some fantastic weather next year. When we have great weather and crowd comes out in full force…the energy is out of the world! Hail Nyx!

  2. Great post! Congratulations on becoming a float lieutenant, you so deserve it!The pictures are beautiful and thanks for sharing your “nyx journey” with us. Nyx is a wonderful krewe.

    • Awww, thanks so much CaliGirl! Nyx is a wonderful krewe…I couldn’t agree with you more! Looking forward to many years with the krewe…and I’m taking y’all with me every step of the way! 😀

  3. Isn’t it always wet and cold during Mardi Gras? I’ve never been to a parade when the weather wasn’t miserable.

    Nice pictures………keep rollin’!!!

    • Reg,we’ve had some really good weather the last few years we rolled….like 60 degrees at night kinda weather. I guess it was just a matter of time before Mother Nature gave us a doozy. Hopefully, next year we will have weather in the 70s since Mardi Gras will be so late. Here’s hoping anyway! 🙂

  4. This chick from Jersey rode for the first time this year with the Leading Ladies on Float 29, and it was AMAZING! Rain, shmain – seeing all those smiling faces sparkling up at us was truly wonderFULL! I couldn’t throw fast enough. 😉 My float mates are an incredible group of women, and I’m honored to ride with them – can’t wait to do it again next time! So much love in my heart for the people of New Orleans..HAIL NYX! #njnyxsista

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