(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

Good Wednesday to ya!!

I’m not looking forward to the weekend, I’ve enjoyed my time away from the crazy gig.

Lately, I”ve been spending a lot of time outside  in my garden…chillin.

And watching the birds.

I guess that makes me a  bird watcher  now.

They’ve been hanging around a lot lately.

The other day I happened to look outside and spotted a flock of Parrots eating from the feeder.


Where the heck did they come from?

I don’t know, but I love having them around.

The first morning I spotted them, I had six in the yard.

This morning, I had 24 parrots in my yard!


They’re so pretty!

After doing a little research, I found out that these are Quaker Parrots,

Apparently, there was a large nest of them last year in Westwego.

I guess they decided to cross the river.

birds parrots 016


My dad can’t believe we have parrots visiting our yard.

It really is amazing.

And to have 24 of them coming around…

yeah, that’s awesome!





I wonder what other birds will find out about my lil habitat.




26 thoughts on “(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hi bc, they are wonderful! we always called them “monk parakeets” but I see by Wikipedia that they are one and the same as Quaker parrots. They love to congregate in Gentilly, more before Katrina than now, so it’s great that the flocks are large. They are so fun to watch. thanks, sp

    • SP,how in the world did I miss them?!
      I did see where they’re called monk parakeets as well. Hopefully,they’ll hang around for a long time.
      I used to have Cardinals in my yard before Katrina. I wish they’d return.

      • SP, we have blue jays that come to eat every morning. They’ve been coming around about 2 years (I think) now.
        It’s interesting to see who gets to the feeder first.

  2. That’s so cool, BC. There is a flock of parrots in San Francisco. They made a documentary about them. It’s called “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”. And, it’s on netflix if you want to see it. It was pretty interesting.

  3. 24! That is a amazing! We started seeing them on our street in Algiers after Katrina – we’d never had them before. I read they nest in older, large palm trees and our neighbor a few doors down has an old one where they seem to nest. They fly over our yard squeaking all the time but they never land. I guess the cats scare them . What kind if birdseed do you use?

      • Charlotte, I wish I could bring these over to you…they’re eating up all of the food! Other birds don’t stand a chance when they come around. LOL I never knew they were so aggressive!

  4. Wow for parrots, that is so neat!!!
    We get some BIG ol bluejays in the tree in front of our porch, they squawk at us all the time. I haven’t seen cardinals here either, but my folks’ place on the northshore gets full of them!

    I want parrots now…maybe I should put some feeders out!

    • Sooz, put a feeder out…I’m trying to get rid of these!
      The thrill is gone…lol
      No, I love watching them. I just wished they wouldn’t eat so darned much! Greedy green birds!

      • Haha, duly noted! I’ll see if I can lure some this direction. I bet though, once they start crowding it starts looking like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. ;D I DID see a cardinal a couple of mornings ago! First one!

  5. No doubt they’re someone’s pets that were released and breeded. Maybe Hurricane Katrina is the culprit of that as well?

    I don’t remember seeing parrots when I lived there.

    I have a bird feeder here in Charleston. I usually see doves, cardinals and mocking birds, but never parrots.

    • I think so too Reg. This is a first for me. Now if I could only get my Cardinals back. A few months ago, NS and I were taking our daily walk and we spotted an Eagle hanging around the lagoons by the golf course. The golfers said they he comes there every day.
      It was an amazing sight! His wingspan looked at least 5 feet!

    • hi, I’m just catching up with the bc bird-watching news. there were more monk parakeets/ Quaker parrots here before Katrina, they used to hang around in the old tall palms along Elysian Fields, and we would feed them sunflower seeds. I hear them once in a while now. It sounds from everyone’s accounts that they are making a great comeback. sp

  6. I love the natural habitat my yard is – birds, deer, and bears abound! Hummingbirds are fun to watch…I bet the feral parrots you get to see are very entertaining with their antics!

    • Sepultura13, they really are! I could watch parrots for hours.I had no idea they were bullies though…they run the yard.

  7. Bonjour Bayoucreole! Merci for stopping by my blog. Those parrots are cool. There used to hang out on Robert E. Lee. Do you remember when the parrots broke out of quarantine at the airport back at least 20 years? They say that’s where those parrots came from. I wonder if they are the same ones? Anyhoo, that’s cool that you got parrots. Last weekend I got to see two Hawks hunting with each other. Thank goodness they didn’t have my little dog when I was watching them! 🙂 BTW…your blog is pretty cool! xo

    • Thanks for stopping by Kalaya! I just had a Hawk in my yard the other day! He was munching on a pigeon and when he saw me, he picked it up and flew away.
      I don’t know where the parrots come from but, these things can eat!

  8. The first time I saw the parrots was 2 years ago in my front yard on Harrison and Bayou St John. I looked out the front door and there must’ve been 100 of them on my lawn. Amazing!!! Today, I was walking my dog in Gentilly Gardens and walked under a Crepe Myrtle. I stopped at the screeching and squawking. They had taken over this tree! Further down I heard them again and saw them flying. There were hundreds of them! This was so awesome!!! They’re beautiful, and loud too!

    • Hi Elaine,
      Yes, they are very loud. They’ve been hanging around my yard again..trying to take over my bird feeders.I had no idea that they were such bullies. They run all of the other birds off. I enjoy watching those bunch of bullies though. LOL

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