Happy Halloween

Be safe out there. Halloween is always kinda special in this city. Folks really go all out decorating their homes.

Here’s a peek at a cool haunted house on Magazine Street.

And last weekend I finally caught the Krewe of Boo parade as it rolled down the streets of New Orleans. I have been trying to catch this parade for the longest. Every year, something would come up and I’d miss it. NavySeal and I spent the day in the French Quarters and hung out until it passed. It’s a pretty cool parade…they threw a lot of candy and stuff. I’ll probably put this on my list of parades to see every year.




krewe of boo 2016


Yeah, this city keeps ya on ya toes.

I’m gonna try to give out some candy this year. Last year, we didn’t have any kids trick or treating. When I grew up, we didn’t have to leave the area and we’d have more candy than we knew what to do with. I barely see lights on now. Times have changed.

Happy Halloween!




4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. hi bc, wonderful photos! we had a big bowl of candy as usual, but I was worried nobody would come. One little boy was escorted by his parents … and then quite a while later there were a couple of big clumps of people coming up to the door, the little kids wanted to select which candies from the big bowl, then one of the dads told them, you have what she gives you! It was so much fun to see them, I’m always hoping the tradition will build. happy November, sp

    • SP, I didn’t have one kid to come to the house. It was such a sad sight to see. I grew up in this neighborhood. My house was the only house lit up. I guess the kids don’t trick or treat back here anymore. Happy November! Now if we could only get some cold weather šŸ™‚

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