Semi Wordless Wednesday

My dad and my son. 63 years apart. This is what happens when you ask your grandson to wash your car for you, but you’re a control freak so, you gotta go out there and spray the water. Family…ya gotta love’em.



6 thoughts on “Semi Wordless Wednesday

  1. My dad was the same way. Drove me bats! As soon as I was old enough, I told him I would not do any chores unless he went into the house while I was outside. That worked out fine until I heard him knocking on a window and yelling instructions at me on how to do what he wanted me to do whatever it was he had me doing! I miss that man.

    • LMAO! Glenn, your dad and my dad could be brothers, my dad does the exact same thing. I told my son that it may not seem like it right now, but those memories will be priceless one day.

  2. Ouch……….that one hit too close to home. I might just be cut from the same cloth as your father. Just think 63 years from now, your son just might be exactly like your father.

    • Reg,truth be told…so am I.Lol.And my son will be like my dad.We’re all cut from the same cloth.I just try to be more aware of my “control tendencies”…my dad doesn’t have a clue though.Needless to say,him and my 6 brothers bumped heads all the time. A family full of control freaks.

    • Hi there Lisabinar! I think so too! My dad will be 87 in 3 months and my kids spend a lot of time with him. I’m really happy about that. They will have a lot of memories to fall back on when he crosses over. My grandfather passed in the 80s and the memories I have of him are so dear to me.

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