Lets Catch Up!

I know its been a while,but I haven’t given up blogging just yet. I’m trying this blogging by phone stuff so, bear with me if you see typos.

A lot has been going on.

A few weeks ago,I almost lost my brother. He was on his motorcycle and was hit by a car. The accident left him with a broken femur.

We were all amazed that,that was all he had. He had a few scratches but to say he was thrown about 40 feet and didn’t hit his head,we were grateful that he only had a broken leg.

Until the next day,

when he began to have trouble breathing.

The respiratory failure was the beginning of a series of events that led him to be put on a ventilator,

and having multiple strokes all throughout his brain.


Between the strokes and anoxia (lack of oxygen)my brother was in a state of semi consciousness. He could hear us and understand us,but he couldn’t move anything below the neck

and he couldn’t open his eyes.

I would visit him 4 times a day. Visiting hours in ICU are only 4 times a day for 30 minutes a visit.

We would let him know that we were there. Often times I’d see a tear in the corner of his eye and wipe it away,

reassuring him that I had him and he would be alright.

Because he wasn’t able to make any decisions,I had to make all decisions about his care. And I had to be real aggressive about it.  Doctors tend to think you’re going to agree with everything they want to do simply because they’re the doctors.

I don’t take my 20 years of nursing lightly.And when someone I love is depending on me to keep him alive,

I’m not going to agree with everything.

Once his brain had time to heal,he came back to us.

He’s now  home and receiving therapy. Prognosis for complete recovery is excellent.

I have permission to use the pics.

Since my brother is home and doing so well,I’m able to get into the festive mood that’s in the air.


Last night,I went to the Krewe of Nyx 12th night meeting/party.  It was fabulous! King Cake and drinks flowed,we found out the krewe’s theme, our float number and had a great time reconnecting with fellow sisters.




I’m on float number 16!

I don’t know what side or position yet but,I’ll post it when I find out.

I’m grinding out purses for the ride, but a few are for friends.

Like this Mardi Gras Indian inspired one.

indian purse

I’m also making a few wreaths.  I made this one for myself.


Who knew I had the creative gene?!

Next month,I’ll post pics of all the purses I’ve decorated.

Since this is carnival season, I’m going to try to post more often.

I’m glad to be back.

I’ve missed you guys.


17 thoughts on “Lets Catch Up!

  1. I thought about you yesterday and am really glad to here from ya. I am thankful for all God has done and will continue to do for you and yours enjoy carnival and remember live,love and laugh

    • Thanks Reg! I’m going to post it all. I need some serious “blogging mojo” to get me back on track. Mardi Gras may be it.

  2. I’m glad that your brother’s health has improved, allowing you to enjoy the festive feeling that you have been looking forward to. Your family is lucky to have you there. happy new year! sp

  3. Oh my gosh, babe! I’m SO glad your brother is alright! That is some scary stuff, so hurray for recovery. He is in my thoughts!

    Hurrah for Carnival Time, though. We’re feeling it too over here! Float #16 duly noted. ;D Your purses and wreaths look AWESOME.

    Have missed your posts! I’m trying to get back on the ball again too – seems like you and I keep going through the same blog-cycle, lol!!!

    • Sooz,I’ve missed your posts too. I’m definitely going to be looking for you when I ride. I’ll let you know what my position is as soon as I find out.

      • Yippee!! I so can’t wait to finally see NYX!!!! Very excited. 😀 Totally let me know. I’ll likely be at the corner of St. Charles and St. Andrew, at the end of my street. EEEE! I’ll make a ton of noise. 😉

  4. Belated happy New Year to you, BC! Your brother is definitely in good hands with your care and I’m glad he is pulling through and getting better. Sounds like it was frighteningly touch-and-go there for a time! As a motorcycle rider myself, I wish him a speedy recovery.

    Good to see you in the blogosphere again – love the purse and the wreath!

    • Hey there Sep!I am sooo glad to be back. I miss you guys when I’m not able to blog. Since you ride bikes you know exactly where I’m coming from when I say….he’ll be right back on a bike first chance he gets. Riders say it’s in their blood and I have 3 brothers who have it coursing through their veins. Sigh.It is what it is.

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